*NEW TRICK* VAULT OVER BUILDS!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #770

BCC Trolling

BCC Trolling

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    Here's Episode 769 of Fortnite Funny Moments if you haven't seen it!

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    1. Diamond World

      1:12 is what you came for !! USE CODE: BCC

      1. DL Demyn

        No, code Mongraal

      2. Tony Lewis

        dIsLiKe GanG

      3. Bryantheng2.0

        @An Egg with 1K Subs 1K subs? Nice I'll sub

      4. Bryantheng2.0

        @An Egg with 1K Subs 3 more subs to?

      5. Michael Henderson

        I did the trick when the snowmen came out.

    2. Jake Gonzales

      I already found out that trick out way back

    3. ShadowMilan

      Magyarok trükkje :)

    4. Mirko Yt

      Magyar a gyerek

      1. cytmean loves lemons

        pontosan :)

    5. Roope Setä

      How to vault ovet wall: Build a ramp

    6. Peter purpl3grape studios

      Did AxEl land yet?

    7. Prophecy LJ

      4:31 is me BTW / use code BCC


      🙏🙏🙏 1:22 💞 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🖤


      🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 1:05 🖤💜 👇❣

    10. Jacob Jasso

      Nobody: Fortnite players in Australia: 4:40

    11. SUPER_GAMER 69

      They’re not called ice chests idiot

    12. BeastPlayz

      8:12 they should have went for the zip line because the water was to shallow

    13. Jack jack The gamer

      At 1:12 i found it first

      1. ShadowMilan

        Jack jack The gamer Nope , he’s a Hungarian guy :D

    14. Nate 100000000000000

      Lol he could have just went behind it 9:07

    15. SPLBeast

      Next up: Snowman High Ground Retakes

    16. Team Blaide

      never give up on your dreams

    17. Basically Skeptical

      What are the light things pointing where players are at?

    18. mr. tokiko

      ישראל בהתחלה


      0:00 רק אני ישראלי?🇮🇱🇮🇱

    20. Lukas Mencol

      0:00 lost

    21. Tactai.

      0:28 Who the fck used L3 for harvest?

    22. nehorai skera

      יש כאן השכרה ישראלים

    23. Game Hunter

      He’s just using the snowman like a double jump

    24. Omar Ahmed

      Btw guys it is called ICEBOX NOT ICE CHESTS

    25. Unknown Charlie

      I discovered this first

    26. Jordan Netto

      1:30 is useless

    27. lucas ligtvoet

      Music is to loud

    28. krezzu

      4:24 What is resolution?

    29. Isaiah Jacobs

      How are people still bad at this game

      1. Isaiah Jacobs


    30. saul ruiz

      When did BCC become a fortnite channel? It was cod back then🥺

    31. unp gaming

      the farst one was from israel

    32. Luis Villalba


    33. Zppers

      Gifting my next 5 subs💓

    34. EinHaferflöckchen

      0:38 can someone answer me How does he Record on switch cuz when I try to clip on switch i can’t do it because there is a Error Message then Help pls

    35. Owen Xu

      Sub to bcc

    36. FLD_ExCalibur

      Who else thought they vaulted builds for a second

    37. LG SusaYT

      I’m underrated watch my latest vid and change my mind👀

    38. თ jeon amal თ

      In 6:03 what's this gamer name ???

    39. YAM A HA RDX


    40. shantesh bhandarkar

      1:12 just build a ramp

    41. Banass GG

      בנאדם ישראלי מי ישראלי שיביא לייק

    42. Elliott Barnett

      Last like you are: 0: Ghost clan 1: Liquid 2: TSM 3: FaZe 4: parellel 5:Illustrous 6:Novous

      1. NAT PG3D

        Firstly, I have more subs than you so don’t even try Secondly, you are like begging which is sad and very annoying

      2. NAT PG3D

        Shut up

    43. Stig

      1:12 “You can now search ice chests for loot” “Exit the snowman at the top of your jump” ?????

    44. TTV Split

      Rating ninja =4 rating bugha =1000

    45. nehorix

      ישראלים בהתחלה נודר

    46. 1k Subscribers without any videos Challenge

      The video starts at 00:00 no need to thank me

    47. 28 HA CHIP

      Already figured this out

    48. Виктор Гусев

      Is combat shotgun back?

    49. Artrei Kratosovich

      4:39 Australia player

    50. Aldo Nigerian

      7:00 is the stupidest player I’ve seen why didn’t he just get in the circle and then heal up smh

    51. Just Benzy

      this is op

    52. Diamond Tube22

      1000 comment

    53. le minard

      Bonjour i am frenh

    54. Jody Johnson


    55. Snowyy


    56. Tarık Kul

      6:55 did he die

    57. Jaxen Guzman

      There’s coal?

    58. 1000 Subscribers With No Videos.

      4:03 what backbling is that?

    59. Maverick Versus Everything

      Every time I watch you I neglect all of my responsibilities. How dare you. This is what gets views. MVE!!!