Opening 200 Loot Crates in World of Tanks



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    World of Tanks. Today I'm opening 200 holiday ops 2020 loot crates to show you what they contain.
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    World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

    Use invite code "QBWOT" to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.

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    1. Cat

      Russian bias. Fucking WG

    2. Dylan Xie

      Good tank

      1. Dylan Xie

        I am lucky because I got it after 3 crates

    3. acebongboy

      Jesus, just watched the rest of the video -- wtf is up with the Russian account? 50 boxes and gets all 4 tier 8s (and an extra Progetto), some skins and Santa's helper. FFS. Now I definitely feel cheated. Two years in a row, I've only gotten 1 tier 8 (my friend didn't get a tier 8 last year with 75 boxes though he got the 703 this year).

    4. acebongboy

      Yeah, I bought 75 boxes for $100 as a Xmas gift to myself, but as a gambling addict, it is a form of gambling. I felt that crazy urge to spend money on more boxes when I didn't get what I wanted (Obj 703) and had to fight the urge every time I signed on. I did get all but 1 skin. Didn't get the female tanker. Got 1 tier 8 (SU 130pm), which was okay. Felt kind of disappointed

    5. logan W

      I spent 30 aud on the Australian server and got double barrel in my sixth box

    6. Martin Guzzoni

      got the object 3 times in 75 boxes, no progetto though.

    7. Thooper DONG

      Respect ✊

    8. William Chan

      I got 2 Tier 8 tanks in 14 boxes, plus every tank that is not Tier 8. I bet that my roll is somewhat insanely high this year - after the event

    9. Matthew Cr

      I spent $8 aud on 3 boxes and got the su-130pm and E 75. Safe to say I was happy.

    10. Dark Pyro

      I bought 20 boxes and got both the 703v2 and the E75TS

    11. vulturnuszan

      Firstly: FUCK LOOT CRATES! Secondly: FUCK ANY COMPANY THAT RELEASES LOOT CRATES INTO THEIR GAME they are just a fucken sneaky way to get people to pay much more for something on average than they usually would. And create exclusivity through gambling odds.

    12. jho oñate

      my god it will cost me 10,000 pesos for spending to your 200 dollars ...

    13. KingOfMadness 43

      RUSSIAN BIAS, I'm glad I gave no loot crate money to WG because as an American on the NA server I would have gotten boned.

    14. M.G.H

      All those comments about your own luck does not help sadly, though for my own case.. I in total, bought around 70-75boxes. Here's what I recieved: AM 39 Gendron, Bretagne Panther, Sherman VC Firefly, Sexton I, Progetto M46, SU 130PM, Object 703 II, Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf K. So I had a lot of luck on my side, just like last year where I got the IS-3A in a box that WG gave out to all the people who voted Krampus I think it was.

    15. Genma Shiranui

      Does anyone know all the 3D Style names for this tanks? T110E4 - Major Ram E 100 - ??? Object 140 - ??? AMX 13 105 - Vipere Noire Jagdpanzer E 100 - Panzerschiff Object 430U - Kelevra

    16. Con Mur

      Wargamming is a fraud company.

    17. GallusTSP Gaming

      It took me 23 boxes to get the 703 on the NA server

    18. Jon Cedric Bermudez

      Wargaming was Russian biased company yet they are capitalist.

    19. Petr Šmehlík

      I feel a bit special.. i bought only 11box pack and i got 703 on 4th box :D :D

    20. xAlexander

      I got the E 75 TS and the style for AMX 13 105 in 3 boxes wtf :))

    21. 0 000

      I play fifa and I deleted it because it pretty much is based around trying your luck for good players and I decide to load up world of tanks on console for the first time in around 4 years. Then I was greeted by about 5 different adverts try to get me purchase loot boxes and £50 tanks

    22. Mihai V.

      "And all I get is SEXTOOONS!" lol

    23. martin kullberg

      Welk said! ,now I know that I dont have to waist money on this and gamble. 👍

    24. Tolakos Green Love

      Sorry to make you feel sad but i got Su-130 and double barrel in a 3 boxes package, spending only 6€ to get what i wanted 🤭

    25. Omegadarkdrake

      imagine playing a game you don't like anymore but you have to cause its your day job.

    26. Djordje Pajdic

      If someone wants to do a good deed donate some boxes to the Oxium charity for some of you it doesn't mean much and it will mean a lot to him. Thank you.

    27. z0ro_

      Russian bias

    28. Mason Senestraro

      I hate the boxes

    29. Rotzbert

      Lol, bought 11 boxes and got the progetto and the russian td on EU Server^^

    30. Christopher Labedzski

      Why waste 250 pounds On that? I could do a lot with that,

    31. joyful

      One of my friends got the 703 II from his 1st case, lol.

    32. Rock Hacker

      I got 703 II in my first box. Worth 6$.

    33. WOT WOT

      i bought only 6 boxes and i got prog 46 and su 130 Oo. almost shit myself by amount of luck i had.

    34. Aaron

      I got 2 tier8 and a tier6 in 11 boxes

    35. KristapsJJ

      They give you a tank and everybody keeps quiet. They charge obscene amounts of money for a slight chance of getting a tank.

    36. KristapsJJ

      wargaming is selling gambling to people, and we let them get away with it. imagine how much people spent to be able to get those tanks. and everybody let's them get away.

    37. MrPAK

      I purchased two 25 boxes and got 4 skins, the Progetto 46, 703 II (122), E 75 TS 5 and the SU-130PM. Looking at Wills boxes I see have had incredible luck. These tanks did not make me a better player though...

    38. useless propaganda

      Amerikans verdy RICH so ve must try to siphon as much money from zem as posible. and Russian not as RICH so ve sweeten pot for zem.

    39. StubbyKnotts

      opened 3 boxes, got the double barrel.

    40. Vetakousting

      "sexton time" i laughed so hard.

    41. Danny Timmermans

      Damn you are a real crybaby, all that crap talking takes away the fun off watching the video!

    42. Infigor

      after seeing this i realize how lucky i am...i bought 25 boxes and get progeto, E75 TS and SU130M...but double missing.

    43. Understandable

      Wish I had the money to even spend on the game xd

    44. Bouncy Cowgirl

      Right after watching this video QB, I got the double barreled 705 and I've never been happier with my 6 dollars

    45. DaGrumpz

      I bought a total of 46 boxes 59.98 USD I got everything besides the E75 TS. I got about 15k gold and over 30 days of premium time and all the styles and Julia. I got all the things for the same price as buying a tier 8 premium tank, cheaper actually I paid $75 for the Renegade. All that said I enjoy your content could have done without listening to you lecture the whole video about gambling. WG jumped on the wagon with every other game company and charge us crazy amounts for digital content that we can never sell or use anywhere else.

    46. JC Van Wyk

      And if you had bought that 150 on the RUSSIA you have triple that amount of gold and silver because of the RUSSIA BIAS and you can say what you it BS BS BS BS

    47. JC Van Wyk

      if that not fuck Russian bias am ass

    48. Voima-Vahtila

      Russian RNG is best RNG

    49. Marioisagoodboy Yo!

      Quiky, I got all 3 tier 8 premium tanks and 4-5 skins from the first $100 dollars I was too lucky

    50. Dalton

      damn i got double barrel and e75 in 20 boxes

    51. Monnier

      i got 3 boxes for 6€ and get su130 1500gold and 700kcredits,i was lucky😎😎

    52. Martin Huna

      I got the pack of 11 boxes on my EU account. Got the t5 german, e75ts and the double barrel tanks. Probably very lucky to be honest

    53. Fastum Gale

      Well talk about russian bias, my friend just spent 300 dollars worth of Hrivnas(Ukrainian national currency, 2100 money, a big amount at that) And he got 18 rerolls of a Sexton, and a E75 TS, which is the embodiment of prem trash. Thats bad, my dodas

    54. [The_Roman_Hammer] FerouzIV

      I've done 300 boxes so far

    55. Samson Lahti-Parsell

      You sound like a relapsed gambler actually.

    56. Angelo Austria

      i bought 25 lootbox to try my luck , what i got: 1 e75ts some skins and loads low tier tanks and loads of gold. What i want is either progetto or su130pm or the 703-2 and loads of gold

    57. Sebastian Florentin

      Those tier 8 tanks inside the loot boxes should've been in the premium shop and inside the game shop for gold and for real money like they did with the tanks on the advent calendar.

    58. Sleepy

      i just opened 11 boxes, and i got E75 TS and the progetto wtfxD

    59. travis cain

      wargaming be like I SMELL PENNIES

    60. swordandkeyboard

      Bought 60$ boxes 33 boxes. return was: 13k gold which would cost 54$ to buy. 22 days of premium which would be about $10 . 2 tier 7 tanks and 2 t2 tanks which retail for total of about 52$ and about million credits. Plus 3 tier 10 skins. 116.00 worth of stuff for 60$ (really wanted a t8 tank / but can pick up two-tier 8 premiums with the gold i made.)