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    It’s time for another hot hatch drag race! ...Actually, make that a hot hatch & saloon drag race! Mat’s got his hands on the all-new 306hp M135i, and he’s invited Yianni along to join him in the equally-powerful AMG A35! Add in the VW Golf R and S3 saloon, both with their 300hp, and this has the makings of a drag race that’s too close to call! Does the AWD M135i have what it takes? Stick with Mat & Yianni to find out!
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    Közzététel: 3 hónapja


    1. Goat Miray

      THIS is M Power!

    2. ata

      5:38 your welcome

    3. freezeGO EntertaimenT

      Bei nem anderen Video von euch gewinnt der Audi s3 8v gegen den 7er r golf

    4. Sau 6

      The race is shit

    5. Andrea

      It would be nice to see in this video also the Focus ST, Cupra Leon, Peugeot 308 Gti, Golf GTI TCR, Civic Type R and Hyundai i30n

    6. Alexander Mihailiuc

      Audi S3 red is the best car there

      1. Sau 6


    7. MsLampalampa

      I would take golf r.

    8. yo ScouT

      so in the drag race the golf r was passing the a35, actually passed it but on the finish line it was behind? xD

    9. NYUnbox IT

      What watch is yianni wearing?

    10. Renato Lourenco

      Yianni was right! About the exhaust!

    11. Mohamed Ramadan

      Please make car specs side by side to compromise the make it challenging to understand it and to spot the difference 😂 😂

    12. Prageeth Atapattu

      Bmw ❤

    13. Жизнь, как она есть

      бмв сосать гольф побеждать

    14. Leon Henry

      Yianni and Matt to be on Top Gear one day.

    15. Hristian Gospodinov

      BMW is the best

    16. Siyavuya Siphiwe Dlamini

      09:10 - 09:15 I like Matt's attitude you know he's so childish and when he jumps like a cute lil baby

    17. UsmaanH 10

      All he has is a resonator delete which makes no difference in terms of performance and if it does it'll be minuscule like 1bhp 2lbs ft

    18. UsmaanH 10

      The guy with the yellow s3 is in my audi s3 8v group on Facebook, he is a popular member his name is Sam and I can assure you his s3 isn't mapped nor does it have a jb4 on it. Anyways if his car was mapped it would have done high 11s on a stage one, mid to high mid 11s on a stage two and if it had a tuning box it would have done high 11s to low 12s like 12.2,12.3,12.4 and not 13.2. Iam surprised for a so called car enthusiast like Matt he has not researched on these cars.

    19. SM F1

      yanni clearly uses Just For Men Beard dye.

    20. Mevlut Budak

      You guys are so funny this is not a test video this is a try not to laught

    21. Kushal Vadicharla

      You guys should have used a hatchback s3 to make it more fair but good vid 👌🏽👌🏽

    22. Mercedes Benz

      Mercedes benz sound ❤️🔊

    23. Mercedes Benz

      Mercedes benz ❤️

      1. Sau 6


    24. Mercedes Benz

      Mercedes benz a35 4 matik

    25. Fewyouknewme be for

      this has a top gearish quality in terms of presenters chemisrty . Fun to watch keep up the mutual work

    26. Hassan

      5:38 😂😂😂😂

    27. Hazli's Journey

      BMW M135i did the standing quarter in 13.5

    28. Gio

      450Nm out of a 2L 4cyl Jeez

    29. jaime lesgens

      i dream

    30. tyler graham


    31. Korektstar

      BMW ist the Best for ever

      1. Sau 6

        @Korektstar Nein, audi ist besser

      2. Korektstar

        Sau 6 doch

      3. Sau 6

        @Korektstar no

      4. Korektstar

        Sau 6 bmw is best

      5. Sau 6

        BMW = 💩💩💩

    32. Thembinkosi Majola

      Talk about the stats while showing them! What the hell Matt!? I couldn't concentrate Lol😂😂

    33. luis maryo

      Best video ever

    34. Loku16

      That s3 driver sucks. How did the golf beat it.

      1. Sau 6

        Yes golf is shit

    35. Di Wu

      why an idiot has an AP?

    36. WdnUlik2no


    37. Billy Bigboy

      That Yanni seems like a nice chap, he looks a bit like a bearded Sonia from East Enders don't you think.

    38. Loudmatic

      5:38 😂😂😂😂 this looks so funny if you look inside the bmw from the Audi angle lmao

    39. Tabish Sohail

      Is that a b54 in m135i

    40. NofloLP

      I must admit as a merc fanboy that the A35 didnt perform well

    41. CG HIPI


      1. CG HIPI

        @Sau 6 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

      2. Sau 6

        BMW = 💩💩💩

    42. Emil Johan Majani

      It was about time that you have an A3 that's not a wagon (the sportbacl is a wagon, sorry not sorry)

    43. Justusse LEL

      BMW sounds sooo good

    44. Justusse LEL

      BMW looks best

      1. Sau 6


    45. ATTICA

      Y un type r?

    46. ATTICA

      Cachondos .....

    47. SkyKyro 77

      5:38 look at matt

    48. frandz call me Ahmed

      Bmw FAN HERE!! I LOVE IT WHEN BMW BEATS AN AMG.. (its rare somtimes though) lOK

      1. Sau 6

        BMW = 💩💩💩

    49. peter-paul kutschlojenga

      Why wouldn’t you use a Rs3?

      1. Sau 6

        Because they are dumb

    50. iTRY_ Mash

      Why didn’t they use the supercharged 3.0L V6 s3?

      1. Sau 6

        Because their tests are sh*t

    51. Anes Behlo

      Audi winer

      1. Sau 6


    52. BettSteiger /in

      Like, the Golf overtaked the Mercedes driver completly befor entering the finishline so i dont know how they get that picture of the Mercedes in second place. Just look closely and youll See what i mean. Sorry if there are any mistakes, english is not my first-language

    53. André Garcia

      The BMW and the Merc look really good, but the BMW is looking almost like a X1. How much has it grown since last gen?

    54. 22vx

      No curb weights?


      Actually in the previous video the s3 wasn’t tuned as it stay level with the golf on the rolling race, you even said that Matt!!

    56. Matija


    57. og west

      Yanni is a dick

      1. Sau 6


    58. Jahron XX


    59. Concepcion Yanes

      A35 is beast