Mechanical Problems Compilation [Part 4]

Sarty Chaud

Sarty Chaud

2,4 M megtekintés628

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    1. dubpassatvr6

      I fully enjoyed the tech's comment of, "It's his full time job to mess this truck up."

    2. E.LA.O

      How does that steering wobble thing happen?

    3. Noah Kahoot

      0:00 infiniti

    4. Storm Fortress

      5:02 kid screaming be like

    5. Storm Fortress

      3:09 drifting for beginner be like

    6. Storm Fortress

      2:02 voice is similar to the sound of a horror game character

    7. Storm Fortress

      0:01 be like MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA Rollerroada

    8. YOUTUBE Account

      2:57 why you don’t give your car vape juice

      1. YouTube Account

        Ok I will note that down

    9. ERacing 94

      4:59 when u put a fat load in ur chick

    10. PlainIguana

      Inside Los Santos Customs

    11. Rob_On_My_Nob03

      0:00 The last thing i want is for jesus take the wheel

    12. Gustavo Souza

      Chernobyl plant's head worker: The reactor didn't show any alarms! The reactor: 4:46

    13. Detonation

      0:53 Had this happen to me at the track once too. It hit me in the face, I ended up just taking my foot off the gas because I couldn't stop laughing.

    14. NAthan Luck

      Ch Duffy

    15. Jackson Reid

      The peanut butter in the valve cover was my favorite 😆

    16. STICH666

      5:00 sounds like Wolves by Kanye West lol

    17. Burak şahin

      0:53 bye byeeee😂

    18. TheXtrendonAndroid

      "iPhone Cables" I can't trust nobody who doesn't know what an Aux cable is

    19. Nexoriii

      I love how this is just stealing car throttle car problem compilations

    20. CamJam 312

      4:50 this happened to my Bronco II

    21. Pete Westerberg

      How the hell do these people go that long with these problems?

    22. WH4TSHISN4ME

      3:06 euro beat intensifies

    23. Tomasz Talik

      How is it possible that cars have got owners who don't know a single fuck about having a car!

    24. P.D.R

      3:06 deja vu

    25. Jose Manuel Lopez Aguilar

      Can anyone tell me what that is??? 1:29

    26. Solgaleo

      Haha i have a minor thing with my 17 charger, when its cold and i use my blinker my wipers turn on but only once then they dont do it anymore haha

    27. Sanad Hiyasat

      Jeez what happened to car insurance ?!?

    28. Dario Milesevic


    29. Joe Kid

      Why are parts of the video stolen?

    30. kossur10

      What do people do to there cars

    31. Hollaback Girlzxx

      half this shit aint make sense

    32. Ken Tyson

      Same people can afford to buy Cigs and Beer but can't afford oil changes

    33. Andreas Jagoda

      people with such damages at the suspension or brakes should be jailed!

    34. Raegann Bukowski

      Why do I love this?

    35. Lance Washington

      Craziest mods I've ever seen I bet they go real fast now

    36. Robot Burger

      at 2:40 is in interesting one. Like some kind of an Easter Egg Hunt. You pick up the hole and you get piston connecting rod :D From the looks of it, the piston broke through the casing, which is when a car is driven too much, like... 2 000 000 miles without being held in a garage in her lifetime :D

    37. D and F Garage

      0:25 Ford tough.

    38. Sebastian Calcumil

      0:00 you spin me round

    39. 3 subs With one video

      Sensitive people be like 0:22

    40. Jailon Thomas

      6:16-6:22 sounds like an adult from Charlie Brown is trying to beatbox.

    41. chocolate bob

      0:49 the blinker fluid is clearly leaking

    42. Marius 116

      6:15 i need that video pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    43. Bilgi G

      6:10 Life finds a way.

    44. Noel Macaskill

      5:04 horn bigboy locomotive 😂🎶👂👍

    45. Travis Olson

      What was with the Orange Fiat smoking? My old Fiat did the same thing.

    46. DIY MAN

      American cars at best haha

    47. Tarbosh von Weinerschnitzel

      2:45 So, what's the problem? It's an air-cooled engine.

    48. warthunder 501

      Some people really shouldn't be allowed to own a vehicle

    49. Mr. Kevin

      why tf do people put corn in their filters??!!??

    50. Djmaytinho

      Nobody: 8:03 Tokyo cars

    51. mertcan tanrıkulu

      0:22 opel vectra c

    52. Alex Rudenkov

      жесть на сто отдыхает)))

    53. The Jack of Realms

      wtf is with the water coming out of stuff, are you pouring water into your engine and tank?

    54. The Jack of Realms

      jsut put some poster puddy on that fiat's valve seal

    55. The Jack of Realms

      ahaha AIR FILTER ahahaha hahah.... there actually is a cabin air filter on most cars but hey, exhaust fumes do stink. omfg smh ppl

    56. Samuel Lynch

      0:53 mirrors like nope im leaving

    57. 0

      Girls on their periods be like: 0:17

    58. Ozzydog14Productions

      0:00 idk man might have an alignment issue

    59. MCatwar

      8:13 as an e36 owner, as well as all my friends owning them, i can proudly say this isn’t uncommon heheh

      1. MCatwar

        Miles Daugherty i’ll try to but i’m in college right now and the car’s back home :(

      2. Miles Daugherty

        MCatwar make a video of it I won’t to see it because I live the e36

      3. MCatwar

        Miles Daugherty uh this has actually happened to al of my friends except for me. my door panels are solid. and i’ve done: manual swap (bought it as auto but my trans needs rebuilt as it grinds in 2nd) bilstein b12 suspension m3 exhaust, stock resonators for a kinda aggressive but sleek sound kasseperformance tune m50 manifold swap some other stuff here and there it’s not perfect though; it’s got its issues. i need to figure out why it doesn’t like highway speeds. could be alignment or driveshaft, or motor and trans mounts. wheel bearings needs be done as well as a gnarly bump steer i habe so i need to fix my bushings.

      4. Miles Daugherty

        MCatwar do a video of it I live e36 and what mods do you have in it if you do have mods in it at all

    60. Migel Serrano

      Just get a better car, The more you know!