Style over substance? Toyota C-HR 2020 review



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    Toyota C-HR Review Breakdown:
    Design - 01:11
    Interior - 02:44
    Equipment List - 03:33
    Infotainment - 04:37
    Back seats - 07:47
    Boot - 09:47
    Engines - 14:50
    Driving - 15:53
    Verdict - 18:30
    Introducing the Toyota C-HR - an SUV designed for family-friendliness and practicality. It gives you a choice between two petrol engines (one 1.8 litres and the other 2.0), and each is fitted with a super-economical hybrid system to give you up to 59mpg! It's also been kitted out with enough gadgets to keep the whole family happy! But can it compete with new alternatives like the Nissan Juke? Join Mat and find out!
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    1. James Strong

      Mini rage 😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a>

    2. Ignas Bernotas

      it is very fuel efficient

    3. Ignas Bernotas

      Chr is a fun car I love it :)

    4. Jim Politis

      αfter this video..whos going to take that car actually...?

    5. Silver Low

      Toyota just get back to doing boring Vanilla white goods cars. At least they worked and were legit good to drive. Nowadays they are trying way too hard to be "Sporty" and they ruin everything. While all the fanboys are hyping a piece of turd like this.

    6. Lochy Gregory

      One of the most ugly cars ever to be produced on this planet.

    7. Franklin Clinton

      The rear end looks so much like the honda civic type r

    8. WiseSilverWolf

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1090">18:10</a> Thanks for the honest review, I was trying to decide between this and the Corolla because I thought that the C-HR would have more trunk space.

    9. Vespa

      Yep. Hes lost it.

    10. Nocha Na

      I wish this car

    11. christian lange


    12. Tebu Dlamini

      Amen and perfectly permanent in 2020!!! ❤💕💕👑🙌

    13. Janric Cayetano

      Its like a 2020 Nissan's Juke

    14. r i

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="392">6:32</a> That is a hate speech for Japanese?

    15. TsaiSasha

      Matt, I like the videos a lot, but you don’t mention reliability issues - I know they are new cars obviously. The trigger for me was the RAV4 CVT. After my Audi CVT experience i will never touch one again. I note plenty of issues with RAV4 version too.

    16. M A Kalam

      This presenter acts like an ass. Annoying. Jokes are not even funny. Carwow get a better presenter please!

    17. サグ尻シャブカ

      What does monkey figure mean?

    18. てるてるぼーず

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="392">6:32</a> I am Japanese, but this statement was hurt.

    19. Reid McPherson

      Funny how they made mat look as big as the car in the thumbnail

    20. Kyle

      C-HR : see HR

    21. John Mulhatton

      Haval H2 ... soooooooooooooooo much better!

    22. Paul Bunn

      I did wonder what happened to Kevin Turvey.

    23. selvinjeba

      Great car 🚘

    24. صبا صبایی

      خیلی زیباست این خودرو خوشبحال اروپایی ها که میتوانند این ماشین ایمن داشته باشند در کشور ما ایران که قیمت بالایی دارد و همه قشرها نمیتونن داشته باشن

    25. Aaban Khan

      Do a review on m5 e60

    26. DAMON LEE

      OMG, Toyota is the best carmaker..and this odd ball CH-R is their "futuristic crossover" , and it has no digital cockpit.! No EV.! And lacking overall in tech. Needs panoramic glass roof..!!! No USBs. And led strip lighting would be cool... smh. This is why I love the Kia Soul. Hyundai and Kia Hatchbacks. Toyota has Lexus , which are royalty to me. And I feel Toyota design and ergonomics are run by a highly tenured 80 year old . And talent is at Lexus. STOP! Genesis has mixed its great luxe and boss design with the rest of their millions of cars they sell , because 90% of buyers are not rich !!! Wake up Yota!!!

    27. ItalianPlusMalaysian

      This SUV successfully seduced me.

    28. auswhofan

      great vid, I laughed out loud as you did the laps for the satnav calculations. Nicely done, your reviews are informative as well as fun to watch!

    29. A J

      Is it just me or does the rear look similar to a Civic Type R?

    30. takata98

      I only watched this review because I always watch Matt and CarWow reviews. The direction of Toyota styling cues is only one of the reasons this latest product proves consistent with my lack of desire to turn into a Toyota Dealership any time soon. Each new model is uglier than the one before.

    31. Bunny Chow

      After this idiot broke the rear windscreens wiper, I just could not watch anymore. He has no respect for other people's cars.

    32. Dommer

      Stop trying to be funny. It isn’t working for you.

    33. Murad Wessel

      Nice car

    34. Mark Magno

      See HR 😂😂😂😂

    35. Nicky foulkes

      Similar to the new revamp on the Corolla, one USB for the car, the boot floor is level but too damm shallow 32cm deep what. No rear door bins & still a dated entertainment system. For the money NO.

    36. Maxterchief

      This car makes me like the Nissan juke

    37. Robin Stock

      When a car reviewer attempts to be a comedian and fails horribly!!!!!

    38. Paul Carpenter

      Always liked the look of it but having looked at the new Nissan Juke I would go for that. Similar quirky styling but top of the range for the same price as the base model of the Toyota. I will wait to,see what the Juke hybrid costs when it comes out.

    39. Static Hairbrush

      The Nissan Juke might have a bigger driver info screen but it's not a Hybrid and its a Nissan. The CHR does look like a transformer. Auto parking, auto cruise control.. This is a car from the future. Bring on the EV version in 2021.

    40. Alan Lee

      Not coming back to watch your video again as you are not treating the car right or respecting the car that you review. Throwing the boot cover and almost broke the wiper motor. You doesn't act professional at all...

    41. ludovic how ying cheong

      passenger handle a bit too high

    42. Lex

      Its front looks like a freaking bulldog

    43. lamagiadesmg.oficial

      Love my Toyota CHR ❤ 2020

    44. Gearoid O'Laoi

      You should do an actual full to full petrol test and report it at the start of the review.

    45. Reggie Lam

      He must of had a bad day prior to reviewing this car. hurting himself - he is annoyed!

    46. doublefmf

      why carwow had never review any lambo

    47. #Nasir #Ahsan

      over acting

    48. Kristos Buzani

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a> they didn't do it for fake exhaust.They did it to protect the bumber

    49. selvinjeba

      Mazda 6 review please it would help

    50. selvinjeba

      I like it Toyota is ok 👌🏼 but Mazda is best

    51. ZIPpEr C

      They had to 3d print parts for smaller tollerances ? You made me laugh with that. I dont think the 3d print can improve that much in 15 years to match today machining tolerances. I am working with metal, machining and 3d controlling parts and the 3d printed plastic/metal/ resin dont come close to actual machining. Sorry for the bad english.

    52. Barış

      Looks like a Nissan Juke.

    53. Barış

      Made in Turkey, in Toyota Turkey Factory.

    54. alain malisoux

      Salut l'ami. Petite question : Toyota C-HR 185 CV ou Kia Proceed 204 cv ? Merci. Alain

    55. Uchiha Madara


    56. Pedro Carcamo

      This guy made me laugh in the first 2 minutes lol cheers!

    57. Ariz Kamal

      The Toyota C-HR cost around 100,000 DHS starting and it doesn't look exactly worth the price we pay for.

    58. Ben Phillips

      Don't come for the bisexuals 😂

    59. Amir Akbari

      4cylander 2.0 liter engine and just 144hp?? HOW???

    60. Zee

      Lol he has nothing good to say about this car from the beginning to end of the vid

    61. EngiNetion

      This car is so popular in my country


      First terrible car from Toyota but it’ll still last longer than any other NISSAN out there

    63. biohazard streaming

      maatttt ur making the c-hr look bad hahaha

    64. Omal Allan

      I have noticed that with almost all toyotas reviewed,at the end he says to just consider it. But those he recommends us to buy won't last half, sorry, a quarter as long!

    65. H R

      Bisexual joke. I got it

    66. Lizrex Tacderas

      Mehhhhh..just review the car

    67. Sidman

      Verbally and physically destroyed that car 😂

    68. misterPAINMAKER

      Please review the new Peugeot 208.

    69. RoseOfHizaki

      Too bad the UK Gov are throwing hybrid cars under the bus, the same way as Petrol and Diesel cars come 2030. You can still own either of these cars but the UK gov will start charging owners another _'tax'_ everyday for ownership.

    70. Ben Leung

      I prefer Captur 2 , better looking.

    71. Lungile Shingwenyana

      It's got some urus vibes🤣🤣🤣love it

    72. Käse Griller

      I thought it was a Nissan Juke competitor, much better looking, but sadly still not for me though.

    73. StoqnXR

      Wtf is wrong with that screen protector

    74. maxymilion

      Another day, another new crossover...

    75. rafarga1980

      It’s an SUV? It looks more like a hatchback 🤷🏻‍♂️

    76. Christian J

      I feel like a Sport spec Honda Fit/Jazz would do the job better without the C-HR’s pretentiousness...

    77. shervlsss

      Хотите прикол? В россии этот ch-r продаётся от 1.8🍋 (toyota решила приравнять цены к lexus ux ?!) В то время как rav4 от 1.7🍋

    78. Daniel Terente


    79. Daniel Hernandez

      If only the US got those sequential indicators. They complete the vehicle. I still wouldn't buy it simply because of how polarizing it is.

    80. Stephen Butler

      The main takeaway from the last gen, what's how dark it was inside. This just looks as bad I do love the exterior, but hate the dark interior more.