Tesla Tuning Shop Upgrades Model X Into A $175,000 Masterpiece

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    T Sportline is a Los Angeles company that prides itself in being the world's first Tesla tuner. Owner Elie Rothstein and his team offer Tesla owners the chance to add all kinds of aftermarket parts and accessories to their cars. One of the company's most coveted offerings is its super exclusive T Largo Edition Model X. Limited to just 20 units with each worth as much as $300,000, these SUVs are fully customized inside and out. We stopped by T Sportline and followed Rothstein through the entire process of tuning a Tesla.
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    Tesla Tuning Shop Upgrades Model X Into A $175,000 Masterpiece


    1. Freestyle Technology

      The upgrades are cool... but "Chrome Delete"? And glossy carbon fiber?? For $175k???


      🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁the amazig race🏎️🏎️🏎️ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a> 🔥🔥 👇💛

    3. Captain1 Jones

      What's the deal with all of the gloss carbon fiber?

    4. Zander Shipley

      This video would’ve been 10x better if they featured one of those black Model X’s

    5. girish nayak

      Interior just got worst 😅

    6. Dhananjay Vats


    7. /

      before looks way better and why would they make the T red it looks so ugly and doesn’t fit

    8. Cole Baker

      When you charge 100k for carbon fiber body kit and some wheels like bruh this man is wack

    9. владлен хазиев

      Putting styling aside, I wonder how it effects the performance of the car. I think after the customization it has at least 20 miles less on full charge. Like, teslas arent designed like that just for the looks, making it wider will screw up the aerodynamics. Plus bigger wheels = less range.

    10. Cancer.im

      what a waste of time money

    11. Jake Reves

      Essentially they ruined the car


      So an over priced out of the box kit Tesla....fair enough it's cool I would do it but not for that amount like wtf bro west coast customs Electric edition 😑👍

    13. ThePartarar

      I think I’d rather stick a stock Prius body kit over it all please and thx.

    14. Redastic Gaming

      Just get Pandem

    15. Victor Lopez

      So 175k for non performance adjustments🤔?sounds legit

    16. Hi there Person

      “Waffle seat kit”

    17. Pier Bermudez

      Tesla's are ugly. Even this "customization" is ugly. I think it's crazy they haven't remodeled their lineup.

    18. REQU

      What materials do you use for adhesion on the chrome parts ?

    19. Alex Hernandez

      Air bags and rims is really all you need to make a Tesla look good.... tbh it looks kinda goofy on stock height.

    20. Albert Csipak

      might as well recreate the whole car from carbon fiber

    21. Andrea Zaniboni

      This guy really said he coined the phrase “chrome-delete” as if it hasn’t been around since before Tesla

    22. Leochuga

      so basically rich ricers?

    23. PetieD 7

      The whole thing (parts/labor) probably cost $0.35 to $0.45 on the dollar....and that’s on the conservative side. I rather take care this “so-called” project myself....b/c I can honestly tell folks that I did everything from “start-to-finish”...were coordinations, researches, and procurement of parts/accessories/installations were done under my watch while having my 9-5 day job! Not intended to save money, BUT rather to display that “I CAN DO IT” attitude!!!

    24. WillJB

      Wouldn't larger wheels just reduce acceleration? So all they've done to this Tesla is make it slower... For 100k

    25. Taiwo Egun

      I like the original one better

    26. z0nkz is a nice person

      Looks like a ricer made this tesla...

    27. Sanhlami

      Went from clean, modern, minimalist, and understated beauty to tacky, gaudy, and cheap looking.

    28. Arif

      no the oak wood


      This guy is genius making a killing on the most basic things you can do to vehicles lol

    30. CK Flores

      Not really a fan of carbon fiber, why do people think that when they do carbon fiber it makes things “sporty”. Not worth it for 175k.

    31. YOHA

      I don’t get this global obsession with carbon fibre. Why does every tiny piece of trim need to be carbon fibre? Will it make you go faster? No. It might make sense if the body was made of it, but purely for ornamental use- no thanks.

    32. Cindy Tran

      omg it looks horrible for everything they did, stock looks better

    33. LordDraconical

      What a scam... you installed some cosmetics... disappointing content

    34. Just Me

      Tesla is garbage

    35. Fake News Media

      That’s not tuning, that’s basically me making my hot wheels kewl when I was five

    36. rbernal133

      Wow...like If I didn't want a tesla already. It looks soo nice

    37. Krac3x !

      if someone buys this for 170k instead of a mercedes s class or a bmw gran coupe they should see a doctor

    38. Kristine Nemec

      Take a shot every time he says T-Largo

    39. Martin Z

      this man thinks he owns novitec in tesla world.

    40. JM Detillo

      Style tuners. Not tuners.

    41. JonathanRinny

      Dear new tesla owner please don't do this to your perfectly fine Tesla. At the least you will loose 500 street red points..

    42. jojo paimo

      Hope this upgrade can solve tesla ugly fitmens

    43. Jean Viloria

      Sooo a few trim peaces and some wheel arches and new wheels cost more than $100k? No thanks

    44. Golden Nightwalker

      “Tuning” lol

    45. Tyler West

      Everything they sell is “limited edition” 😂

    46. Steven Yacoub

      Eh. Am I the only one who didn’t like some those changes 😬

    47. Kittikorn Worasan

      where is the tuning nd those are just bodykits and trims so yeah good luck with that but nice body kit tho

    48. Michael Yeung

      T Largo, like a copycat of the name N Largo from Novitec but much worse cars

    49. Arman tomato


    50. Nashwan Saddam

      This may cause a change in the range

    51. Dubby

      This is so basic anyone can do that for way cheaper

    52. Anim3 4 Life

      Tuning the Tesla 🤦‍♂️ Please change the title of your video clearly you no nothing about cars

    53. VERTIS

      No performance upgrades for 175k. wtf is this bs

    54. Munzaa Kimanzi

      100k and then it looks...meh

    55. Matthew Alden


    56. Jeonoh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="215">3:35</a> haven't heard someone use the term body colour since grade 3

    57. Jason Zheng

      This was really a downgrade huh

    58. kagiso gerald

      are those upgrades really worth over 100K? like really though 100K??

    59. 90sbabi

      OK BOOMER!!!

    60. anonymous

      How to rice out a tesla

    61. Siroy Loman

      When you find the upgrades ugly and look at the comments and realise your not the only ons....

    62. James James

      Was this tesla at the Houston Auto show 2020?

    63. Bangkai Sun

      Tesla Tuning Shop???? More like a body shop installing body kits and over charging customer.

    64. chaotic games


    65. Joe Cooke

      why couldn't they of painted the tesla logo the same as the wheels

    66. Jiffy Ripz

      When for 170k they can’t invest in some snap on tools

    67. MrAJWorks


    68. imacdvman

      Unnecessary bling bling. for people with too much money and no taste 🤷‍♂️ EDIT: Looks like a rewrite of Ed Hardy style 🤣

    69. Atharva Haldankar

      Made it expensive and ugly

    70. Farabi Fahmid

      ik that style is a preference thing but i wonder who'd actually like that and give over 100k to customize a car like that

    71. rafey khan

      I guess if you wanna spent that much money you should get a jaguar project 8

    72. rafey khan

      Its starting a new era of ricing tesla😂😂😂😂

    73. Jack Green

      That's so cool

    74. BruceTD

      I love the irony in upgrading a Tesla. You buy it to "reduce" your carbon footprint but these guys throw that concept away.

    75. Gregory Londos

      I gave you a thumbs down because I happen to like Chrome...!!! I hate to see plastic Chrome Iike on most car and truck grills have now... Since the Tesla does not have a Grill to balance out the vehicle I like Chrome around the windows and Door Handles... Paint Chips, Real chrome Is much more Durable... The extra Carbon Fiber is A Nice Touch though, Plus I can save a Ton of Money... Just one Man's Opinion, Greg

    76. Billie Obviously

      Its good and all but that color choice and carbon fiber everywhere isnt it

    77. PhilPhil

      Feels strange for a "tuning business" to work in normal office clothes with no security equipment use jacks instead of a lift. How can you charge 100k for that?!

    78. AlfaPT

      Dont like the red logo dont match but its my opinion

    79. Ancient Mysteries & Modern Innovations

      The wheels look nice, but aren't they made specifically for this car to add to it's performance?

    80. Emil Emilio

      Suckers!! 🤑🤑🤣 duped by a "slick" car salesman! It's "Limited Edition" coz there's only limited numbers of Tesla owners willing to "rice" their rides. Hahaha!