Lamborghini Huracan Performante v Porsche 911 Turbo S - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST


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    Thanks to Kane Hennessy for lending us the Huracan: kanehennessy
    The Lamborghini Huracan Performante is BACK, and this time it has the Porsche 911 Turbo S in its sights! Together they're bringing 1,220hp and 1,350Nm of torque to the track, but can you guess which of these supercars came out on top? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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    Közzététel: 6 hónapja


    1. musclecarfan1

      I love the videos you post. As a die hard car nut, there are few youtubers who are doing what you do. Please keep making vids as you do. Your videos are just the right amount of time to get in the content/info someone like myself wants to learn from what you have to offer.

    2. Tres 2019

      Still going for the Lambo

    3. Ben Rummell

      $93,000 car beats a $500,000 dollar car

    4. Marc Spi

      German engineering🙏🏼

    5. Filip

      Its fake, the lambo is not in race mode...

    6. sundew2007

      Hahaha.. whoever launches the best wins.. better tell that to the other 500 hundred lambo vs 911 races on youtube... apparently nobody in a lambo launched first.

    7. Elon Musk

      Scripted again

    8. Elvrick Gibbs

      Instant respond naturaly engine in rolling no wait for trubo kick in

    9. Tech Tronic

      6 cylinders beats 10 cylinders

    10. Sanskar Pandey

      Germany captured Italy once again

    11. Bob Harris

      Tesla fucks them all.

    12. Ask Bats

      Porsche is just an a whole different level

    13. Mt. Everest

      Wait LOL its funny how a hurcan is racing a turbo s

    14. Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

      They both owned by VW😎 like Veyron

    15. Armoni Visuals

      991.2 *

    16. Greg Mazi

      Porsche is Porsche!

    17. Sofia S.

      the braking test is cool to see and creates more suspense, but it def. should be done with specific device such as a Vbox or Racelogic .. human factor just mixes up the cards too much ..

    18. farve23

      That lambo is ludicrous!! Absolutely beautiful!! Would love to see them get it up around 700+ and keep it NA..contender with the 720s..

    19. TüMiaN 4K

      Montanablacks neues Video: Mein neues Auto.

    20. Kristian Petrov

      I know that the performante has a limited launch controls of 2 or 3 maybe and then you can’t make a launch or you lose the warranty ? How works that? Thats why you didn’t make a launch with the lambo or it has no warranty at all by this moment hahahahahah ?

    21. Oosterhout’s Finest

      I bet the Porsche will rape that lambo on a track also

    22. nathan arya

      Should be gt2 rs vs performante

    23. Tony Rawlins

      Methinks the Lambo jumped the gun on the rolling start..

    24. Marko Marko

      Lambo sounds like a roaring beast

    25. Peter M. Winter

      Security is important. Why don't you make more crash tests?

    26. Joshua Tapley

      The Perf did very well against that monster.

    27. Vicky Piero

      The porsche sounds super disappointing.

    28. Pablo Hernandez

      Why do you never brake boost when you have a turbo car and race from a roll???? Everyone always leaves you from a roll....

    29. Decyferme

      Whaaaaaat the Porsche is much heavier???

    30. Gekke Gamer Playz

      Could anyone els hear 991 instead of 911

    31. Mopapa D

      Never mind

    32. Mopapa D

      At least you drive a slow car

    33. Hunjae Lee

      That’s thr Porsche. That’s the way it is.

    34. Anandu S

      That sound of hurricane though

    35. otownrvr

      Host reminds me of Christian Bale when he starved himself for the movie Machinist.

    36. Donnie johnson

      I just the lambo jumped the start on the rolling race

    37. James Red Guinsad

      This for ferdindand porshe

    38. Alasdair MacDonald

      Matt I love this channel, but I’m going to have to get a bit Terry Wogan on you... you’re not ‘sat’ in a car, you’re ‘sitting’!! 😂

    39. Crusty Gronk

      The Lambo jumped the gun and you just let it go????? Shame on you.

    40. 986C

      The Lamborghini is the most ridiculous looking car.

    41. Tormentor Killemup

      One is a reliable daily driver and one is the opposite. Have you ever watched someone try to park a Lamborghini. The slow speed characteristics of the transmission are terrible.

    42. nima talebi

      You guys need to decide when to go Huracan went on 1 you went on Go which comes half a second after you said ONE. LOL

    43. Lucian F

      Thats a Fake when a Porsche beats a Lamborghini.

    44. nighthawk0077

      Crazy idea, but perhaps these two should be tested where they belong? A proper racing circuit.

    45. Marvel S

      911 turbo s weakness is Mclaren 720s , 488 pista , and 911 gt2 😂

    46. DBH

      You should do a half mile test on all of these too. If you have the runway there

    47. Hot Hatch

      Finally the race that everyone wanted. Ill take the Porsche thanks.

    48. Habeeb Gamadey

      What's naturally aspirated??

    49. Kamil 1234

      What a shitty sound of 911 Turbo S, no chance against Lambo.

    50. oliver streetmachine

      go to Santa Pod and do a real drag race with real timing ... you won't see this times :)

    51. Robert N

      Lamborghinis make the best looking cars in the world.

    52. Craig Smith

      Wtf is a “newton meter” of torque? Just say the lb. ft. of torque like normal please

      1. Qiao Li

        Spot the American

    53. Privat Priat

      Two VW vehicles.. What do you think?!

    54. wahash316

      So u let the Lambo jump start in rolling race and telling us that the Lambo wins ? Who thinks its 2 - 1 for Porsche ?

    55. jimmy matho

      10.3 is absolutely ridiculous for a simple street car. Wow.

    56. Steve G

      Why do you drag race road racing cars?

    57. Zak Barakat

      I dont get how a V6 can compete and even beat a much more powerful v10

    58. ACE_Spitfire L3

      Lol, A track built monster that got beaten a regular 911 turbo on a drag race. Not even a Gt3RS

    59. Shane Glover

      Bad habit alert... looking at the comment section before they show the results in the video:/