The best car… for the least money. FACT! Peugeot 208 review.



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    Introducing the new Peugeot 208! It’s a small hatchback that joins an already packed class, filled with world-renowned alternatives like the Ford Fiesta and VW Polo. How does it stack up against the rest of the pack? Well, it certainly looks the part, thanks to those slashing headlights and an incredibly cool interior. It’s even got an EV counterpart, the e-208! But are these updates enough to tempt you away from the other class leaders? Stick with Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!
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    1. J Kelwick

      When are you going to do the e 208

    2. bogdan titus

      ...every motor journalist has to do this: scratching the plastic door panels and some other plastic bits. Now, in the real world, who the **** cares about that? It's a cheap car, it's a car used for a short urban commute or to pick up groceries or whatever. It's not my leather armchair in the living room. It's plastic because it has to be cheap and durable. Please, stop scratching the plastics, we know it's cheap hard plastic, we accept it, we don't care about it.

    3. Sun

      Japanese language please!!

    4. fireoil

      Blablablabla, Piano ad, blablablablablabla, another piano add, blablablabla ( lick ) blablabla, EAR RAPE Dual screen AD

    5. docreg

      Please review geely coolray sport and azkarra

    6. Dajana_ 075

      I just had to subscribe, you're AWESOME ✔️

    7. Mat Payne

      Toyota and honda need to hire car designer from Peugeot!!!

    8. Karl Robert Põder

      Am I the only one who thinks that back of the car looks like some Porsche? :D

    9. Andy Sheen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="293">4:53</a> but I'm fat! 😩

    10. Marky Mark

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="293">4:53</a> 😂

    11. そーすたるたる


    12. V WG

      🌟🏁 Very nice thanks 🏁👍

    13. Michael Liu

      Seems like this guy got paid PEUGEOT

    14. Κωνσταντίνος Ξίπας

      carwow, are you gonna do a review of the renault clio rs line? or any other version of the new renault clio 2020??

    15. T B

      What a lovely looking car.

    16. Jeroen Goedhart

      So you can't carry adults in the back, you can't see the drivers cockpit if you're not the right length, the boot is small and very unpractical ... but somehow this is the best small car? I would agree that's the best looking car, but otherwise.. no.

    17. J.ahmed47

      Peugeout is for cheapskates and chavs 😂😂 get a proper car for ya money you tramps. Loooool

    18. Josh H

      Man I really wish I could get along with the driving position in peugeots but they never line up for me! :(

    19. Giorgos And

      and its slow as fuck considering its the gt line imagine how stupidly slow would be the normal version my grandma could run faster than a peugot

    20. Giorgos And

      og and the interior may look awesome but its the most disfunctional and unpractical interior ever created in all the peugots trust me looks nice its a nightmare to live with so a big no for peugot again lots of idiots bought it cause they thought it was cool but then regreted it cause its really tiring and unpractical

    21. Giorgos And

      let me correct you the lights and the face are supposed to make them look like a sabertooth teeth thats why they are so long lions do not have such long teeth so better go study a bit more matt

    22. B Nyaks

      Still driving a 407 😁 still drives pretty well . This 208 is beautiful ....who's willing to trade ???

    23. Ultra Jaff

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a> DISCONTINUED

    24. Rスケイプ

      I often watch Japanese translated versions.I'm thinking about buying this car because it's going to start selling in Japan.I'd like a Japanese translation of this video.Thank you for your consideration.

    25. Randy andy

      A really cool looking car but unfortunately not made for tall people. If you are over 1,80 meters in height you feel very cramped behind the tiny steering wheel. On top of it you don`t see ANYTHING of the instruments, if you put the steering wheel on it`s highest position. Too bad that the ergonomics are so terrible for people above 1,80 meters because otherwise the car is great. I am just not able to drive it ... :- )))

    26. Frederico Fonseca

      Nice car!!!

    27. Nakul Yadav

      Reminds of Audi le mans

    28. saritha dudagadapa

      mat is that a renault clio and a skoda scala

    29. Matthew Taylor

      Most of Europe: Self isolating. Mat Watson: “Imma lick this car.”

    30. Sevan Ruben

      my first time I hear Matt says ( buy it) . bravo Peugeot .

    31. Tinashe Moya

      Does the this car have a manual gear??

    32. hotstuff92

      Such an ugly car. 205-207 were iconic in terms of their pretty design but this is seriously awkward looking. It's like having a fat ugly daughter.

    33. Charlize Acevski


    34. GiacoC

      I see Peugeot I see this title of the video I know carwow had large payday

    35. DAMON LEE

      These bad ass hatches belong in he States now !! PSA/ it are losing money.

    36. Martijn Kortenhoeven

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="380">6:20</a> A little tray for your key a la ha 😂

    37. Thompter S. Hunson

      Wow! I can save 2 grand on Car WoW! Now I just miss the rest 13,995 pounds and I'm on the dealership!

    38. Dominate955

      It's a Peugeot though

      1. AttackTheGasStation1

        I love Peugeot.

    39. ian parry

      @carwow. Can you do the new Corsa SRI. Same engine as this car

    40. american seoul

      My friend called it a Peugit one time because he didnt know how to pronounce it. Not his fault. That front is too avant garde by the way. And yeah, it looks like a fang.

    41. rbc21

      Love Peugeot cars, hope they have a dealer ship in my city

    42. Aaronage

      Gorgeous car. The electric option seems like a no brainer given how weak the fossil-burn options are. Maybe the eventual GTI will give the petrol crowd something to lust after?

    43. 22 22

      2000 euros over my budget rip :(

    44. DarthFederer0000

      The French: come on guys, let's do it properly this time and make a great car Also the French: let's add something idiotic that will put off sane consumers who want a proper steering wheel and a view to the dials...

    45. TheRulleskoejten

      You cant see how fast your going, okay... its not the car i wont then!!!

    46. 이충

      Please upload the test drive 2008

    47. Aiofe

      Is it me or he looks older now...

      1. Googlebonkers

        People age ? no way

    48. Hassan Khan

      Ugly, I think old Peugeot were ok looking cars but they were never the best being French they are worse cars to repair, but these new ones are just ugly and disgusting design, talking about price 16k for basic model that's just proper rip off, I know it's new car but not worth the money at all, just waste becaue in few years this car will be seen in scrap yards becaue new cars are big failure with design and all that crap technology in these cars.

    49. Emiel Verhaert

      Love the golf clubs test and the other packing tests!

    50. Magellanic

      Please review the new Peugeot 2008!

    51. Golo1949

      One gorgeous car, love the look.

    52. Bob Outélama

      The only thing this Peugeot doesn't have is quality.

    53. Richard S

      When will the clio review be up?

    54. Eric Akongyuride

      This guy is just the BEST

    55. Cornelius Maximilianus

      not available in US

    56. Mr October

      Mario Brothers reference.

    57. Goran Novakovic

      How reliable is it Why cant we have like a naturally aspirated 1.6 4 cylinder with a 100hp?

    58. Michael S

      Peugeot are killing it with their new cars...except with that steering wheel right in front of the cockpit...can't see anything :/

    59. cidzultima

      I liked the Design since the 206, but since the first 208 it's a car that you can actually buy.

    60. whiskey4blood

      this is Ur worst ever, no personality U used 2 have

    61. Gzim Mazhiqi

      2 minutes your heand 🤫 😂

    62. Oussama Larhlimi

      Manufactured in Morocco

    63. Eleni Eleftheriadou

      All the following are true according to Matt: 1. The Clio has better quality materials. 2. The Fiesta drives better. 3. The 208's 3D dashboard is the coolest. 4. Most drivers won't be able to see the 3D dashboard 5. It's a tight squeeze in the back seat. Verdict: Buy it! Why?! Because it's pretty? Only the most expensive trim is beautiful. Have you seen the Allure? Meh...

    64. Zubu S

      Hey Matt, We need you to make a carwow buying website for Australian Fans. Love you reviews mate. Cheers from Australia.

    65. 林偷瞇

      Love it 🔥

    66. Richard Houlton

      It’s, by far, the best looking car in its class. But I wish they drop their heads-up dashboard design. I hasn’t worked on any Pug I’ve sat in. It forces you to position the steering wheel in your lap if you want to be able to read the instruments.

    67. Anyau!

      I still don't understand the new car maket. You can get so much from a used car for 16k, so why would you spent it on a economy class car.

    68. CoLoNeLC4

      "The best car… for the least money" let me explain, least money means that Peugeot probably used cheap everywhere, cheap metal, cheap pipes, cheap plastics interior and for the parts, I like your reviews really, but the reality is simple, cheap cars means cuts everywhere, there is no magic GOOD cheap car !

      1. ARDMHACHA308

        CoLoNeLC4 PURE Nonsense! You’re looking into it the total wrong way.

    69. 스완슨컵

      한글로 해주세요.

    70. Raj Choudhury

      waaaaaank car

    71. Vwguy 2020

      Looks great! But it’s 21k lol

      1. Ethan Hartley

        Starts from 16k

    72. Delyxoo Music

      The ''je t'aime'' killed me

    73. biohazard streaming

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="189">3:09</a> the texts get it away its annoying

    74. biohazard streaming


    75. Alex B

      If they bring out a highly powered GTi I might be interested, definitely has to be 200bhp +

    76. fahmi awaludin

      Cool car, love it

    77. Peter McLelland

      The 'lap top' on the dash - in your face ! - crap !

    78. Éva Farkas

      are you gonna make a review of the 2020 peugeot 2008 SUV? :)

    79. Tanbir Mia

      I was not a fan of Peugeot but now they’re just killing me with their new cars

    80. Ken Moffat

      Clicked on the banner - and couldn't see the specs uploaded.