Riot Games Just Went F@#!ing Crazy

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    Wow, Riot Games just dropped a cluster bomb on the esports and gaming world.
    Last night the publisher of League of Legends announced a first person shooter, a fighting game, a football manager style game, changes to TeamFight Tactics, a Magic: the Gathering-Hearthstone like card game, an anime AND major changes to League of Legends itself.
    Edited by: Connor Dunn (@ConnorDunn_)
    Hosted by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen), Keith Capstick (@keithcapstick) and Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin)
    Footage Courtesy of:
    Project A: Riot’s Tactical FPS Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends Courtesy: Riot Games

    Legends of Runeterra - Official Card Game Overview Trailer Courtesy: IGN

    Making Games | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends Courtesy: Riot Games


    LEGENDS OF RUNETERRA - Riot's New Game | League of Legends | Riot Games Courtesy: Disguised Toast

    10-Year Anniversary Celebration | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends Courtesy: League of Legends

    TFT Updates and Mobile Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends Courtesy: League of Legends

    Arcane: Animated Series Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends Courtesy: League of Legends

    League of Legends: Wild Rift Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends Courtesy: League of Legends
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    1. David Itoya

      Fps is never gonna work

    2. arjkoxjee

      Okay okay... but when does the MMORPG comes? :D

    3. ********Tresto********

      Project F looks like skylanders type of game

    4. justinn wong

      It's not an anime. only weebs will say that. Note that in japan any kind of animation/cartoon is called Anime. because Anime is just a shortened term for Animation.

    5. Zachary Gregorius

      I play league and Magic so Im equally happy for both

    6. mickael remy

      i'm hyped for almost all announced games! riot might become a true giant!

    7. Justen Anderson

      What about smite on console that’s a full scale moba on console that’s guy threw some huge shade when he said he doesn’t know of any full scale moba on console

    8. akashi 425


    9. Kelstan Neks

      They're making an MMORPG

    10. I am a loaf of Bread

      Blizzard: Diablo playerbase is on the decline Riot games: allow me to introduce myself

    11. Harrison Jackson


    12. John mark Ogayon

      In 2020 Gutted Ml Heartstone Overwatch And Netflix

    13. AvenMai

      Can people who are not retarded stop calling Arcane an anime?

    14. urias134

      This Project F looks like a Pokemon-go Style of game. Let's wait and see.

    15. Buckethead TheFiller

      I like that you guys split the information up between you! It brought more differences into the style of presenting the facts and theories because you had three. Very nice Video. Love your content! Keep up the good work.

    16. Neko

      Project F? VR? thats my prediction at least

    17. KitTheKat

      Lil bit cringy interaction between the 3 of y'all, but good video overall. Thanks for explainning!

    18. Jere EverDie

      this channel bullying weebs pepehands

    19. tuomas k

      I love this type of thinking from Riot Games, they release a competitive version for all the popular games and focus on the parts that people have complained about the predecessor. Imagine Riot WORLD GAMES TOURNAMENT with bigger prize pools than what CSGO/overwatch/hearthstone/etc has to offer,

    20. Just a guy

      I don't mean to insult the writing staff but the way they wrote about Legends of Runeterra is extremely ignorant because a lot if not most of the value in this game for us League players who wanted this for years is in the worldbuilding, and it's absolutely a dream come true to have so many new details and information given to us about the game Also learning that Cithria ended up becoming known in the Dauntless Vanguard and she got her title "The bold" is absolutely heartwarming, she's a cutie and absolutely deserved it

    21. Brandon Ashcraft

      Just listening at 0:45 made me think it was Jordan Peterson 😂

    22. David Binoya

      Goodbye Blizzard , hello Riot

    23. Alex

      Legends of Runeterra (the card game) will be my new main game, had the chance to play it and I love it so much. I'll also watch the animated series, try out the shooter, MMO and fighting game as they come out since they all seem promising. Riot will be my new daddy.

    24. TeK

      an esports manager actually sounds fun, ngl....

    25. /


    26. enzobadia

      been a very active and loyal League player for a long while. this ten year celebration was just extremely beyond what I thought we were getting. Just a big thanks for Rito honestly.

    27. Carlo

      I really want RIOT to make a mobile games like clash royale, cause supercell make me sick of their balancing every month

    28. Carlo

      Thats fortnite on steroids

    29. Jefferson Broderick

      Really excited for this shooter, CS taken to the next level with a whole new dimension of tactical possibilities on top of focus on having good servers and no latency? Sign me up

    30. tigsik

      Better keep up blizzard.

    31. Derploop

      If it's animated it's a fucking anime to someone who lives in Japan, so it's an anime to me.

    32. rAnDaL

      if they even add the bhopping, i am quitting overwatch, csgo, rainbow six siege, except minecraft, i am hopping on this game (Project A)

    33. Jordan

      It's a anime.

    34. Evan Wong

      striking vipers

    35. Lesley Weeti

      Fps looks really shit. And stop talking with your hands.

    36. Npc #117

      Am I the only one that is hyped for the fighting game? It’s honestly so perfect for leagues roster.

    37. Eiven

      Heh. Riot do what they done best, copying other people things without feeling shame.

      1. Godlyvex5

        Everything is a copy of everything else. Does it matter if it's a copy if they're both good? People like fortnite despite it being a 'copy' of pubg. People like overwatch despite it being a 'copy' of tf2.

    38. John Hamilton

      remember torchlight 2? Yeah it's kinda like that,but like sword and shield.

    39. Md Azizul Hakim

      I hope all the games will be free to play 😇

    40. Michael Wisor

      I dig the collab video, good to see you guys play nice sometimes, haha. I'm tentatively excited to have diff ways to play diff games w/ League lore/settings, but also a little scared it will be overkill and stretch the brand thin. Time will tell, fingers crossed for good things.

    41. Snorkel

      I like FPS game but this looks ass.

    42. Jiimy

      Remember Diablo was released on mobile, welp I guess slowly mobile gaming is gonna become a bigger thing now

    43. Yusuf Fulat

      Overwatch is gonna die lol

    44. YahYeetGaming

      I'm starting to love riot games again💖

    45. Spirit X

      2nd speaker got annoying voice. No hate... just hard to listen to

    46. Duc Lee

      Collin got a nice Wrestling Shirt

    47. LeveL 8

      so, Is League Mobile gonna be a thing?

    48. samcdisney17

      bandido shirt POGGERS

    49. technicalleon

      As a long time League player who also enjoys the Lore, I'm very excited with all of these games and projects, especially the esports manager.

    50. JinxedGhoul

      Does this mean Fighting Games are officially Esports now?


      Someone should revive Dirty Bomb :c

    52. Guilherme Moreira

      Elifoot 98. Good ol' times.

    53. Ven_ 1

      riot cloning harder than chinas economy

    54. Jason Kegarise

      What happened to the first guy who did their videos, sitting in the Red lounge chair? I never see him in videos anymore.

    55. Digital_DNA

      Anyone else notice the guy watching TimtheTatMan in the background when they talked about the fighting game and the show XD

    56. kostaras mitsaros

      Dude this is Amazing I cant wait to play this FPS gameeeeee Lets gooooooooooooooooo

    57. LostAutomata

      Riot Games: "Oh the top companies in gaming like Bethesda and Blizzard have fell from their throne? And that throne is now open? Hold my beer, I need a place to plant my royal ass."

    58. toastedbagels

      As a 31 year old counterstrike fan I agree with Colin. God I hope I am not still mixing up the names.. that meme is long dead

    59. Press Bread

      "Snipe with f*cking ninja stars

    60. FIFTY6IX

      Riot is ovned by china