Tesla Tuning Shop Upgrades Model X Into A $175,000 Masterpiece

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    T Sportline is a Los Angeles company that prides itself in being the world's first Tesla tuner. Owner Elie Rothstein and his team offer Tesla owners the chance to add all kinds of aftermarket parts and accessories to their cars. One of the company's most coveted offerings is its super exclusive T Largo Edition Model X. Limited to just 20 units with each worth as much as $300,000, these SUVs are fully customized inside and out. We stopped by T Sportline and followed Rothstein through the entire process of tuning a Tesla.
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    Tesla Tuning Shop Upgrades Model X Into A $175,000 Masterpiece

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    1. Angel Hernandez

      The customers dream car is ugly af

    2. Sharmein Alireza

      Turned model X into A

    3. Sharmein Alireza

      Still can’t tell which one is the tuned car in the thumbnail

    4. Ex Gremory

      This is garbage your car is not faster

    5. K30NGamer

      This man just became ChrisFix for a sec

    6. High Tech Point

      The original looks better in my point of view and you can buy a second Tesla with that cost.

    7. cmofam1

      You did not count the phrase chrome delete my guy. You just made the Tesla look like a Ford Escape, not to mention different color Tesla logos

    8. Sc3ptilium

      Chrome delete + Colour on seats + Rim upgrades+ Carbon fiber + Carbon fiber + Carbon fiber= $175,000. Makes sense.

    9. Nestor Mejia

      Still looks shitty after all of those upgrades

    10. coolsand

      So what’s so sporty about it?

    11. Bobdingle25

      This guy is playing the system and I hate him for it. Making buku bucks with a bolt on body kit and trim pieces and a little bit of clear coat and wide rims. He didn't even cut out the wheel wells to accommodate the wide tires on that wide body kit. Never seen that not done on a "wide body". Worst part? That dude replacing the steering wheel with the battery still plugged in. Who the hell are these morons?

    12. bcbcfilm

      look stupid

    13. JohnyTechReview

      Lolol “Valued at 175k” this isn’t a house. Dumping 100k into the car for some “carbon fiber” and wheels aren’t gonna bring it values up unless somebody want to pay for that junk

    14. Damien Vdveen

      I don't like these kits as much but damn that blue model x is sexy

    15. Who's That

      Um tuning g requires the car to have more power. No changes to inverters, motors etc. No faster quarter mile lol.

    16. RM

      Imagine paying all that money to make your car worse.

    17. Caden Koala

      Ummm Tesla’s are programmed with stick doors to open closer to the car in tight spaces but I don’t think the car is gunna recognize the wide body attachments on the doors

    18. Ryu Nocent

      The red logo doesn’t match the wheels.

    19. MiNi7201

      It looks cheaper now like plastic because everyone is doing fake carbon No ofense

    20. Sam Sam

      How to ruin your Tesla for 175000$ !

    21. Parvino The Third

      Challenge: Take a shot every time he says limited edition or carbon fiber

    22. Daninja Skills

      This is what T largo is all about

    23. Hosam Al-Khayyat

      The white paint on the CF looks so cheap

    24. Censored

      I think I’m fine with not spending over a 100k on some carbon fiber💀

    25. Ariel

      Those bronze wheels are not the move😬😬 (all the other upgrades weren’t good either, sorry not sorry)

    26. Tesla Pilot

      What Tuning? It's a Meh pimpout job. I don't think it's worth it. After all that hype, I would've thought they were adding a new nose or a super standout diffuser. But some people have money to throw away.

    27. Terence Tolentino

      No actual tuning, mismatched colors, cheapened look due to overuse of carbon fiber, wider, all for over $100k. It looks childish, cheap and tacky. Stock version looked a million times better.

    28. DY Inc.

      Who tf would waste money like that. there is literally no difference between the two

    29. C. Salvador

      never thought i'd see a domestic electric rice. but hey, 2020 is a year of firsts

    30. Owen Johnson

      Keep the logo black or make it gold, red belongs nowhere with these colors

    31. Julien play

      Not a good Name for the Company-should have called it something more futuristic

    32. SwedenVSworld

      rather have the original lol. this just ruined the entire car. would demand a refund asap

    33. Ivan Gonzalez

      Also this is all so basic

    34. Ivan Gonzalez

      First of all they didn’t coin the phrase “chrome delete” lmao second of all they could have at least aligned all the factory misaligned body panels for that price they’re charging

    35. Noopy Doop


    36. Minh Nguyen

      Looks the same

    37. Bojidar Samokovski


    38. Firstperson

      Should be 25k more exspensiver

    39. David Tran

      Do these mods effect performance?

    40. Brahmjyot Bhamra

      The stock model is way better.

    41. Edward Li

      Wider body creates more air resistance, bigger wheels means more unsprung mass. Both lead to inefficiency. True electric car enthusiasts would never do this to their car.

    42. Steven Hoang

      Hipsters can now be ricers

    43. Landen Purifoy

      These mods are definitely worth around $5000

    44. Kayla Harvard

      Oh no...what is you doing?!

    45. Elliott's Lab

      How much range this going to lose from this

    46. Davin Ross

      The model x looks so good by itself, and somehow you made it ugly af


      'Tune shop' this isn't tuning, this is literally pimp my Tesla.

    48. Trc4181

      What a horrible use of money.

    49. gvanca tefnadze

      Do you even know what tuning is ?

    50. carlos romo

      Does this void warranty?

    51. Mo Ebrahim

      All the upgrades look ugly and are extremely overpriced, definitely not my cup of tea.

    52. Cédric Benoit

      Nice work..im just not into electric car anyway

    53. Trọng Nhân Lê


    54. bigpopaart

      What was the name of the kit again ???

    55. Max Lu

      Only thing I liked was the carbon fibre seat backs. That’s it.

    56. Quavo Quack

      Red logo such a rice

    57. GrumpleslamAlabaster

      Carbon Fiber looks cheap. It looks like something a 17 year old would put on their Honda Civic.

    58. Whatthefucktony

      How to make a Tesla slower

    59. Marc Owen


    60. DemonSlayer 99

      The design of the car is that way soo the car could be affordable but yeah had to change it and make it cost more then it should be