Jim Cramer on Tesla: ‘I’m a true believer’

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    CNBC’s Jim Cramer has made a u-turn on Tesla from an “agnostic skeptic” to an “outright bull” on the stock.

    The “Mad Money” host on Wednesday exclaimed “I’m a true believer in Tesla,” breaking down his metamorphosis on the electric-car company he classifies as a “battleground stock.”

    “All my career I have been fascinated by companies with vociferous bulls and ferocious bears, if only because they can be so entertaining,” he said. “Three things distinguish these stocks from regular run-of-the-mill equities.”

    Cult-like followings, complicated financials and charismatic leaders make up three main characteristics of a battleground stock, Cramer said. Each of these qualities played a key role in the host’s conversion into a Tesla fan.

    Cramer became a Tesla supporter with the help of lobbying by his wife, Lisa, and daughter. Last month, he revealed that he’s ready to buy a Model X for his wife. Earlier this year his daughter endorsed the Model 3 and Cramer himself was impressed after testing out the Model X, he said.

    He was also “stunned” by demand for Tesla’s Cybertruck, which the company revealed in November and drew much attention after its unbreakable window cracked during a live stunt.

    As for the company’s balance sheet, Cramer said he gained some valuable information from who he said was among the “most skeptical CFOs in the world.”

    “He told me that Tesla could raise $2 billion dollars in a heartbeat - this is not a company that’s gonna have trouble raising money,” Cramer said. “Plus, even the bears recognize that Tesla’s about to have an earnings breakout, perhaps as soon as next year.”

    Lastly, CEO Elon Musk’s latest habits have begun to comfort Cramer, who has gone as far as calling for Musk to be replaced as the company’s chief. In 2018, Musk drew scrutiny from the Security and Exchange Commission about his Twitter usage where he shocked the financial world in teasing and later abandoning a plan to take the firm private. Musk later made a settlement with the SEC, agreeing to change how he shares company-related information on the platform.

    Musk would settle charges with the SEC, agreeing to relinquish his chairman title, pay a fine and get certain tweets pre-approved. That led to a turning point for Cramer.

    “Even better, on that last conference call, he revealed his true rigor without the sardonic quips,” he said. “Musk, it turns out, is a great CEO when he can get out of his own way, and that seems to be what he’s doing.”

    “Cult product? Check. Sound balance sheet? Check. Charismatic Leader? Check,” the host said. “If you’re going to invest in a battleground stock, Tesla’s got all the ingredients of a winner.”

    Tesla shares gained 3.86% in Wednesday to close at $352.70. The stock is up almost 6% in 2019 and is about $25 off its 52-week high.
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    1. AL J

      This is typical behavior for some folks that's overzealous and quick to take a negative approach to something good without fully informing themselves.. and we know it all stems from a rush to judgement and political views... don't forget folks Obama is the one that lift Tesla up with an 400+million dollar investment in which Tesla paid-back early with a 20 million-dollar bonus ..So 🤔 Jim 180° turn around speaks volumes..🧐🤔

    2. John R. Seydel


    3. Jason Le

      Someone should sue this clown and cnbc for being a fraud

    4. Dealer U.

      LOL ... In less than a month, on Jan 8, 2020, as TSLA is approaching $ 500, this fool is claiming he called it at $ 280.00.... WTF!

    5. Steve Blomefield

      are you serious? elon musk has zero charisma! kkkk No way is that man a sweet talker.

    6. clark whitehead

      This idiot flip flop. All of Tesla and it's fans hate you! Once a critic always and enemy. Shut your mouth!

    7. awolf81

      I’d love to see Jon Stewart make this guy cry again.

    8. hikurukutai

      You are full of crap Jim you said Teslar was a crap company don't waste your money their dead what now push the Teslar fart button

    9. Leif Johnson

      "Verdun-like"??? Who the hell nowadays knows about anything about the Battle of Verdun? One might just as well say "Thermopylae-like!" Hahahahahaha. I give Jim credit for the attempt.

    10. Reverend Al

      He's an entertainer and he'll implore his viewers to buy, buy, buy until the market has totally crashed.

    11. Dallas Boring News

      Ellon.will get.it together once he stops dabbling with rockets

    12. James Kapogiannis

      “But listen when this stock goes public, it's a Sell Sell Sell”

    13. Moss Stirling


    14. ThisorThat

      Just don’t tow with a Tesla.

    15. Sponge Bob

      He's the Alex Jones of the Stock Market rather do my own Technical Analysis

    16. Joey O

      CNBC analysts and this show are as outdated as the the legacy automakers.

    17. Avik Sarkar

      So we're just going to pretend that everyone is okay with this random moron who's been barking negative news about Teslas for a decade flip so conveniently once he realizes he and all shorters are wrong?

    18. David Goshadze

      How much money did this guy made people lose so far, anyone has counted?

    19. Olagonin Chancer


    20. sommi

      🧡💙💚💛 "Don't be silly on Bear Sterns, this is a temporary issue and it's a clear Buy." - Jim Cramer in March 2008 🧡💙💚💛

    21. I Salman

      If Cramer is bullish, its time to sell my $180 TSLA stock. He's such a moron.

    22. Joe

      As someone who is from the Uk and has no idea about America TV I’m extremely perplexed on how this is something that is put onto TV/HUsel

      1. Mike Lit

        Lol why is that?

      2. Tom Chan

        When I was a kid, my idea of American TV was mad money. Mad money = American TV.

    23. Kishan

      is this guy a real adult?

    24. David Williston

      He's got amazing hindsight!!!

    25. Trollasaur

      This the same guy who was saying tesla was garbage and stay away from it. A lot of people couldve got rich when it was $150 now its on its way to $400. Clown.

    26. Sammy

      Another buffoon to ignore....

    27. Guy Fisher

      Jim, is the man. Over the years, his stock picks have worked well for me. A big shout out from this stock investor!

    28. Nattaphon J

      Crammer wanna sell crap to you.

    29. jD Raza

      wasted 12 minutes of my life

    30. Bailey Danseglio

      3 months from now... $TSLA @ 200 because cramer said to buy.

    31. Marshmallow Kitten

      I bought Tesla in 240s :) I’m poor tho so I couldn’t buy much

      1. Trollasaur

        i bought below 100

    32. kevin cloinger

      Netflix does not headline sci-fi aka don't care

    33. Robert Freeman

      It's never late to buy deep on TESLA, I have 50 units of TSLA already. I made over $350,000 in profit within 4 month of trading. I wasn't able to do this all alone. I hired Mary Jo Wubker to provide me with investment advise.

      1. jD Raza

        hahaha nice scam dude. let the newbies fall for it

      2. Vincent Snyder

        This seems like a very scripted scam bait and hook comment thread

      3. Irene Santamaria

        It feels good to see people say good things about your broker, Mary has been my broker for 3 years and she has been outstanding.

      4. Gabriel Bibi

        That's good Robert, I'm a beginner investor and I think am picking the wrong companies. How can I reach you investment adviser, I need her services.

    34. vash

      Cramer is a bull. You know it is now time to be a Bear.

    35. Brandon Balcer

      Is this really a show... On TV? I've heard of Cramer.. this is the first time I've seen part of an episode.. I honestly am in complete and utter surprise that this.. is on TV Is he trying to ask like a teenager? Sorry.. quite confused over here

    36. JessyJ318

      Didn’t this guy get in trouble years ago when the recession happened advising people wrongly?! Why is he still on TV?! He was wrong about Tesla years ago...which shows he knows nothing about winners 🙄 Easy to say Tesla is a winner when their CEO proves you wrong and embarrasses you!!

    37. P L

      I was in the stock and made decent money back in 2014-16. I was totally out of it until August 2018 when I took delivery of my Model 3. The next day I went back in big time. It's been a roller coaster but it's been good to me.

    38. Sasquatch 2001

      already at minute 5 and nothing about the entire purpose of Tesla's electric vehicles as opposed to the compliance car EVs of other makers... environmental emergency, we've all known for decades we need to gtfo of oil. why is Jim tiptoeing around that? oil investing I guess...

    39. Dwight Perry

      Is this the idiot that laugh at Tesla in the past??? 😂🤣😅🤷🤦🤔

    40. G P

      Do the opposite people! 25% maybe 50% maybe not Too much risk after Mrs Crammer told him to buy tiles, I mean the stock.

    41. Chlorophant

      these sound effects are so annoying! Is this for children or what???

    42. Men’s Kingdom

      At least Cramer is being honest about changing his initial position on Tesla.

    43. Michel Stronguin

      Jim, now all of a sudden you are bullish on TSLA after you bash them non stop before? For shame

    44. dsm

      When the batteries become better and fusion becomes a reality, the electric car will be a great idea. In the meantime we have Greta Thunberg.

    45. Islam Mohamed

      I never watched this guy before. Never will again. What an ass. Long $TSLA. Thinned some options today. Waiting for the July2022s to come out. The market does not know how to price Tesla's extreme growth path. Two years is an eternity. Revenues: 2017 $11.8bln : 2019 $24.3bln projected 2.1X Vehicles sold: 2017 101k : 2019 364k projected 3.6X Gross Profit: 2017 $2.22bln : 2019 $4.2bln projected 1.9X By mid 2022, Tesla will have added the Model Y (Q1 2020), the Semi (Q4 2020), the Cybertruck (Q3 2021) to their lineup. They will have ramped production in Shanghai, with access to the world's largest EV market, have started production in Berlin with direct access to the second largest EV market (the EU). They will ramp production on their energy products which Musk projects will rival the vehicle business. It will take Tesla 10 years to produce 1 million vehicles (February 2020). It will take about two years to hit their second million. Gross profit margins in the high teens on their vehicle production. Two of the highest priced items in the vehicle-the Brain and the Battery-on declining cost curves. Cramer's wife? This is why I should buy Tesla now? Puhleeze.

    46. moebees

      Have you talked to Bob Lutz? What does Bob Lutz think?

    47. Truthfully Incorrect

      I called into his show back when Tesla was at $32 he told me to sell because Tesla was a “hope stock”...

    48. sadigov

      Cramer on crack as usual. Crack is his Koolaid.

    49. Werner Vienna

      Is this the holographic doctor from Voyager?

    50. Steve Miller

      Cramer was right to be skeptical ten years ago and he's right to be bullish now. It's a miracle this company survived but from here I don't think they can be stopped. There will be other electric car companies, but Tesla will capture all the profit.

    51. Hoover E Londono

      Tesla MOATs Best batteries in the world. Cheapest batteries 🔋 in world . Highest capacity to manufacture Best navigation system Best cheapest drivetrains Hardware software integration Solar + car hardware plus software. No car company will ever catch up ever .

    52. Hoover E Londono

      Tesla first 3 trillion Dollar companhia . Alphabet first 2 trillion

    53. Ega Hacass

      How come this idiot has 50k views?

    54. damian prado

      Isn’t it only a 100$ to reserve a truck? And also didn’t musk talk about the thousands of robo taxi like cars being available 2020? He doesn’t always deliver he’s great at swaying the public tho

    55. Daniel Hermes

      He's a simulation.

    56. Decebal825

      whom is this childish show actually targeted for?

    57. JeepCherokeeful

      Tesla hasn’t turned the corner

    58. D Faulk

      You have to examine the fundamentals of Tesla stock. It is a good deal.

    59. model3life

      It’s time to have “Mr. Elon Musk” on your show!!!

    60. bluejackscanada

      Jim Cramer Bear Stearns is Fine 3-11-08 husel.info/video/video/l4Wof8mkqZqvjWc.html