Tesla Model 3 in-depth review - see why it’s the best electric car in the world!



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    Introducing the new Tesla Model 3! With a starting price of around $35,000, it’s a relatively cheap alternative to the more established Model S. But don’t let the price deceive you - the Model 3 still comes in with just as much high-quality tech and styling as you’ll find in its older brother! So is Tesla cutting corners elsewhere to allow you to buy the Model 3 at such a price? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!
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    1. Ali Rubik’s

      Me after 3 weeks quarantine: Ow it fits 3 people in the back. Then realizing our car and almost every one fit 3


      Pls reply mat pls😢😢😢😢😢

    3. Eneva NailArtist

      We also tasted Tesla and we love it 😍 husel.info/video/video/ynbFqM-CvJe8gng.html

    4. amodh

      The only reason i think model S is a downside than Y is because of the division in the sunroof

    5. Snipe Playz

      Mum: SON U CANT PUT THE RADIO ON WHEN THE CAR IS STARTED IT WILL DRAIN THE BATTERY *Buys Tesla* Me: oOoOoOH *puts radio on at full volume *two hours later *Car 2% Mum enters the car: I TOLD U NOT TO USE THE RADIO

    6. Leir Arts

      In Canada starts at $55000 plus 12%vat and you get a $8000 credit

    7. Soila Reyes

      I got over excited watching this. I think I'm suppose to have one of these! 🥰

    8. Laur Manolescu

      White its the only standard color not black

    9. Saibal Ghosh

      drive this car 160 km per hour for 50 min entire battery will get drained

    10. Saibal Ghosh

      any car comes from asia is a shit car according to this guy.

    11. Adyle Mahmood

      Wait dont u call it Frunk

    12. Ashwini Shetty

      I love you love from India ❤

    13. Nima Bagheri


    14. John White

      Corolla Tesla

    15. Terry Ding

      You will never know why this comment has this many likes

    16. Hilton Tadi

      That’s how Mercedes copied DAS. 🤣🤣🤣🤣f1

    17. Pranav Yelakanti

      this review is better than the model x review

      1. Pranav Yelakanti

        they have more games now

    18. Sam Morrison

      Budget car, just get the X is you want a Tesla

      1. Seawolf

        It literally can't fit in UK and European roads, it's less efficient, it's a heavy family SUV, rather than sports sedan, and it charges slower. Model 3 is better.

    19. Ali Fiazei

      I think mat is a Tesla fanboy he seems overly positive that like the video is sponsored by tesla

    20. Raymond Lee

      How come you don't control the rear view mirror on that big screen🤔

    21. Jerrell Smart

      Does this car have auto pliot???? And how much does this car cost

      1. Seawolf

        Starts at £40k GBP.

    22. George_tesla_ Downs

      Looks SO boring on the outside...

    23. MK Lam

      Can you do a model y review since model y made its first deliveries

      1. Seawolf

        In the US, not in the UK/Europe.

    24. Matt James

      As a Tesla share holder - It's a shame it looks so crappy!

    25. StreetLess

      £30000 in the uk

    26. Jonas Plett

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="165">2:45</a> tf am i on the right website???? yup okayyyy......

    27. Марио Андонов

      Looks like Porsche i mean they copy pasted the front of the car

    28. unions100

      Basically the infotainment system is just a giant iPad that’s why it works so well


      stupid junk wrecked car. You should choose Aurumania crystal gold edition bicycle at same price......🙈

    30. Pedro

      Do these not have HUDs?

    31. Peter Spencer

      Not sure about the dog mode...

    32. Big12 Man

      Too many ads now- great car though and fantastic review!

    33. Keith Chu

      Here's five cool features... Ad

    34. Villainz YumzZ

      not available in india :((

    35. Mohamed Benachrak


    36. Exotic Cars


    37. Samanth Nair

      Overpriced garbage

    38. BriskForzaDriver

      Mat Wattson

    39. Lamborghini Urus LA

      when will they make something cheaper

    40. Norbert Kováč

      450hp is just crazy.. 👍👍👍

    41. Nouri Tayar

      I love Tesla car

    42. Nick Haralampopoulos

      Interior quality of a 10k Dacia for only 50k 😢

    43. Justin Fleagle

      "Dont try what I did." *gets Tesla* "Let's try it."

    44. Nick 4K

      I like our model 3 it has plenty of room for all our things

    45. dakosmith6

      Good review but why do we have to watch 5 adverts on a 20 minute video?

    46. betonarmat

      Ludicrous fart! :D

    47. Jezbo 78

      So you can use that stupid massive iPad thing to turn the fog lights on.....which once you’ve worked out how to do it, you are in a ditch! Because it’s foggy and you can’t see! I do like the farting mode though, perhaps Tesla could get some built in smells too to get the full effect!! 😂

    48. Richard Chung

      4.5M views wow it must be a car wow record

    49. Jihad I Am

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="612">10:12</a> what the 🤯

    50. Athoslana2015

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1075">17:55</a> European laws... Be glad we still think our sh#t out before we go live. Until now the Tesla tests were not so succesfull... So keep your technology nitwit!

      1. NotTheCIA I.think

        You sorta need more context than that...

    51. Jwiky

      Who else is here trying to get jacksucksatlife ads?

      1. Jwiky

        @Henno467 same

      2. Henno467

        I haven't found one yet!

    52. Cyrus Dixon

      How does 35k us convert to 50k uk?

      1. Seawolf

        It's a long story. The $35k model isn't sold outside North America. The $40k model is. This video was made before the Tesla product lineup announcement. So only the two higher-end models were confirmed. They were estimating for the Long Range $49k. US prices don't include VAT, and taxes are only calculated at checkout. But now that the $40k model is available outside North America, it comes in at £40k GBP. The difference isn't that great when you consider VAT.

    53. mnm devil

      That's not OnePlus mobile that's Samsung 😂

    54. Abraham Vinod

      Do u just ever look at commented sections and think, "I wish I commented that."

    55. polla2256

      Infotainment screen is the wrong term, I'd say human machine interface (HMI) is a more accurate description.

    56. Cash Bonanza

      glove box from a screen!!! smh

    57. A

      This video opens up with the words $35000 in the US or £50000 in the U.K., but click on carwow to make sure you’re getting a fair price. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 since when is £50000 a fair deal for a $35000 car ???!!!!

      1. A

        Seawolf Thanks for clarifying 👍

      2. Seawolf

        They don't sell the bottom-spec model outside the North America. You have to get the next trim level. And the £50k model was for the higher-end models introduced first. Now you can buy the bottom spec (outside NA) for £40k.

    58. Kerode Mume

      Why do you have a British license plate but your steering wheel is on the left

    59. zoe galeas

      Model 3 Maybe the only reason TESLA may survive de "Biological Crisis" in Wall Street

    60. Elon Musk

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="695">11:35</a> And if Tesla is finally getting Model E for SEXY, the screen will play some mind blowing porn.

    61. Elon Musk

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="622">10:22</a> Poles as we call them

    62. Elon Musk

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="518">8:38</a> Are you fucking kidding me? Which "premium" german brand gives away colors for free?

    63. noor nazir

      do you have to open the front via the app

    64. RonsonDenmark

      Never knew thieves see everything in grayscale

    65. Tom Ashworth

      Splendid video I watched the WhatCar comparison with the iPace and Model 3 and it was interesting but your vid pips theirs, well done.

    66. Zest Learning

      Tesla - just so ugly. They are like the ‘croc’ shoes of the car world. Looks like donating from the 9o’s charmless and dull

      1. NotTheCIA I.think

        I actually think they look spectacular. Chalks down to personal taste

    67. Don Laight

      As much as I love the new T3 model and yes there is a HUsel vid of a T3 doing an auto pilot run to Barcelona. The range of the car from full to empty still doesn't do it for me. My 6 day working weekly commute is 350 kilometres after which I usually park the car up for 2 days before I work again. I don't usually need to refuel until day 9 the following week. (It's a 21 year old Barn Find of a Rover 45 V6 Auto I bought it 2 years ago with 60,000 original kms on the clock) the majority of my motoring is motorway/ dual carriageway so it's a case of set off engage cruise and just monitor my progress. The mere thought of coming off the road at the end of the week just to charge up for soooooo long, when with my dear old rover to reach the same state of readiness takes 5 minutes at a filling station seems a step back in progress. Lovely car, great videos, very informative and entertaining. Thanx Matt.

      1. NotTheCIA I.think

        350km a day or a week? If its a week. You just gotta charge it while you're home alseep. Home charge will do a full range in 4 hours. If 350km ÷ 6 days is 58km. Thats 10kw so just under 1 hour of charging when you're home and not using the car. Even from a wall point thats only 3 hours while you sleep at home it needs to charge. Then every morning you have full range!

    68. Deepak Seth

      good as always :))

    69. Wes Schreuders

      Fuck electric cars

      1. NotTheCIA I.think

        What you do with your free time when no one is around is your buisness buddy.

    70. uOne 1057

      Love the engine sound

    71. Truth is my radar

      This car is worth it for the fart app alone!😅

    72. Nisden

      it cost less now since Tesla has factories around Europe, so the price is around 30-40K in euros

    73. Voycodin

      This car pretty much made every single sedan obsolete. And that includes the luxurious Germans. I will be trading mine in for a Tesla within the next few months.

    74. Justin Seau

      That insufficient guttering on the boot is virtually unforgivable from a design point of view.

      1. NotTheCIA I.think

        Hasnt been a problem for me. But first world problems i guess

    75. Lachie Jones

      What sort of lunatic leaves their dogs in the car with a white interior?

    76. Annoying JA Reviews

      dont understand.....so where is the engin?

    77. Griswold

      Awesome review, practical and funny at the same time. Tesla seems great! Hopefully I will be able to get one in like 5 years time or so :)) Mainly just for the fart prank.

    78. Vodka27Uk

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="163">2:43</a>. - Vegan leather seats WTF

    79. Soul Equaliser

      Too expensive. Unobtainable in my country, Australia.

      1. NotTheCIA I.think

        Im Australian. I own an SR+. Cost me $66k. And im a student. Or, was at the time i purchased it. Not unobtainable anymore than any other car in its price category is unobtainable. Like a BMW 3 series.

    80. Kegsie

      So, just yoink a Tesla owners iPhone and you've got yourself a Tesla.

      1. NotTheCIA I.think

        Until they figure it out and get their partner to remotely disable it and tell the police exactly where you are. Also you can set it to request a pin to drive.