Tesla Cybertruck event in 5 minutes

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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk just unveiled the Cybertruck, the company’s first electric pickup truck. There will be three versions of the truck - 250 miles, 300 miles, and 500 miles of range - with a variety of towing capacities and 0-60 mph capabilities. Musk unveiled the truck at a cyberpunk-inspired event with many, many lasers, and even a surprise ATV.
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    1. NO Kangaroo Tunes

      You can see that when he slammed the door that did it less hard

    2. Abraham Valero


    3. donoroko

      i love how vegans cheer in the crowd

    4. Muhammad Fadhli Dawek

      crowd cheer for france

    5. des Something

      I wouldn’t hire that dude to swing a bat for me lol

    6. Anthony _

      Elon: "the car can move" Audience: Wwwwwhhhhaaaatttttttttttttt NOOOOOO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    7. ali797110

      whats it look like inside this tinatrash❓

    8. The Solar Truth

      I ordered one too, but too bad it's NOT going to be produced! @

    9. carlson 34-7

      Elon Musk is that one villain in the movie And the person testing the car’s durability is his henchman that usually is silent but starts talking at the final battle of the movie

    10. Khanh Ho

      Elon: this car costs money Crowd: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!

    11. Dimi Andel

      Cool car

    12. M Chan

      It’s only bullet proof , so if u throw anything else to break it, it breaks. Btw this car looks really stupid.

    13. Jose O.

      The truck squats a lot

    14. VGLV


    15. des power

      I can do it in one second *a door stopper with wheels*

    16. Faceless plays

      *1:20** The metal ball was made from nokia*

    17. Łukasz Suwara

      1:19 xD

    18. Yummy yummy yummy Yummy yum


    19. Enes Efe ATCI

      super mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    20. Brian Feely

      Testa launch a truck - Oops, the window broke! Land Rover launch the new Defender - Roll it, and keep driving lol

    21. Goldiful

      Elon Musk: *breathes* People at the event: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    22. Ford F-150guy01

      Maybe I threw it to hard

    23. King Ky96

      I'd cop that

    24. cata

      If Elon can make this alone with a hammer,you can too...

    25. filip leporis


    26. Quinn Palanuk

      Why did that all seem so weirdly uncoordinated and like unprepared?? Isn’t this supposed to be a presentation to like investors?😂 lmfao if this is what it takes to be a billionaire nowadays

    27. Jayden Chow

      Elon: This car has windows *Crowd*: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    28. jahva

      Elon: car Audience: WOOOOOOO

    29. Physics Course

      Elon: This truck is a truck Crowd: woooooooowooaooooo

    30. SavageGaming s

      The Tesla Cybertruck is an all-electric, battery-powered, light commercial vehicle in development by Tesla, Inc. Three models have been announced, with range estimates of 250-500 miles (400-800 km) and an estimated 0-60 mph time of 2.9-6.5 seconds, depending on the model. Layout: Rear motor, rear-wheel drive; Dual- or tri-motor, all-wheel drive Also called: : Cybrtrk; Tesla Truck; Tesla Pickup; Related: Tesla Model 3 Platform: Tesla in-house

    31. Liz Gilbes

      Everyone: Elon musk Me, an intellectual: Elongated muskrat

    32. Ice cold water

      I bet Elon was playing Roblox when he designed this

    33. turtle_food


    34. YouMake MeReal

      As long as it doesn't go thru the glass. But they'll find a way to make it completely repelant. Or mostly

    35. EnVy Prism

      elon shuts the trunk crowd wooooooooo

    36. EnVy Prism

      elon auto pilot crowd woooooooooooooo even though its on all teslas

    37. Tom Ickes


    38. Azharuddin Sayyad

      Jerry: glass is glass ....And glass breaks...

    39. Baianinho Concertador


    40. Dean Thornby

      This is so over due ....

    41. jawan

      f for the guy of the glass department

    42. jawan

      when you have to present a powerpoint in your class that you don't know

    43. Sandy Miller

      clearly the wizardry broke with the carglass

    44. IXOYE

      And these people want to protect you from China virus...

      1. shemaycry

        "China virus"

      2. Miguel lopez

        Who is these people?

    45. Nora


    46. Justin Zablan

      This is legit how school presentations go

    47. Yarlene Salgado

      Quisiera una pero no puede por pobre

    48. Conrail Gp-40 Guy

      I'm buying one, and putting an irish shamrock on it

    49. awesome117unsc

      I'd wonder how this truck will look in Ultra settings?

    50. A.R.K. Rafael

      The official Minecraft's car.

    51. Bharat Baranwal

      0:03 what kind of screamwas that?😅😅 That was definitely not from excitement. More like she was scared🤣🤣🤣

    52. ЖЕКА PLAY

      Я один из SSB2 сюда пришел и узнал откуда эти разбитые стекла

    53. SuperMarioSteven

      toyota hilux that top gear destroyed but still ran: hold my beer...

    54. Gopal Bodiwala

      Please play India launch

    55. Ben Isufi

      Where are the windshield vipers!! I am supposed to clean the windows with piece of cloth. Quite stupid

    56. VFinesse

      Guys is this for jailbreak?

    57. Paul RupRai

      Elon musk is so Stoopid that he hasn't got the truth that hydrogen fuel cells can power cars better than the batteries he's got in the Tesla range .....and people say he's the best ? @ what ? Blah blahhing ...lmao.... And what's even worse is that this duffer of the human race can't even get to Mars in a SpaceX space craft because the donkey scientists he enjoys are so intelligent ....

      1. shemaycry

        @Miguel lopez imagine calling Elon Musk stupid...😑

      2. Miguel lopez

        Yet his battery powerd cars are absolutely destroying hybrid and hydrogen cars, you want me do to some efficiency math for you to show you why hydrogen cant beat battery?

    58. Akalipstiz

      Am I the only one who like how tesla cybertruck look?

    59. Evan James

      Im boutta pull up in this😂