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    1. Shahmeer Ali H

      Poppy smoria becomes new pew news anchor Nine year olds: *There is another*

    2. SprayJuice YT

      We will face it together new HUselrs We will get sued together

    3. Zinxid

      Lol I like how they keep coming for pewds but don’t know there’s an army that will probably find everything out about them (don’t attack them by the way)

    4. Master Chief

      IF Frank comes back he fina set HUsel strait

    5. Ari Ferguson

      *Is actually 19*

    6. Kitty Sue

      can’t make adult content without getting demonetized, can’t make children’s content without getting demonetized.

    7. Callmebuildzz YT

      Been here since 10 mil

    8. Justin Townsend

      Pewdiepie should release big chungus song

    9. Flaming Pizza

      19 year old army 👍

    10. Gacha Galaxy owo

      Someone called him a natzi

    11. Andrew Faust

      9 year old army um not for kids LOL

      1. Andrew Faust

        By the way I was once a 9 year old in the army pewdipie is a homie

    12. Anthony Venegas

      But why is there kids HUsel channel

    13. Tekaroozer

      I just came here from UnstoppableLuck.

    14. Harth Productions

      Imagining punishing creators for kids watching their content, something the parents should be responsible for.

    15. Ami LIME

      I wonder if/how this is gonna effect music on HUsel...

    16. Skittlepawz

      animators are screwed

    17. Wolfaz

      13:34 Finally!

    18. AMFF

      Where's the Disstract for Coppa

    19. Sad Nibbahours

      Get to the COPPA

    20. Mark Suckerberg

      The age limit for being a kid should be like 8 years old cause this is where we learn to swear and we start playing violent video games

    21. Silver

      Rest of the revenue goes to HUsel 😆

    22. Bamboozled Robloxian

      What about people like me who make “Kid friendly content” And not get enough views/Likes to make money. So there gonna sue me?!🤔

    23. [_¡RainbowGacha!_]

      I'm 19 now..? *Steals Car * We're gonna vote for someone else now! >:3

    24. Floofer Spankatron

      What the FTC means is, FBI OPEN UP

    25. Sheimi Honey

      Cyber den is not for kids... Oml I'm just gonna go watch kid friendly hentai -.-

    26. Sheimi Honey

      Anyone else mad...?

    27. Akumo UI

      Be my news anchor bro!

    28. Spongebob


    29. helpfulreaper 768

      The reason HUsel was find is because they bragged about how a lot of kids under 13 watch HUsel.

    30. Naomi

      send the twitter kids to the ranch

    31. Lauryn Freeman

      not dollightful :((((

    32. Remixo Dogg

      I use Adblock

    33. The Sellout

      7:26 Wait a minute, what is that in the top right corner... WTF

    34. Liene Ungure

      The titles at the bottom 🤣

    35. samantha cooze


    36. eva thunder

      Pew news is back!

    37. eva thunder

      Pewds content strikes me as for me 14-25

    38. White Boi

      Took You Awhile To Scroll This Far 👌🏻

    39. SecretStar_ 70

      I just realized I have the same shirt as Felix wearing now

    40. Lina Díaz

      hearing pewds swear again feels so good