Is the new VW Golf GTI MK8 good enough?



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    INTRODUCING the new Volkswagen Golf GTI! It’s the hot version of the recently revealed Golf Mk8, and it pulls up with a 2-litre turbocharged engine that’ll produce 245hp! What’s more, for the more economical or eco-friendly of you, you can choose from either the GTD or GTE as well! We’re yet to know the price of the new GTI, but with expectations that it’ll start from £30,000, should you rush out to put your order down? Or are you better off waiting for the upcoming new Golf R?! Stick with Mat to find out!
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    1. luke m

      coming from a MK7 GTI owner, and having always loved fast Golfs, I should be biased but I just can't, as i'd be lying to myself.... Rather disappointed by the exterior look of the MK8, and its a real shame as this will be the last Golf they'll produce :(

    2. abcdLeeXY

      Need a 2022 face-lift asap?!

    3. drsnowmon

      Glad I bought the MK7.5, this one looks fugly

    4. scøtt

      oh no my sweet baby girl what have the done to you?

    5. Aquafresh

      What were they thinking? It feels like they don't understand their target audience for the GTI at all.

    6. R Do


    7. rob lyt

      it seems like they just re design these cars for the sake of it, because they have too and not because they feel they can improve upon it I mean who the fuck signs this off and thinks its an improvement on previous models?

    8. Teodric

      Mk8 is so ugly

    9. malone after

      Sure it has better interior but the exterior is horrible. I've always loved how golfs look never expected this though

    10. malone after

      Rims look like balanced fury (legends will understand)

    11. Mario Gonzaga

      Glad I swapped my ‘18 GTI Autobahn for ‘19 Golf R and didn’t wait for this very disappointing ‘20 GTI. To point out the obvious, it blows me away VW couldn’t come up with better wheel design? They had the same on the ‘18 GTI and I hated it!

    12. long shlong silver

      No no no 🤷‍♂️

    13. 25500X

      before it was boxy. Now is boxy and ugly

    14. CK Goh

      It’s hideous inside & out !

    15. SaraK

      Ugly AF headlights!!! :-( They ruined it!!!! Glad they fired that VW designer, he sucked and was bringing the brand down with the ugly looks.

    16. reds005

      Just ordered a pre-registered 69 plate GTI Performance Pack after hanging on (in vain) for the 8, but it just looks so cheap and nasty on the inside and somewhat awkward on the outside. So disappointed in it.

    17. Manny Ortiz

      2019 golf r owner here. I thought about waiting for Mk8 and I’m glad I didn’t

    18. YouBetterBeJedi

      looks like a disapointment

    19. Theshen Thaver

      Glad that it still comes with a manual

    20. Mohd Mazen

      The beehive grills are so ugly 😱😱 imma keep my mk7

    21. Johnson

      one of the worst facelifts of all time....

    22. Wojtek Lesniak

      Looks like Polo GTI from behind. Electronic gadgets cannot change my feeling there's no progress in engine/transmission/handling department. I'm the owner of mk7 GTI Performance and doubt I will replace it with it's successor.

    23. Benson Leung


    24. Johnny Lawless

      Shortly after I bought my 7.5 I heard about the 8, I got real annoyed that I didn’t wait to buy an 8. I’m no longer annoyed.

      1. reds005

        Johnny Lawless I just ordered a 7.5 off the strength of this monstrosity

    25. Ricky Bobby

      I hate to say it but the Mark 7 GTI looks better. WTF, is up with those headlights and grill? It's kind of like the Star Trek movies where the even numbered ones were good and the odd numbered ones were terrible...but in reverse.

    26. Keith Isaacs

      How can you improve on a car that's already brilliant that's why they are still making it.

    27. Shiane Welsh

      Mk7 all the way

    28. Chris Bird

      7.5 3 door manual PP GTI is a future classic

    29. Gan Sivadorai

      Shockingly ugly design. Will need a massive redesign for the tcr or edition 45

    30. Sam Rushton

      the steering wheel is ugly, the 7.5 wheel is must nicer.

    31. Ownagetimex3

      Sportsdirect makeover lolololol

    32. BrightsydeBill

      Nice, now my STi can feel even slower....

    33. operamatt


    34. Kyle Li

      If I ever own this gen GTI, the first thing I'll do is move the GTI badge on the rear from the center to the bottom corner.

    35. wolfpackrides

      Dear god I wanna puke 🤢

    36. John Hayes

      Is there any with a manual gear box

    37. SpeedPoint7

      Toyota Auris GTI

    38. Zwan

      ill stick with my BMW m140i thanks. VW GTI's are driven by absolute tossers, and its something I've noticed internationally.

    39. Gab

      Everyone is hating but once it hits the streets everybody is going to say "the design definitely grew on me"

    40. Riley little

      It looks like a Toyota Corolla

    41. Forza223 Bowe

      The worst golf I have ever seen, the front looks hideous, and the rear looks awkward. Interior wise, it’s went low rent and too many screens. The Golf MK6 wasn’t exactly good looking but it felt solid and classy and the MK7 to a certain extent. No doubt, it will sell in millions still

    42. J A

      Swastika alloys!

    43. J A

      What the f*** have they done to the Golf? It‘s hideous.

    44. karl peart

      Underpowered and so so ugly

    45. Open Carry

      This MK8 is a freaking disaster. The MK6 was the highpoint in the series in looks with a nice layout of the interior. The MK8 roof slopes so much the car doesn't know if it's a fastback or a hatchback. The interior looks like an 80's arcade with the rectangular angles, video screens and disco lighting. The MK8 is the winner for most Fugly design.

    46. N A

      Tell you what VW should have do. Bring back the Scirocco only as a GTD and GTI, make them exclusive but keep the GOLF R the only 4WDriver

    47. Bruno JJ

      Why does the GTD wheels look better than the GTI's?

    48. Papa KTZ

      Why does the GTD not have 5 led lights per side like the GTI and GTE?

    49. w reillies

      It looks terrible

    50. Michael Taylor

      The Seat Leon cuppa thing is pushing out 307bhp.... come on VW please try harder

    51. Joe Kinchicken

      Looks awful. Why is there an extra lip on the lower part of the rear bumper?!? The front bumper is a mess - the middle is OK, but the outtermost arches with the black molding accent pieces are terrible. Nothing looks right about how the circular, droopy light fit in with the angular design of the car. I know we can change the wheels, but come on, those wheels look like there were designed by a 6th grader... on acid. MKV and MK7 were the best designs.

    52. Sofina .x

      The back side is the only nicest thing about this car! The wheels ugh. The front ugh. Doesn’t look sporty or attracting enough.

    53. DII MDP

      Highlights how much better aesthetically the outgoing 7.5 is when the TCR flashes up at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a>

    54. MrProthall

      Why people still buy VW is beyond me. And I am German. I should know if the cars are any good, lol. Ah well. If you buy new only (lol) and only drive it for 50k km it's probably fine.

    55. Tee Pee

      Sports Direct makeover ! I like that 😂

    56. cox mox

      dont push harder ::)) eat oil like Hiena .....most unreliable cars ever group VAG

    57. banana man

      That gte is pathetic come on vw wake up!

    58. Stephen free

      Cuppa Leon looks amazing

    59. Alex Maceda

      That's Cupra was fire, damn I wish the US would

    60. Drazen Sudar

      I simply don’t like front

    61. Plusart

      😭 So disappointing, I'd rather buy the 7.5

    62. mosesbk Skosi

      South Africa we don't approve this gti

    63. mosesbk Skosi

      Not beautiful than golf 7.5 it looks like Mazda 3

    64. George Buchanan

      I like my 2014 GTI way better and only 245 horsepower. The GTI should have 290 horsepower an 325 torque if it wants to compete. The new focus St has 280 horsepower an 310 torque. The GTI seems to be going nowhere at this point.


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> is that a light running across the whole way of the front?

    66. heyitsme

      idk why volkswagen loves putting these ugly wheels on their cars recently. the first thing I did when I got my mk7.5 gti was swap out the hideous stock milton keynes alloy wheels for the Brescia alloy wheels. these ones on the mk8 are even uglier than the milton keynes.

    67. Tigerex966

      DId VW ask any Golf GTI owners what they wanted to see in the new golf?

    68. Tigerex966

      Cheap cost cutting to boost profits at work here, no new developments. Sad

    69. N A


    70. N A

      Here we go. Even more haters who will buy a Ford Fiesta or Kia Rio, still on GTI videos chatting shit though 😂😂

    71. Joel U


    72. Dave Searle

      If all 0-60 in 6 seconds is all it can manage that's pretty sad. Our 2016 GTI manual is 6.1 and our 2019 GLI manual is under 6 seconds (Car and Driver got 5.7 for a DSG GLI) Looking forward to driving it but id not 5.5 or better there is not much point in the extra 31 hp and 20 torque.

    73. Dylan George

      VW, wtf were you thinking with that front end?! Mk7 and 7.5 look much much better. I was thinking about going from my S3 to the new Mk8 R but no chance if it looks like this.

    74. Scathing Duke

      17” wheels⁉️ What is this, 1998? 18” wheels, surely Matt?

      1. Dave Searle

        Volkswagen's bean counters are ruining the brand by leaving out a lot of things that we expect, sad. Our 2019 Jetta GLI "35" has a passenger seat that is heated and cooled but NO height adjustment, under 5' 6" can't see out the windshield without a pillow. We had new 2001, 2006, 2015, 2016 and 2019 and the quality goes down with each change, more gimmicks but poor quality, the 2006 was the best with quality of build. PAY ATTENTION VW!

    75. vlad damo

      It looks like a Renault from the front

    76. Boikanyo Mahasha

      Those wheels remind me of the swastika 🤔

    77. Ivan M

      Last petroleum version and this... The ID is the parts bin for this. I’ll keep my club sport

    78. CrimsonCali

      I like my MK6 GTI more

    79. Marauder Shields

      A 2.0 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine you say? A makeover you say? Hmm what a risky new design. No one saw this coming. This is too outlandish 😅🤣

    80. Davi

      So the cupra looks so much better...