Tesla Model 3 in-depth review - see why it’s the best electric car in the world!



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    Introducing the new Tesla Model 3! With a starting price of around $35,000, it’s a relatively cheap alternative to the more established Model S. But don’t let the price deceive you - the Model 3 still comes in with just as much high-quality tech and styling as you’ll find in its older brother! So is Tesla cutting corners elsewhere to allow you to buy the Model 3 at such a price? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!
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    1. Jack The Lad

      UK damn expensive than US price boo hoo

    2. ValDrin Mehmeti

      The built quality is terrible cheap af

    3. UselessCompanion

      It's the best ̶e̶̶l̶̶e̶̶c̶̶t̶̶r̶̶i̶̶c̶ *car* out there

    4. Average Joe

      Yea don't try it at home" try in when your on the motorway lol

    5. Average Joe

      Stuff the EU laws, we will be out of that failing project very soon

    6. MalarkeyMan

      The car is great but those door handles are shit

    7. ismeto

      accept electrical car engine tech genius of tesla but curious about how 15 years company car company do better handling driving car than 100 years cars companies

    8. ismeto

      they do not say anything about ugly ugly things big big screen on top of middle of the car very interesting nobody see what ı see

    9. ismeto

      I watched a lot of video about tesla model 3 no review at all only they just say good car great car

    10. G

      his face looks like a topographical map. jk. loved his style of presentation. seriously though, it kinda does. jk. srs.

    11. PUGIE

      damn my dream car

    12. Anddres Torres

      Wow that’s a great deal 35 k for a electrical car oooooooooo

      1. Seawolf

        MG ZS EV is less than that.

    13. Alan Ohashi

      Always thought the Tesla electric vs. gas car savings didn't make sense: seekingalpha.com/article/4316505-electricity-shock-toyota-camry-cheaper-to-fuel-tesla-model-3

    14. jerry metcalf

      Why we don't need this and other Tesla Piggy's Just the battery production is hideously pollution intensive, where the lithium is hardrock mined the toxic tailings are left to pollute ground surface and seeps into drinking water, where it is mined by dissolving with water it takes local potable water supplies and leaves toxic residue on the surface and toxic residual water In addition to...81% of electricity is produced by mineral fuels (only the unintelligent uneducated think crude oil is dead dinosaurs) demand grows by 1.7%.per year apart from e.v. use, solar and wind growth are too slow and extremely expensive per kilowatt hour, not to mention nasty ass lithium batteries to provide power after the sun goes down and/or no wind. Battery cars are for the unintelligent uneducated entitled soi boi

      1. jerry metcalf

        @Seawolf if you roll that bullshit up just right, you can shove it in the anterior end of your alimentary canal with only a little effort

      2. Seawolf

        @jerry metcalf Having attended University and having dealt with the peer-review process, I can state quite easily, no, they don't have much reason to lie, since when done properly by well regarded institutions and papers, peer-review is based on facts and evidence. You can always review it in a formal publication as a reply. Or you can present your own argument in an academic journal. If it satisfies the scientific community, you'll be able to convince governments to change policy. But in the meantime, Low Emissions Zones will continue to exist, and the sale of non-EV vehicles will be banned in the future still, pending no credible arguments otherwise.

      3. jerry metcalf

        @Seawolf yeah, and they have no reason to lie, never mind the fact that they are mis stating almost everything I tell you what, you just keep droning along, ignoring facts because they don't line up with what your told. Elon and his $$$$$$ freinds hope you will until they unload the battery lie on taxpayers/investors, I'm done talking

      4. Seawolf

        @jerry metcalf I'm not justing it, universities and scientists through peer-review are. But if you have evidence showing otherwise, you're free to formally publish your own findings. "The outcomes of my research support the premise that electric vehicles have a positive impact on the environment (relative to internal combustion engine vehicles) and can play an important role in climate change mitigation." - Harvard, 2016, The environmental benefits of electric vehicles as a function of renewable energy. "An electric vehicle’s higher emissions during the manufacturing stage are paid off after only 2 years compared to driving an average conventional vehicle, a time frame that drops to about one and a half years if the car is charged using renewable energy. Approximately half of a battery’s emissions come from electricity used in the manufacturing process. Battery manufacturing emissions appear to be of similar magnitude to the manufacturing of an average internal combustion engine vehicle, or approximately a quarter of an electric car’s lifetime emissions." - ICCT & Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 2018.

      5. jerry metcalf

        @Seawolf just stop trying to justify lithium battery technology as somehow a gateway to a cleaner brighter tommorrow, it's not, truth is lithium hydride battery mining/production is nasty toxic, a wreck will spill toxic material, used up battery recycling would be best but there will be a lot of them will be thrown down, yeah Tesla cars are so environmentally friendly.. NOT

    15. Virality Factor

      The backseat looks really uncomfortable with no thigh support.

    16. Dank_stank

      This is hopefully gonna be my first car

    17. Russell w

      Omg my dream car. Someday I will buy one can't wait.

    18. Stephen Powell

      The future of motoring? I think so.

    19. Phil.T.McNastee

      Missed opportunity with the grille to have some wind driven alternators fitted behind it to create some Additional charge.

    20. John Kzuknox

      The factory was fake disaster, his cars are fake disasters, falling apart and $1000 door handles that don't last.... Made from cheap alloy ? It's a scam. CFO even fled

    21. Mohammed Ali


    22. Martin Erskine

      $35,000 in the US.........$65,000+ in the UK. The ultimate Stupid Tax....! Here endeth the video.

      1. ismeto

        150 K usd in Turkey base model

      2. ismeto

        in Turkey 150K USD

      3. Seawolf

        The US calculate tax on checkout, the UK includes VAT in the price. Also, the $35k model isn't available outside North America. Only the $40k model is.

    23. Vinod Ae19

      what after battery life how will it be disposed , batteries are like plastic are helpful in short but not in long term , I hope companies will develop hydrogen fuel very soon , so that we don't need to struggle like plastic.

    24. Tarzan Khan

      Best reviewer of all times Hands down!

    25. RustyNuts

      Yeah but $30k in USA to €50 in the EU. Thanks European Union! Thanks alot

      1. ismeto

        in Turkey base model begins 110k EUR

      2. Seawolf

        The US doesn't include tax in list price, it's calculated at the end at checkout. In-store, it starts at $35k, but those are hard to order. Online it costs $40k. EU regulations must show VAT on list price. Go to a supermarket in the US, all prices there, don't show taxes, you only see it when you check out. Also, the EU doesn't set VAT, EU states do.

    26. Ati U

      All right, I won't bring the car into the living room and disengage my hands off the steering-wheel. Hope that counts as not trying it at home

    27. B Robertson

      Great review Matt.. Thanks

    28. JAY DEE

      Your missing a massive point Hardly any insurance company's wana insure these cars Why because they cheaply made And cost loads to repair So most are refusing to Insure you

      1. Seawolf

        All of the insurance companies I asked did. Various prices, but the company Tesla recommended was the most competitive. In the UK, Direct Line Car is probably the best.

    29. Kris

      I want a tesla just for the woopie cushon easter egg.

    30. Kris

      I really dislike the interior and thought the interior was really bland at first with only a screen in the middle. But with the nice 'leather' and wood accents it actually look clean and high quality.

    31. Dennis Janssen

      Worst and unpragmatic. Open the glove box via the screen??? Terrible

    32. leebates16

      I don't want to drive my mobile phone. Soz old school.

    33. Vuk Vidic

      If only it was petrol powered...

    34. NEVIN D J

      Looking forward for the review on BYTON....

    35. András Pajor dr.

      my brother’s kids messed up the infotainment system! it took him quite a while to fix it! so maybe it’s not all that good going fully digital 🤔😉😂

      1. Seawolf

        That's what all cars are going for. There's always the reset button.

    36. Qasim Ali

      Speedometer 😳

    37. big daddy

      I actually want an electric car but charging stations are not available in my country

    38. hagh

      Ugly ugly ugly! And for the money they want for it it s a no no no.buy a 30 k car and still have another 30k to fuel it to total 60k.

      1. hagh

        @Seawolf you all sound like cold call people! Im not buying that shit Sorry

      2. Seawolf

        @hagh No, BMW doesn't need to prove anything, they just have to survive the earlier than expected EV onslaught. Tesla just took the mantle of top selling EV brand from the Chinese. Some nations, it's the top selling vehicle or even brand. Others it's the top selling EV. Tesla has proven it's EV credentials, and in the future, when the bans come in full force (in Europe, low emissions zones only affect a few areas), EV credentials will be auto manufacturing credentials.

      3. hagh

        @Seawolf good choice 330e .Bmw does not need to prove anything anymore....instead tesla has a long way to prove something!so far...they have not apart from the fact that is the only USA car manufacturer that shows an interest in the green planet future.

      4. Seawolf

        @hagh Funny you should mention BMW. Whatever happened to the previous CEO? Oh yeah, he was forced to step down. What's the new CEO done? Oh yeah, increased the EV transition timetable ahead two years. What's happened to the 3-Series sales since the Model 3 was released? Slumped, quite a bit. So, I do encourage you to buy a 3-series. I've spotted a decent 330e M Sport for a bargain at £36k on inventory. Buy it, BMW needs your business.

      5. hagh

        @Lanzik bargain my ass

    39. Luiz Fernando

      I like the video Otherwise my country dont even have Tesla ^_^

    40. TheElgreko

      Even if you burn 1500 in fuel the battery isn't worthy yet.. I mean you buy a battery for 30k..maybe will be a valid choise in 10 years

    41. Mr Billa

      Great journalism, great video review. Thumbs up 👍🏾

    42. Marcus Da Mayor

      Who else has been a fan of this channel? Great content and very inspiring. Always on point with his videos. 2020 is your year! Keep up the good work! SUBSCRIBED!

    43. Tauseef Sheikh

      Cant afford a Tesla Model 3?: Check this out: husel.info/video/video/nXrQgbaDsKurbGs.html

    44. James Wallace

      I’d love to know how the justify selling it for 35k dollars in us but 50k in the U.K. almost double when you take into account the exchange rate

      1. Seawolf

        @James Wallace The UK doesn't get the $35,000 Model 3 SR. The base model available in the UK is the $40,000 SR+. Convert that to GBP £30,400. Add VAT £36,480. So the premium there is £2,520, more or less, for it to get to the UK.

      2. James Wallace

        Seawolf still a lot more than $35,000

      3. Seawolf

        It's actually £39k in the UK. This was before official pricing was announced. US doesn't factor VAT in its list price.

    45. Da Chop Up

      Car is a amazing but I wouldnt buy one for about another 5 yrs when they really get the tech down pat and when theres charging station are all over the place for these things I'll consider getting one

    46. xclimatexcoldxx

      I can't imagine having to use the touch screen all the time. And it looks hideous. I can't imagine what would happen if the screen broke. I would 100% prefer buttons and stuff for things like my ac and radio.


      Break the infotainment and the car is useless

      1. Lanzik

        It can still drive you don’t have to touch the screen to drive

      2. badem Arslan

        Break the engine in a Car and the car is useless

    48. Hunzla Malik

      Love for tesla

    49. Mette G. Hansen

      husel.info/video/video/3IXEnd5ltmy6lnw.html Go watch when we got our tesla🤩 and subscribe for more!

    50. 保羅

      Does the tesla car comes with a spare tire ? How to change a flat tire? :)

      1. Seawolf

        No. Most cars in this class don't come with a spare tyre anymore. Mercedes offers a spare tyre, but it takes all the space in the boot. Tesla offers a tyre repair kit, and there is their 24/7 roadside assist.

    51. Callum Tidswell

      Talking about how you can control the car from your phone, I want a feature that allows it to be controlled like an rc car.

      1. Lanzik

        Well technically theres a feature where the car drives it self to you but it only works in parking areas and it in beta

    52. Jim D

      Considering the price, it is like Xiaomi

    53. napoleon950

      I've driven a lot of Tesla's for my work. They are a joy to drive but I absolutely dislike the lack of buttons. I never understood why everything has to have motors and controls via the screen. they are more likely to break and are more expensive.

    54. sick mo gaming

      Why can't Africans get teslas

    55. TJ Mueller

      I've watched a dozen reviews on this car, and you sir have done the best one. Thank you!

    56. Gavin Miller

      Why is it so much more expensive than the USA?

      1. Seawolf

        Old review when only the top end models were on offer. Now the base model is £39k with VAT excluding subsidy.

    57. Woosher

      This car is a bit dangerous, having to use the pad is not the best idea

    58. Eren Vardar

      looks like Porsche Penmara... Don't you think so?

    59. Utkarssh B

      I want to get a Tesla so bad

    60. Laurentiu Trifan

      The glass roof is dangerous. 👎