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    Just how quick is the new Porsche 911? It's time to find out! Watch our drag race between the new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, Audi R8 Performance, Nissan GT-R Nismo and the BMW M850i. And we have a guest driver today - Yianni from Yiannimize. Will he win, or will Mat pick the winning car? Again.
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    Közzététel: 9 hónapja


    1. Markie Elsdon

      Is he talking to someone called laurel

    2. Alexander Grimm

      hahahahahahahaha i_s so funny, i like the Videos with Yianni..........

    3. Jamie Jamie

      This channel hate BMW

    4. Kamil Lee

      GTR would've won this if the guy knew how to launch the Godzilla.

    5. Pasha Qalla

      The porche is esmotor was faster than the audi the best time we’ve got is 10 .3 second

    6. HyunBin Kim

      The turbo's is superfast

    7. Golden Ratio

      Had to hit like cuz gtr won.

    8. talansari

      I think there is a cheating in this race!!!

    9. alefpat

      GO GT-R

    10. гошак йе

      Bring m8 competition

    11. Neo Ismail

      Forever gtr🤘🏼

    12. Andrei Vasile

      M8 Competition din better time on Nurburing tham R8 V10 Plus :)

    13. John Geier

      BMW need to get serious and use their V12 in the 8 series.

    14. chough

      gtr driver is shitt. bad start too

    15. edwin97a

      You 2 are perfect combination, congratulations!

    16. Kevin Lawrence Taylor

      Love the hilarious sound effects guys! LOL

    17. Jorge Villacis

      Carwow is a nice channel - Unfortunately they include this idiot with camel face in the channel so I’m going to unsubscribe

    18. Mr M M

      GTR ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    19. Glenn Anthoon

      Audi powerr

    20. Mika Mecic

      Just GTR

    21. Mubeen M

      Who is the driver for nissan gtr in all of your nissan gtr never wins whats are doing a joke you dont know how to drive a gtr and this one is nismo its having world record of drifting at 300kmph it cant beat at drag race😡😡😡😡😡

    22. ꧁༺EASY༻꧂

      M5 F90 COMPETITION, ez

    23. Birdie Die

      I didn't expect that gtr nismo would beat the r8. Thought it was going to be in the last

    24. Mohit Maheshwari

      For real tho gtr couldve beaten em easily if mat was in it

    25. Dennis

      Goood R8 v10+performance vs m850i gg

    26. ExZ

      Try get some decent drivers for these challenges

    27. Brian Noel

      Why are they not using the paddle shifters?!!

    28. Kristijan CRO

      BMW lose in evry Video it's not feir

    29. Вадим Слукин

      AUDI 💪

    30. K T

      GTR lost because of that stupid camera on the roof

    31. Михаил Дурнев

      Гтр лучший автомобиль в мире. Кто бы что не говорил. Это симфония скорости,технологичности и внешнего вида. Кончаю фонтанами от неё!

    32. Danya ogt,s

      The Arabian guy with British accent won.

      1. Danya ogt,s

        @Zilla 46 😑😞 same look lol

      2. Zilla 46

        He's greek

    33. No Name No Fame

      Get a person that knows how to launch in a gtr please

    34. Vip Mobile


    35. Sean S.

      Ok, today is my first time watching this guys channel and after about 10 straight videos, the brake test is pretty gay, lol sorry. Who cares who brakes and stops quicker with the least amount of road used??? I obviously get the 1/4 mile and rolling start races, but they just need to have 2-3 races of rolling starts at different mph. Then it’s fair for all cars involved.

    36. asad k

      The dumbass gtr drvr cant launch

    37. Zayan Rashid

      Did anyone realise that in the thumbnail the audi is blue???

      1. Henry Berrisford

        Whoever edited the thumbnail shifted the overall hue and the increased the saturation of the image.

    38. Morne Oosthuizen

      Man gtr will always win bro its top car man😂

    39. ahsan naufer

      Where the BMW fans at 🤪🤣🤣

    40. Moussa Kitan

      You two guys are just a good team.....

    41. Alexandru Vuici

      Hey why cânt you get a Dodge challenger SRT Demon

    42. davis juarez

      R8 jump

    43. Crunchy Boii

      So basically Audi’s, bmw’s, and nissan’s flagship cars against Porsche’s mid level 911.... right.....

      1. Crunchy Boii

        Kagisho Kgaile true, but pretty close to it

      2. Kagisho Kgaile

        Crunchy Boii 850i isn’t BMW flagship.

    44. Топовые спички

      Было бы русские субтитры цены бы вам не было🙄

    45. tatenda muchafa

      Like your analysis @ watson, from a Zimbabwean fan of yours

      1. tatenda muchafa

        But I'm a Bmw fan for life

    46. thetrue chexmixer

      I’d say the Porsche won overall if we look at the fact that it is the lowest priced while the gtr is the same price point as a huracan evo rwd. Imo: 1st-Porsche 2nd-Audi/BMW Last-Nissan

    47. Dhmhtrhs K

      Fake and you want views?? Gtr ist the first I see the light stop ... make better drag

    48. sarp kaya

      King of the drag race MC LAREN

    49. Akram Ibrahim

      A proper launch by the Nismo would put all of those other cars to sleep.

    50. Ashley Barnes

      Is a fake video cuz I was expecting the bmw to perform better than this

    51. Desi Boy Ocean

      You should us BMW ///M8

    52. Abdullah Alkharji

      how ever driving the nissan Nismo does not know how to drive it

    53. Dimitris Shiali

      3.43 million more than 100k and still giveaway ,$50 camera😂

    54. Marek Zsc


    55. Mr HOJ

      Продажные ребята, что сказать

    56. Odil Xikmatjanov

      Просто поставил всех раком r8❤️

    57. gaming AS

      Gtr driver is a fool.. He can't accelerate the car properly

    58. Ethan_ McFly

      imagine what the aTurbo S and M8 comp would do

    59. Максим Зятьков

      Yanni - funny😊😁😄

    60. Docomo

      Nissan gtr 👍👍