Sandy Munro Reveals His Take on the Tesla Cybertruck

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    Sandy Munro discusses Tesla Cybertruck, its specs and the challenges of Tesla's future production in this first episode of our new "Teardown with Sandy Munro" segment.
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    1. Bob McCausland

      Do you realize that the cybertruck is scaleable? A cyber model S. Dump the huge wheels and you have a nice family sedan which lasts forever. How about a runabout 2 seater as an urban car? Remember the Checker cab?. It was a pickup truck with a car body. With flat panels and flat glass l bet Elon could bang one of those together for about 28 K . It would make a great limousine, It is not a niche product. Automobile industry is a giant swindle. Enough said.

    2. Hamilton Asseiro

      What an ugly design!

    3. Jolly Green

      I would live to see a suv with 3 row spacious leg space. Like a chevy Tahoe or a suburban. If chevy drop the body on the cybertruck skateboard. It would be perfect

    4. Neil Biggs

      Never wanted a truck until now. Loved it immediately, the more features revealed the more I loved it. Now I want him to make similar designs (not necessarily truck) on smaller platforms. Never worry about Paint, rust, parking lot dings, etc. Another major game changer from the most innovative man on the planet. No crumple zone. Hope it's legal.

    5. Andrei Dragoi

      What about the new huawei p40?

    6. Waynes butler

      The Cyber truck is definately a love hate relationship although this truck will never see the light of day in its present form depending on the safety regulations in certain countries . The bumpers have to be a specified distance from the body , no side mirrors or side lighting . Imagine hitting a pedestrian with this medieval weapon . And there hasnt been crash testing done yet . The list may be longer under close inspection . Time will tell what this truck will eventually have to look like but kudos to Elon for thinking outside the box

    7. El Kimpo


    8. ReCycle Spinning

      Am I the only one that wants to know if this is a work truck capable. I also genuinely believe that humans have become obsessed with Automobiles and trucks instead of looking into high-speed public transit

    9. james pong

      I completely agree with mr Munro. MUSCULAR.

    10. Mihai Ciubotaru

      No're not Russian!

    11. Wretch Gunk

      But the CyberTruck doesnt look as much like a Penis as a traditional truck, there are no pistons, and many traditional truck buyers feel that is inadequate ... thats why they dont like how it looks

    12. AZOffRoadster

      Hay Sandy, if you're ever down here in Tucson, lets go 4 wheeling in the mountains. I'll brew a special batch of beer for you, your choice. As for this talk of 'bullet proof', I think Elon was just explaining how strong their stainless is, that it could stop a 9mm. I don't believe bullet proof is really part of the specs.

    13. Mark vonGermeten

      It's growing on groupies. You know, like a fungus.

    14. Martin Price

      You can tell Sandy is a proper Engineer as he knows everything is a solvable problem. "You just have to work through the numbers". I do however disgree with some of his thougths about the cost of vehicle to manufacture. A flat panel is not always as cheap as a curved one to make. Pressed panels often provide extra features for free such as holes, stiffening ribs and hidden weld points. It will be interesting to see how they mount the outer panels when they can't bend back the edges. kevlar won't be used. its too expensive and has no inherent strength unless laminated into panels which is an expensive process. its why carbon fibre isn't used for mass production. For mass produced parts, material cost is the biggest cost of the finished product by a long way. Tesla are using 3mm aircraft stainless. This is more than 3 times as thick as normal car panels and the material is 5 to 8 times the price. In addition using thick panels rather than box or formed panels is a very poor way to produce a stiff and lightweight design. pressed and spot welded unibody construction is the cheapest way to make a car. its why it is used for almost all car construction and also many modern off road vehicles. Tesla may be clever but they still have to obey the laws of physics. the cyber truck isn't a cheap body to construct. the design also doesn't lend itself to mass production unless underneath the skin is of conventional design.

    15. mnldgb d

      Not even to go on tge wild, the cyber will make any place wild just by its presence, and I can see woman just loving it as well!

    16. chindodawg

      Moronic questions from Alex. What a tool

    17. porculizador

      i can't wait for tesla to come up with snap on/off batteries

    18. porculizador

      it's not kevlar. it's work-hardened stainless steel

    19. Robert Blackford

      This guy is ignorant. The .30-06 is a real war weapon. It has been chambered in more “war” rifles than I can count.

    20. Zephyr López Cervilla

      I don't think it's gonna have any Kevlar layer.

    21. Andrew Riley

      When Munro said it a man’s vehicle Gubernan finial understand why he doesn’t like the look of the vehicle !!!!🤣

    22. ganymede242

      Video starts at 1:58

    23. Poj Dia Vaj

      Cybertruck is definitely for the wilderness

    24. unstoppableExodia

      I see Sandro is a man with sophisticated tastes

    25. Mark Zickus

      I would bet that cybrrtruck Is only bulletproof at small rounds 9mm, 22 etc.

    26. Steve V

      I would like to know what is the future of Model S. Elon stated before that Model S is the flagship vehicle of tesla but that doesn't seem to be the case. It seems that Model 3 is more the flagship vehicle. What do you think?

    27. Steve V

      Can you try and get an interview with the man himself; Elon Musk?

    28. Steve V

      I actually think a lot of women will buy this truck. Even now I see a bunch of women driving masculine looking cars and trucks.

    29. Mat Youzbachi

      The biggest question for me is how safety will be managed?

      1. Zephyr López Cervilla

        With autonomous driving taking over to prevent collisions and deploying airbags for run-over pedestrians and bikers.

    30. Party Limo World

      Mr. Munro truly understands the whys and whats of the cyber truck. The purpose of this vehicle really it's meant for todays use, its meant for what's about to come because of the environmental challenges of the near future. Put simply, to get you to hell and back in one piece.

    31. pamela gipson

      THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MASCULINE CAR....unless your an over 70 white man

    32. pamela gipson

      Smart enough to interview people that are more knowledgeable on subjects than yourself but not quite able to keep up by asking the most pertinent questions

    33. Dr. Lexus

      What about the Halbach array? Will it be implemented in the Cybertruck?

    34. dyrectory com

      The CyberTruck caters to a certain personality... upon seeing this truck for the 1st time, I was in awe. Cause it fits my personality almost to a tee. I can't say this about any other car on the market today. ⚡️ 💡 ⚡️

    35. Islam Mohamed

      What a weird conversation. The masculinity of the truck? Withstanding 50 cal rounds? Maybe wait til the specs are published guys and talk about something substantive.

    36. Chethan Sagar

      What car do you drive mate?

    37. Geffá Oliveira

      Too bad Munro haven’t done his homework. There will be no Kevlar, just the steel panels. Elon stated that it will stand up to 9mm rounds.

    38. Dana Olson

      Great video except for the needlessly sexist stupid "built for a man" comment at 4:15 - 4:25. We don't need BS like this anymore. It makes you sound stupid.

    39. Curmudgeon

      It's true that stainless steel is heavy, but by having an exoskeleton the Cybertruck may be able to dispense with a lot of the internal crash protection which adds so much weight to modern cars. There will also be a weight saving by not having multiple layers of paint and primer. This also makes the manufacturing quicker, cheaper and uses less toxic materials. Another advantage of the exoskeleton is that the internal space will be increased, even beyond the gains from having an electric skateboard drivetrain.

    40. Wendell B.

      I don't think Tesla's goal was specifically to make a bullet proof truck, that just it happens to be bullet proof (resistant?) for the material they used for the exoskeleton frame.

      1. Robert Blackford

        Elon was just giving his Tesla Cultists something to talk about. It’s no more bullet proof than the windows are “armored.” Lol

    41. Brennerman

      30-06 was used from WWI up to Vietnam, it is a much more powerful round than what we currently field which is the 5.56.

      1. Robert Blackford

        Far more powerful! And it’s a standard deer caliber sold at Walmart. People are stupid about guns

    42. South Ka Chandan

      I love curvy, whatever.

    43. Andre Salmon

      No kevlar needed Sandy. Its only for 9 mil not bunker busters. The steel is just a repurposing of custom stainless alloy from spacex so no development further needed there.

    44. Joey Racano

      Run over plants? Nasty to nature? That's funny? Loser.

    45. JD1459

      This thing will short out.

    46. Ken Schroeder

      What a weird direction this video took did they not watch the unveiling I don’t believe Tesla is trying to make a bulletproof vehicle they made a strong vehicle that happens to resist certain size bullet.

    47. Ben Ellis

      As an offload vehicle I'd be more curious as to how it handles scratches than bullets :-)

    48. Lassie Vision

      AG: Aren't bullet proof vehicles heavy? SM: Well, when I was working on tanks.... I love the fact that Sandy has experience in so many areas. It'd be interesting to hear his point of view on SpaceX stuff too as I'm sure he does a lot of Aerospace.

    49. MaBeZaKa

      Its too early to tell if Cybertruck will attract the existing "outdoors guy" or get guys "afraid to get mud on their shoes", outdoors. Doing both would be good IMHO.

    50. Qinby 1

      TESLA reached "All Time High" today (Dec 16 2019) 382 USD (up 20 USD, 6.7% so far today) So probably > 400 USD this year… Merry Christmas Chanos/Einhorn...

    51. Carl Klopfenstine

      Do you think cybertruck could stand up to a charging water buffalo?

    52. Jevon Frost

      I’ve never thought I like to own a pickup truck but the Tesla would be very handy to roll bicycles up the ramp and onto the bed.

    53. Jean Roch

      There's a reason why the cheaper cars all have simpler curves than expensive cars. It stands to reason that if you remove all the curves you're going to save money.

      1. Robert Blackford

        There are plenty of curves in the unibody

    54. Amlan Mitra

      I have two very early reservations sub 4600. I can donate one of my reservations for research.

    55. iMaGeArChY

      With all due respect Sandy & the host should have done their research before creating this show. There was a lot of mis-information in this episode.

    56. Jonathan Brown

      Will GM utilize the corvette c8 type construction technique using bedford plates in the c8 corvette that will be changed to battery packs in GM s 22 new Ev models in 2022.? Obviously the central backbone would be altered for GMs 22 ev s coming in 2022.. GM s expertise is in production. I suggest and propose that GM will have a flattened central backbone chassis and use electrified bedford plates bolted up and glued to the central backbone platform. Varying the number of bedford panels with batteries inside will determine the size of the vehicle. Of course the battery filled bedford panels would be different then the bedford panels on the c8 corvette. With one production facility could in effect allow GM to vary which models are produced depending on consumer demand ...allowing GM to increase plant utilization upwards of mid 90 percent... Simplified production and design not only for the vehicle but also in single plant production of a multitude of EV vehicles Big fan of your podcast for quite some time. Also a fan of Sandy Monroe

    57. lilbitibyker

      Absolutely it was love at first sight.

    58. Fearsome Beard

      Love at first sight describes me. I reserved the tri motor minutes after they opened reservations, no hesitation....sold.

    59. Sitaifun Mac

      Ha ha, maybe he meant for you to buy your CyberTruck and then donate that for a teardown, not just donate the reservation!

    60. Piper A R

      This truck is a bear magnet. The bears will never win but they will never give up and go away.