Tesla bull Cathie Wood gives her take on the Cybertruck

CNBC Television

CNBC Television

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    Cathie Wood, CEO and founder of ARK Invest, joins "Squawk Box" to discuss why she is so bullish on Tesla.


    1. Steve Givens

      Most interesting to see clips of discussions about Tesla and the future of the auto industry four months later. The moats Cathie speaks of have only gotten wider and deeper since then. The inflection point of the total disruption of oil that has been predicted by many appears to be ahead of schedule. I do not see any path by which salad days will return for big oil. The breadth of the total disruption of the EV transition will be unlike any seen in my 70-year lifetime. International politics, social disruption in oil-producing countries (esp Russia and Middle East countries), improving environment, huge amounts of capital freed up, energy availability helping to alleviate poverty, and the entirety of the current energy supply model going away. I’m grateful that I will likely be here to see the spectacle and the benefits. It will be breathtaking in it’s scope.

    2. Rui PTG

      Reducing Tesla to being just a "car" company overlooks so much of what it is about.

    3. Christopher Dennis

      They clearly don't want to hear it.

    4. Christopher Dennis

      There is no way this will compete with any pickup truck on the market. None. The cars though are wonderful.

    5. W B

      This video aged well

    6. anonymous ubiquitous

      She knows and some people dont like it.

    7. timtimzi ni

      Looking back at these videos. I’m loving Cathie more and more. She’s really intelligent whilst everyone’s denying it

    8. Bobby petit

      Glad I didn’t listen and bought at 180$ can’t wait to retire in my 30s 😂

      1. Callum

        good luck with that

    9. Moe Boufadize

      Bet that guy feels like a dumbasz

    10. sadigov

      Hello from 2020! Sold my Tesla stocks at 900! CNBC are a bunch of idiots.

    11. Geo fromNJ

      Either Ms. Wood misspoke or I don't understand reality. She said that Tesla currently has 13% of the EV market and adds that Tesla will continue to have 13% of the EV market into the future. Huh? If EV ultimately replaces ICE and Tesla has a five year lead on its competition, seems to me Telsa should have minimally 50% share of the EV market in five years.

    12. I'm Star lord legendary outlaw

      Tesla is the wal mart of the world. What is wal mart known for? Do they sell one product? Or are they a vessel for multiple things?

    13. t c

      Engineering Explained said the f150 comparison is meaningless

    14. Jeffrey Ferguson

      Other Automakers will have to sell at a Lost! Umm What do you think Tesla is Doing now? They lost a Billion dollars, have never been profitable. Today is February 17 2020, as you know Tesla is at 800.00 with a high of 968.99 for a Company that’s never made 1 dollar profit and they own 17% of the market which most believe that will drop. But even if their share goes up, if you’re selling at a Lost doesn’t That mean you lose even more Money. Only in the stock market can you never be profitable and lose Money and the Value of the stock go up

    15. Tom Karren

      She’s great facing down these big auto / big oil / finance bros.

    16. Dustin Johnson

      Lol Tesla at 337? This must be a month old

    17. Rafael Quinones

      In hindsight, she hit it right on the head!

    18. Tesla MoneyMan

      I love you, Cathie. But you are kind-of bump and dump the Tesla stock with Ark Invest's portfolio. I am not liking it.... Thanks to Elon and the Tesla team, I am up 201% ($2.8 millions in Tesla). No, I am not kidding. ;) husel.info/video/video/3nmmnbuYmnakjYQ.html

    19. Melissa Rawrawk

      Sold my ice car, and just driving my husband's prius while saving for a tesla model 3

    20. DarthVader DaGreat


    21. D N

      She has Elon’s love child

    22. stacey vieira

      If she is a tesla Uber bull then she's thinking Uber will just being buying a shitload of Tesla's, why wasn't this asked ?

    23. Thomas Holland

      a federal judge has rejected efforts by Elon Musk's Tesla to dismiss claims brought by two former California employees that the car factory where they worked was a racist environment. The judge's decision clears the way for a trial, which is scheduled for May 11, 2020.

    24. xavierh08

      That guy is an idiot trying to sound smart.

    25. Evan Parness

      It’s actually scary & completely mind blowing how stupid these people are. Like completely oblivious to life around them. She’s a beast & damn well knows her sh!t!

    26. Skyler Baird

      She is smart. Invested in ARK now.

    27. Paul Rose

      Cannot load anything from the side, cannot add an after market tool box. This PU is just not as practical as it could be.

    28. L. L.

      CNBC, that guy is soooo annoying! Get that SOB out of the show! NOW!

    29. Jose Candelario

      CNBC newscasters...where are they now?!

    30. indiekiduk

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="337">5:37</a> doh!!!

    31. SeriouslyCoolVideos

      You go Cathie!! Just bought more of your Ark ETFs. I'm sure you'll be generous and spare a couple of bucks for these clowns after they lose their job and you see them on the streets, toothless and confused, begging for money together with the Tesla analysts pushing $10 price targets

    32. Jacob Van Veit

      I’m very bullish on this stock, but honestly in 2024, total ev sales won’t be 1/3 of the market. That’s about 25 million cars globally!!! Even Kathy thinks it’s “going to be pretty difficult”. Sorry, but Tesla isn’t a car manufacturer! Its going to be a battery manufacturer. I might even say, they are going to be a skateboard manufacturer with a niche car division. 😃

    33. Benry dong

      What does Andrew Ross Sorkin think now?

    34. Mike will

      Tesla failed to delivery on orders, lost it's Top engineers, laid off Thousands and is mostly funded by the US government, Tesla will go away during the next crash, which isn't far off, with US debt over $23 Trillion and growing, 640 US trucking companies declaring Bankruptcy in 2019 alone, costing thousands their jobs, the loss of 13,000 US farms along with new housing sales falling and a number of US companies laying off workers due to stupid trade wars with everyone. ANYONE! that "believes" Tesla is a "fantisic" company, worth over $800 per share, has proven they are an IDIOT! Tesla is a US government funded company, That will collapse during the next Crash, when the US Government pulls the plug on tax credits and SpaceX ( US debt clock) usdebtclock.org/

    35. HUM C

      This lady drank all the tesla kool-aid.

    36. Gary Menezes

      Cathy, always gracious under pressure

    37. Scott


    38. 2namtaB

      CNBC presenters once again don't have a clue and just embarrass themselves. Also stock is now at $900, CNBC should fire these idiots.

    39. Big Dean

      I think the cnbc panelists could be hiding now. ouch!! $790 per share

    40. bortlethetortle

      Congrats on outperforming your 5-year bear in 2 months!!

    41. tc

      Can CNBC let that guy comment again? $700 turned out to be way conservative.

    42. Xouki Long

      what % is this.. what % is that? what % am i close to looking like steve from married with children?

    43. Pasha Pasovski

      750 and ticking!

    44. 策刘

      I am buying her company's ETF fund.

    45. SuperSxeMatt

      Tesla is at $780 today.....

    46. Chung Lee

      these reporters are so lazy, there are so many details out for Tesla projected revenues and profit, calculated from various models or assumptions. Kathie is wasting her time to answers many stupid questions.

    47. FighterFlash

      Awww she’s such a breathe a fresh air! So polite and sweet.

    48. Don Kanis

      Tesla closed at $780 ps today. Cathie is always a class act but I think the dumb ass blond woman would be much better suited as a porn actress and the other guys would be more useful in fast food jobs.


      2 months later... ups we just hit the bear price lol.

    50. Ebenezer Getachew Melesse

      Forget 5 years, it already hit 700+

    51. Zedio Production

      this dude is a clown

    52. GenussScheune

      700 bucks ... check

    53. Jeremy Castro

      And in 2 months they have reached $700

    54. Venkat Babu

      God bless. So many deaths.

    55. Daniel Snyder

      well we hit ARK's Bear Case!

    56. NorthStead - North Bay Landscaping LTD

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="324">5:24</a> What do you think that when the stock hit $735 today and you look back at CNBC two months ago...... I'd say the shorts well lost their shorts!

    57. Takavor Vardig

      697 today

    58. International Tay

      Are men freaking deaf.. this woman is schooling CNBC

    59. Phong Nguyen

      Notice the ignorant ones are always the loudest.

    60. Heath Sims

      Amazing, she has already been proven right... now it has more than doubled at 650USD a share

    61. The American

      These analysts look even stupider now than they did two months ago.

    62. MIL MAC

      I can bet thousand bucks, none of them have driven Tesla or they won’t be asking any of those silly questions! Please use the product before Judging it.

    63. MIL MAC

      I can bet thousand bucks, none of them have driven Tesla or they won’t be asking any of those silly questions! Please use the product Judging it.

    64. MIL MAC

      I can bet thousand bucks, none of them have driven Tesla or they won’t be asking any of those silly questions! Please use the product Judging it.

    65. Varun S

      Haha Tesla hit $650 in just 2 months

    66. Brian Sherick

      looking at this Feb 2, 2020............Tesla stock has doubled !

    67. Gateway 17

      I’m still waiting to hear bullish scenario. That was one of the most annoying interviews I’ve heard in a long time, just kept on interrupting her!

    68. Brian Alvela

      If you bought on this day you would have doubled the value of your position in 7 weeks.

    69. peter iddqd

      tesla almost doubled stock price lol get rekt haters

    70. Just this guy Beeblbrox

      These bullies must feel like total fools now.

    71. Cybertruck Capitalist

      This is to the Cramer wannabe with his sleeves rolled up, Let your guest talk. I'm here to for her opinion. Not yours. STFU and stop interrupting.

    72. Lucky Luke

      This freaking guy needs to stop interrupting her after every of his stupid question. Shut up Peewee Herman!!

    73. vistagraphsnet

      The moron on the right keeps interuoring He should be fired

    74. sebas tian

      and here we are 8 weeks later already at 650 :)

    75. Kilal Googlestaffers

      This didn't age well for the CNBC anchors.

    76. Davey Jones

      2019 Q4 is out: husel.info/video/video/q3rPoZqruILck6Y.html

    77. warntheidiotmasses

      She must know something about how governments are purposely trying to bankrupt the incumbent automakers and erase pension and union worker burdens.

    78. Yang Fue Xiong

      Cathie Wood has seen the future and knows. TESLA!

    79. Ali Khan

      who is having the last laugh?

    80. Emanuel Gug

      It's going to be 700 dollars tommorow probably, she said in 5 years :)

      1. Emanuel Gug

        TheFamous35 Yep, it’s so obvious when they have an agenda... journalism...

      2. TheFamous35

        Her worst case scenario. She was trying to explain the best case scenario, that tool of an anchor didn't let her.