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    Learn more about Riot Games’ upcoming character-based, first-person tactical shooter for PC, codenamed ‘Project A.’ Project A is a precise, competitive FPS in which unique character abilities create opportunities for your gunplay to shine.

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    1. NeuPlieder

      Hope you guys will be able to nail the tickrate and latency issue. Getting tired of dying to someone who hasn't peeked on my screen or me dying 1 meter past a wall between me and him.

    2. HyPe_ScarfaceSC

      They finally announced the release date

    3. Alex Lyders

      can i try it to day

    4. cardaroy

      OW: GO

    5. Creztop

      I need this game rn

    6. joaozin980

      quando esta merda vai lançar?

    7. Jay lay

      Rush A

    8. Thx4FragBro.TV

      гавно крч, расходимся, это шутером язык не поворачивается назвать

    9. Litul Uky Buky

      pls be free like league 😅

    10. featheredmusic


    11. Macer

      i could see this becoming very popular if they do things right (balancing, the silhouette test, etc)

    12. Akimbo

      9 AM PST

    13. chris C

      dale ana solta el juego que los pibes estamos re aburridos de jugar al lol

    14. InSovietCS

      Dirty Bomb but Riot?

    15. Steph PND

      graphism 2004

    16. Marques _asecas

      lol too late Riot.

    17. Zubby

      Csgo+overwatch = ?

    18. bSely Twitch

      boş yere yapmayın mert oynamayacakmış

    19. Naegleria

      finally, a fresh start

    20. Bob Shearer

      Game looks sick can't wait to try it

    21. DissiSZN

      For people who are waiting this game i made community server on discord JOIN US!

    22. C J

      Make this game good, overwatch is a failed game. I need new fps game to play.

    23. DylanB

      At least have a fit commentator not this lump of shit

    24. Zireael

      pls make league characters playable in project A... I hate MOBAs but love the characters and lore of league

    25. Juan Juarez

      All ik is that i need to play and get good quick so that i can blow up and get a career lol

    26. Eyan Yan

      1:22 ubisoft's server

    27. bymarcoXx

      It's free??

    28. dragonballz naruto

      fortnite killer

    29. Alc

      Finally, a character shooters where the gunplay actually matters like Counter-Strike. Looking at you Overwatch... :/

    30. Weilan

      I'm curious... if detecting a cheater causes a match to be terminated, won't griefers use cheats solely to cause matches for everyone to be terminated and prevent honest players from playing the game? Shouldn't there be another solution? Like kicking the cheater and marking him as a cheater and either banning him or matching him with others marked as cheaters. As for the game where a cheater was detected, instead of terminating it, either add more rounds to give a chance to the team being a victim of the cheater to catch up, or just give them enough points as the enemy team and add 3 extra rounds to settle the score. Honest players need a honest environment, terminating the match feels like the same reason I hate Battle Royale - you wait so much to gather 100 people to play a game, you join one, wait to deploy, spend some time looking for equipment and then you're suddenly killed and it's all over. This is what terminating a match when finding a cheater feels like to me and it's a stupid decision.

      1. Noah Daniels

        The thing is people will always grief. However, taking the W away from the cheater and not allowing them to climb the ranks is more important. Cheating wouldn't have anything fun to it if you only get to use the hacks for a few minutes then banned and have to buy or make another account. It just wouldn't be worth it for both cheaters and griefers since there's no satisfaction of tilting someone or winning. I'm pretty sure also with riot's games they ban toxic people anyways. Also the way they're running their network i bet they can detect if you're using the same PC/IP from a different account. Trust me man they will have a good solution

    31. Iceak99

      I feel like the game has to be on steam if it really wants to be a competator. I Love steam because of the profile customizations etc. pls pubslish it on steam

    32. Tidsmaskin

      Shittier version of Counter strike...

      1. Noah Daniels

        Tidsmaskin trust me man i love CSGO, but the game is old, clunky, and full of toxic people and full of cheaters. Riot us the perfect company to be making a proper fps mainly because of the internet network they’ve created will solve a lot of issues CS has. Just look into it and don’t knock it just yet. ❤️

      2. Tidsmaskin

        Noah Danield still

      3. Noah Daniels

        The game isn't even out...

    33. An Dre

      League of CSverwatch

    34. Noah Daniels

      Please make this ASAP. I'm not really a fan of the games you typically make. But i am really excited for this one

    35. Chris Won

      overwatch copy

      1. Noah Daniels

        more like CS actually

    36. Kaioo l

      the map looks like paladinss

    37. Rasmus Nielsen

      So many of these kinda games out, but because all the LoL fanboys, it's gonna blow up...

    38. SoMarshall

      Riot por favor,façam com que os personagens não usem armas mas sim as próprias agilidades exemplo:Tristana pode usar o canha dela, Blitz pode ser tipo reinhardt só que com as mãos vai dar mais trabalho pra juntar tudo,porém vai ser muito mais divertido jogar é o que eu acho :)

    39. noah yang

      csgo cod overwatch fortress seige 2?

      1. Noah Daniels

        @noah yang you’re the best, take care ❤️

      2. noah yang

        @Noah Daniels ok yea i think it would be best if we part ways but ill still be your sub ok man take care

      3. Noah Daniels

        noah yang yee Noah#1900

      4. noah yang

        @Noah Daniels you game? discord?

      5. Noah Daniels

        noah yang yayayayayayaya!!!! Twinning

    40. Alny

      looks like shit

    41. Rohit Sandhu

      Enjoy VAC BAN NOOBS

    42. Rohit Sandhu

      Nice aim bot xD

    43. Music DZ

      realise it now it looks like finished

    44. mayke marquini

      iai povo brasileiro o que vcs acharam?

    45. Galax Gunz

      I want to play it like right now, i want to download and sink the next week into this game. Plz be soon T.T

      1. Noah Daniels

        I know dude it's so hype

    46. iNeedHugsNow

      Please release soon....

    47. Leandro Leitao

      pls bring south african servers at launch... no1 plays games after a few months if there isnt servers

    48. Snap_92

      Another mix of games in one game ? No thank you

    49. bibop

      i want to play this

    50. PastoColorRojo

      Esta bueno el paladins

    51. Fives

      PLS let me be a game tester

    52. Vantam

      WE PLEAS MAKE IT 13 OR 14+ FOR COMP please

    53. Vegtory

      Finally a competitive game that requires skill and that many will cry over because they can't blame it on teammates, but only yourselfs. Careful kids, this game will change the scene and all you curling players will start crying. CS 1.6 pro here, get ready, times are changing.

    54. Daniels Channel No2

      I think this will even faster die then the other overwatch clones did,looks like cs meets overwatch or just a quirky cs servermod with skins, i call it its dead born ,a failed pregnancy

      1. DylanB

        Daniels Channel No2 maybe a failed abortion

    55. ChutyFlow

      minecraft shoter

    56. Akeno Rei

      1 15 2020 GIVE ME GAME!

    57. Ahuri

      Overwatch is fucking after this !

    58. Cj Lol

      Csgo+Overwatch= project A

    59. SG Mater

      Counterwatch: Fortress Fortnite

    60. BanJackalPls

      Better than ow