Tesla bull Cathie Wood gives her take on the Cybertruck

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    Cathie Wood, CEO and founder of ARK Invest, joins "Squawk Box" to discuss why she is so bullish on Tesla.

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    1. EvilShake101

      $550 SP

    2. James B.

      Smart ass tries to corner her and falls flat on his nose. Interesting they have not even talked about Tesla's Supercharger network. If you have driven any other EV looking for other chargers, paying random rates ... if it worked at all .... you'll understand the value of their charger network.

    3. Kevin Andrade

      Guy is a douche lol.

    4. fbisono66

      OMG The world needs to get on EV to shut these fools up!


      Thumbs up for her ability to suffer fools for more than 5 minutes straight...

    6. FUCKME

      arkk etf, best etf out there

    7. tigaagul7

      These idiots are going to freak out if Elon Musk decides to put his VTOL and the Boring company under the Tesla banner. This way more than a trillion dollar company.

    8. tigaagul7

      I will not buy another Ram 1500 or Ford f150, I have two cybertrucks on order and can't wait. I hate gas fill ups and will rid myself of Big Oil as soon as possible.

    9. Robert Therrien

      Its a simple case. The world is going EV for economic reasons . The auto company model is dead. Tesla will dominate tech of EV. And on top of that will supply the energy for it. Its like a classical Auto manufacturer supplying its own gas. Tesla will generate through its energy products (Tesla tiles,power wall,etc.) so that you can recharge your EV at home or on the road with a fast Tesla charger. The only thing that can derail this revolution is someone coming up with a small fusion reactor.Not likely.

    10. CodeBoss911

      those reporters look and act really dumb relatively i feel little embarrassed for cnbc

    11. narut t.

      The guy asked very silly questions.

    12. Kranti Deepak Vasireddy

      I'd fire that stupid anchor boy any day, let the women speak little boy !! She is a CEO for a reason.

    13. Blu Blum

      I approve Catherine Woods, but I'm giving this a thumbs down because of CNBC's arrogant hosts. Shut up already!

    14. Black Pearl Aruba

      I did come to the same conclusions as Catherine Wood, And up 20% + in a week or so, this is just the start.

    15. Cody Clemens

      That reporter drives me nuts. He is such a moron. Not just with Tesla, when he opens his mouth.

    16. obd8787

      Why does this clown keep quizzing Cathie Wood on specific percentages? Cathie Wood is trying to explain complex technology and a complicated economic thesis, and this idiot is like "ok but what % of the gas car market does Toyota control right now?" Shut up and let her talk

    17. Position Trading

      Gee whiz..... I wonder what hater finally said: Hey Cathie we got a champagne party to celebrate your Tesla bet. We have to admit you and Musk defeated us....

    18. Neil Fordan

      CNBC is paid by traditional car companies no doubt.

    19. Neil Fordan

      Tesla is not an automobile company. They are a technology company that happens to sell cars. Cathy is right. Compare EVs to EVs, not EVs to traditional cars.

    20. Duck Hunter Gaming

      I took a drink every time they Interrupted her, im dead now.

    21. rocketscience777999

      Three takeaways from this video: 1. Tesla is going to be to the auto industry what Netflix was to Blockbuster Video. 2. Becky Quick is a great interviewer. 3.Andrew Sorkin is a moron.

    22. Costa Konti


    23. Jonas Granlund

      Maybe time to get Cathie Wood back on the show and try to be less bearish and acually listen to someone who know what she talks about :)

    24. The Dude

      Ill give her credit, her ARK innovation etf is up 18% annually since 2015 technically a great return. IF I invested in 100 000 in her ETF in Jan 15 I would now have 260 000 dollars. If I invested 100 000 in the SPDR etf in Jan 2015 I would have 162 000. So really her fund has been giving great returns IMHO. If I invested in 100 000 in FB in Jan 2015 I would have 266 000 dollars. If I had invested 100 000 in Netflix Jan 2015 I would now have 310 000 dollars. Clearly her fund has performed well in the last 5 years. She is lucky Tesla is rocking right now as her fund is going to return even better. Ill say any fund that can give 18% returns annually for 5 years knows what is up. Good for them I like her a lot !!!

    25. Gary Miller

      CNBC is losing market share every time their hosts ask irrelevant questions!

    26. Sammy

      hahah, useless waste of time this channel. Too bad Cathie has to bear it and talk to this "specialist" channel. So desperate to throw any darts at Tesla because the editor is piping in their ear "remember the big oil/auto revenue that we must satisfy..."

    27. Kevin McNeney

      Cathie Wood is no dummy! These interviewers however...

    28. Wilhelm Tell

      Tesla $5000 2025

    29. Willard Donnovan

      If electric vehicles are so great why didn't they use them 100 years ago.? AC won out over DC. Is DC going to be a good idea all of a sudden? Crocs had to fill up all the shelves. The stock went exponential and short sellers got squeezed. Steve Eisen calls short on Tesla, the guy who called the real estate toxic assets back in 2008. This woman is who? And why wouldn't I want to a Toyota or GM electric hybrid? So I'm not stranded with a dead battery...or have a useless car when my batteries short out. How long does your cell phone or computer last?

    30. Michael Smith

      The commentators are obviously bought and paid for by the Big 3 ice makers in United States. So obvious and so unprofessional. What a waste of my time and Cathie wood.

    31. Stu Pidas

      To all complaining about the interviewer(s) your bias is showing. I was unaware that the interview was supposed to be a pulpit. When a guest states things that are extra vague, different than all other analysts and without any reasons, it is incumbent on the interviewer to get clarification. And when asked for clarification she stammered and hmmed and hawed and failed to back up her assertions with facts that she really should have had at hand.

    32. Panve

      this channel is a joke 😂

    33. Hannes Beukes

      love cathy, she had the guts to stand up to the lies b4 it was cool, now they swimming in perty money

    34. Jack Grimes

      Why ask a question when you're not going to be interested in an answer. It's a poor interview technique to pose an endless stream of questions and never allowing space between questions for an answer. What's the point? Your audience, at least, is interested in hearing the answers. May as well just provide a show detailing the interviewer's opinions. Then you can save the fee from having guests on the show. Don't feel too bad, It's not just you, we have similar interviewers here in the UK.

    35. Simon Dalling

      They kept interrupting, so she never did get to say bull case scenario stock price, which is $4000, giving them a $720B market cap.

    36. Calvin George

      This is about the imminent collapse of oil prices by 2025 when EV's will be 50% of sales of automobiles and the demand for petrol and petrol products with tank.

    37. Juan Cabrera

      love her

    38. Mathew

      Tesla is the only one who can do over the air software updates. Yeah . . . that won't take Google long lady.

    39. Nevin Crossmann

      Any analyst who sees Tesla as an auto company is not much of an analyst. That's like saying a married super model actress singer mother of two is a female. Thanks CNBC for that sparkling insight. We couldn't do without it. Surprised Cathie Wood even entertains their insignificant questions. You should not ask you guest to tell you market figures, while you are too lazy to the research yourself and display it graphically for the viewers. Or asking who are the top two auto makers in terms of annual unit sales. You should know that ahead of the interview, or shut up, and step away from the desk. Fool.

    40. Bob McCausland

      Unlike the other analysts she has knowledge of the product. These other jokers don't even challenge her arguments because they have no clue.

    41. Josh N.a

      Tesla is not an auto company..............

    42. ArizVern


    43. vash

      Once again Cathie Wood lecturing these hindsight fools.

    44. RideMyTruck

      Elon Musk is humanity's only friend right now and he needs our help. Please read my petition www.ipetitions.com/petition/free4elon

    45. Peter Mitchell

      2 weeks later and stock up huge....good job

    46. John Richardson

      Im a Tesla bull, but her "bear" case is either intentionally misleading or ignorant. The bear case for Tesla would be something materially impacting the EV market in total. Her bear situation assumes the EV market goes up like 1200% vs 2019 sales.

    47. Shawn Behnam

      Who was the bozo quizzing Cathie on the auto industry statistics?


      they all on drugs....

    49. CORZER0

      Cathie bears the image of the quintessential left coast liberal. I bet she poops in the street with a starbucks in her hand.

    50. Hans Hannes

      shes so beautiful

    51. Ashley Silva

      They are absolute idiots. Keep up the good work Cathie.

    52. Udoka Festus

      Cnbc is full of it


      Cathie Wood wins short sellers lose - Cyber Truck Ugly but hay so was the Hammer

    54. D Jaquith

      I drew that Tesla truck in kindergarten. The Ford F-150 sales are safe. I'll buy an EV once it doesn't take an hour to fully charge and the batteries are more environmentally friendly and made from sustainable materials e.g. silicon-based solid state, preferably with graphene and Sodium (Na+) ion for cost and sustainability..


      So those "competitors" will have to sell at a loss to "compete" with Tesla? I'm not sure anyone can compete with Tesla when it comes to selling at a loss given Tesla has had one "profitable" quarter in what, 40 or more quarters since "going public"? And how do those "moats" figure into Tesla only having 17% of the "global EV market" and since when does Tesla's 540,000 or so CLAIMED "SALES" IN ITS ENTIRE HISTORY CONSTITUTE "17%" OF A 20 MILLION+ VEHICLE ANNUAL "EV MARKET"? I THINK TESLA'S "BULLS" ARE EVEN MORE FULL OF SHIT THAN ELON THE ICON.

    56. Avik Sarkar

      CNBC is so but hurt, its fun watching these narrow minded sheep get pummeled

    57. MakingMadMoves

      She didn't even get to share the G*d dam bull case because of interruption. WHAT IS THE DAM BULL CASE!!!!

    58. Hoover E Londono

      These morons don’t understand the beast ???

    59. Hoover E Londono

      5 year price $3,000 they have no competition

    60. Hoover E Londono

      Only car companies who buy drivetrains from Tesla will Survive