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    This is the newly updated Mercedes C-Class! It’s one of the most recognisable executive saloons around, and it's a direct rival to both the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4! The question is, with so many modern-day saloons being built to such a high quality, does the C-Class offer enough for you to overlook the competition? Join Mat in his latest in-depth review to find out!
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    1. Unboxing9food universe

      It looks like 2017 mercedes

    2. Tech Explained

      Bruh the center console was freaking shaking, it’s really loose idk why you said it wasn’t lol

    3. rai x

      0:31 that is BS! Advertising average savings to Mercedes. New one costs and used car cost will always be different, you can't say that as a saving £5K

    4. Lover Boy

      *in pakistan we have corolla 1.3L ....price around 20k usd and still no abs , no air bag , no power windows , no infotainment system , availible in black and white only ...... we don't have good cara at all*

    5. fred fredburger

      My problem is that I'm used to being driven around in my brother in law's S-class so any car I think of buying will always be second best.

    6. GTI Gaming

      the new 3 series looks way better than the c class or a4 lmao

    7. BunGYChords

      I feel like I’m have more space in this car than a 3 series not sure about the Audi bc I haven’t been in the a4 yet

    8. Mohan Prasath

      Mercedes should add some extra features for the c class for this much of money like it should increase rear seat under this support and headroom, automatic parking system, touch screen informatinment system

    9. Aa Gg

      That tablet look hideous on such an expensive car

    10. Mad Mike

      Does anyone know if they are going to upgrade the c class so that it has the same screens and infotainment as the A Class?

    11. POWER

      Do a C43 review or race please

    12. Oslian Hoxha

      Nice bu starts to feel it's age ..... You Mat Watson are starting to show your age, this expression is used in almost half of you videos, not to tell about the camera, the listing of features.. do you guys change ? Do you have the same director or coworker working as director ?

    13. Dneineie Rnirmeie

      Me: clicks on carwow video Advert: Carwow

    14. Aviationz

      I'd love to see a C, A4, 3series, Jag xe, Kia stinger, vw arteon head2head. Trying to decide between these cars, and it's quite a challenge.

    15. Dimas nah

      Stereo system sounds awesome how ? The one i got ist Rubbish How you like Changing button for dynamic control sport on passengers side ? Door Handel got to far back for T-Rex whit tiny hands Did you try changing songs from laggy fail designed none informative buttons ? How to turn off all unnecessary information like 3 speedometer clusters ?

    16. Dimitrios Pertsas

      You should test the C 300 de

    17. Brian Westfield

      This car has aged extremely well. It still looks like a beautiful and modern vehicle. Can’t say the same for the 3-series after a few years. And the A4...blandsville.

    18. Bhupesh Rana

      Please wear something professional while reviews

    19. Ephraim Mathapo

      Cars abroad are cheaper but the South African automotive industry is very expensive. It doesnt make sense that cars are expensive in a country with high inflation and low economy but cheaper in first economic countries like United Kingdom, some European countries and United States of America

    20. Israel ‘lasagne’ Adesanya

      Man kinda crazy that the A class has a more modern infotainment system

    21. muhammad halim

      Mercedes went from quality to absolute shite

      1. muhammad halim

        @gaffnaldo1 the biggest of them all FAKE LEATHER SEATS ON A MERC

      2. gaffnaldo1

        Agree, daahboard looks creaky, front bumper has poor quality plastics. Buy a lexus

    22. Luck Ding Wong

      A class dash looks cheap.. like they d didn't think about it. I still look old school car dash design

    23. Jarek Retkowski

      This steering wheel offset made me crazy. I tested C220 CDI 4Matic AMG Line - such a great car (although they also could do better with materials). But red card for the offset 🤯

    24. abangtan foreva

      who is here because of jungkook? hahahahaha😂

    25. Velile Mosala

      This is car is so beautiful😭. I need to get myself one

    26. AhToca

      Next time you review a merc, try voice control and say "turn off the radio" 🤭🤭

    27. Yura LMSPW

      Why the fuck everyone keeps calling these folded seats FLAT - its not fucking flat at all! so annoying.

    28. ionut burada

      Mercedes is a beauty but is vera expensive the service,BMW 320 is a better option...I like both..who is better choice?

    29. Mata Man

      Rough as guts with the vehicle .. you ...not the car...

    30. Lille boy

      Would buy 9/10 because of the fake exhausts. That sucks

    31. rushi trivedi

      Matt, its been more than 10 years i have been following you even though i was in india and them moved to Australia. I really like the way you do the reviews and there are only few who can match. Really fan... Good luck mate👍

    32. Michael Polvere

      CarWow stick of TRUTH!!!

    33. Luvo Thanda

      Mat doesn't at all love Merc.

    34. Kia Sportage Is Ugly Korean Trash

      Love how you mentioned the Kia - worst brand of car on the market. Only bought by clueless, gullible morons.

    35. Gouki818

      Why is the interior screen not updated?!?!

    36. heystirke300

      I can’t get over the fact tht Matt is wearing a long sleeve top but shorts in the bottom 🙈

    37. B. Sh.

      W206 is already in development which is probably going to get the A Class interior.

    38. B

      That twisted driving position is a back killer. 🙈

    39. Driton Shala

      Dear Mat Watson, Why you don't take into consideration to make a review also for reliability and the cost of the repair damage between the car types when you compare the car generations. One example: people want to know if the Mercedes gearbox is better then Bmw or worse then Audi and why. Or what miles does the engine needs to repair or maintain in case of mercedes audi or bmw and so on. If you do something like this your reviews will have greater reach and more views than now. Also this will make you look more smart tech and mechanical engineer. Proove me wrong :)

    40. Boris Stolten

      When is Mercedes going to learn to place that steering wheel centrally in front of the driver's seat in the C class? That's preposterous...

    41. stephen richards

      I get 5.3ltrs per 100Kms on autoroutes at 130kms/hr

    42. danut avram


    43. Tim Adkins

      Not very good MPG?

    44. Haji Siddique

      Land cruiser 2020

    45. Haji Siddique

      Please land cruiser review

    46. Public toilets Cheap toilets

      Car wow makes the best car reviews in the game

    47. Sandra Börner


    48. KingsWorld2015

      I don't like it. Audi A4 is much better. Thumbs down from me.

    49. Mercedes-Benz World

      Mercedes-Benz.The Best or Nothing.

    50. I3lood Crysis

      Night ambient light review ??

    51. COBRA030


    52. RIVC

      That blue is stunning

    53. Muzza Habib

      Mercedes fans like

    54. Laone Otukile

      Matt can you do a review on the latest E63s AMG??

    55. Mike Hilton

      Love me some Metallicy Expensivey bits!

    56. La Burgeoisie

      Amazing car, however i think you should claim this, mate. They apparently attached the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car.

    57. Mmoepi

      Nice review

    58. Gurdip Sidhu

      I feel sorry for the dealer he left his ray bans in the car

    59. Tokelo Mahlaba

      I think chrome makes it even more unnecessarily expensive and too heavy. I suggest that Mercedes-Benz must consider putting carbon fibre instead of chrome and that I think will make it look even better looking.

    60. Daniel B

      your wheel is on the wrong side dude