Project A - The new Counter-Strike by Riot Games?



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    Project A is a new tactical shooter from Riot games, the creators of League of Legends. It is tipped to be Counter-Strike mixed with Overwatch. Let's take a look at Project A Gameplay and Details. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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    1. Kaido

      it looks shitty, i don't wanna play a second fortine clone give me a real shooter

    2. RDIZ Media

      ps5 would be nice

    3. OrdinaryRaw

      I'm so hyped for this

    4. Martin Jonth

      Damn not one single positive comment?

    5. PAJ Your Lifecoach

      this Looks Pretty clean with the aim

    6. T3K2g

      I cannot wait for this man......

    7. Michael Arrowood

      This looks fuckin trash.

    8. Changed Playstyle

      Bye CS:GO 😁😁😁

      1. Diesel Edington

        Changed Playstyle csgo is not going anywhere this game is nothing like counter strike and even if it was it’s still at least 2 years before it releases

    9. SonOfGod 81

      Cs is unique...

    10. claus a

      You lost me on all the magic and shit

    11. turbo1177

      there pistols in the buy menu thing and it looks that guy comes back with only a pistol

    12. faceit bhoplife

      Looks like paladins

    13. faceit bhoplife

      FAKE owerwatch

    14. Choose Life

      No thx

    15. s

      this game is prob gonna take most from league players tbh

    16. Pedrum Mazddiar

      team fortress + overwatch + counter strike = Project A =)

    17. Risotto

      Im so excited for Project A when it comes out it better be free like a great lol is.

    18. Vis Rupt

      Why you gotta make it chizzy with the abilities though. That immediately ended the comparison with csgo.

    19. ANDREW

      Don't forget to rush B

    20. Gavin Huthchings-Bennett

      Not by valve so it aint coumter strike

    21. Heartless

      Uhm no, isnt

    22. Il TOMMY lI

      This looks fantastic imo can't wait to try it

    23. Koky m

      doesn't look very fun to me

    24. 225Kubek

      hahhaha if u will lose gema just turn on hax and cancelle a game :D

    25. vuk vucurovic

      Nooooo why csgo is beter why

    26. T81

      just another headshot simulator like csgo, not worth it

    27. Maga Skill

      This aint cs at atll

    28. ditto ._.

      the game right now looks like the early stages of overwatch!

    29. DrHaiFisch

      Hahaha csgo.... I gonna puke on someone

    30. Addix37

      CS is based on pure skill and that's what makes it great. IF SOMETHINGS NOT BROKEN DONT TRY TO FIX IT

    31. Lol Futuremeep

      It is more like a combination of league of ledgends and siege combination instead of counter strike

    32. NitSUj

      You can't fix peeker's advantage. It is literally impossible unless everyone had the same ping

    33. Mirza Lil

      League players: we are so happy cs and ow players unliking this game you can stick with your games and we stick with ours. You guys didn’t even try it yet and already tryna block it off the games community. Its in an early stage and we are excited for more upcoming updates.

    34. Sky Gaming

      seems more like warface then csgo

    35. Pepe The Frog

      Looks like Dirty Bomb

    36. rAzel

      another kid's game

    37. Kane Q

      Летвик не уходи сюда пж

    38. Lee Dilloway

      Why are you talking like William Shatner?

    39. John Bishop

      looks like a neat idea with trash execution

    40. Hamish Matthews

      looks so darn dumb

    41. dpii

      This game looks fun asf. Im excited to play.

    42. Agent Bacalhau

      My bet is that the game looks simplistic cause they're pbbly trying to make a super easy game to run. It's one of the things that draws people in with league, the game runs on anything

    43. hype

      No sruprise that riot new game is a rip off. its chinese game.

    44. HeeH33

      this looks wank

    45. Rico Grande

      @jackfrags Dount eat the Mic jack !!!

    46. Caleb Walker


    47. WOT BLITZ //LATAM//

      Taiwan-Strike:Paladins Offensive.

    48. biscuit

      another who can get the fastest headshot simulator, ill pass

    49. Solar Astra

      Tbh, that one rez ability might be a bit op. Although, it's still in early development and we can't even play it.

    50. Anicus

      Yoooo............. n_n "Supercakes" I like it. I really do hope they develop really good anti-cheat; its nice to see developers working on stuff like this early.

    51. Angus

      This comment section is refreshing. e: fuck china

    52. M Z

      My hopes are so high. I need this

    53. Mercy

      Weebs-Strike: Chinese Offensive

    54. George 2091

      It's like paladins

    55. koljaAa dafuQ

      so much hope on this one! pls

    56. TastyTacoN1nja

      >b roll of ethot cosplayers yeah youre a coomer mate

    57. sarк

      The only thing i like about overwatch, as a cs go player is how they treat cheaters. That they block their hardware.

      1. Mxrphy

        That's what hardware spoofing is for cheaters can still get through however it makes cheat prices higher and mean less cheaters will buy the cheats.

    58. K.Evrgrn

      can we fucking stop these "class based shooters"

    59. Sir_Duckington

      ItS NoThInG LiKe CoUnTeRStRikE so why does every channel compare it to cs wtf

    60. marked92

      Project A: Karen Represented, Karen Approved.