The BROFIST is declared a HATE SYMBOL! (this is bad)



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    1. kantikun134970


    2. eduard qupevaj

      Wow i didnt know about this i just thought it was a meme

    3. Beasty Boi

      It’s just dumb “🤚” this the high five sign used to mean “you motherfucker with 5 dads” in history so why the fuck don’t you just let 👌 be the OK sign

    4. Squiggly Bumps

      Honestly, the reasonings of some of these leftists seem more like wacko conspiracy theories you could hear about on the History channel at 3am.


      Media: it signals white power Everyone: why so serious

    6. Isaac Covert

      That’s funny my comment was removed😂😂

    7. Kaned Productions


    8. Ben Tancred


    9. Mr TromBONE

      remember when a *black person* did the ok hand

    10. Exavocado -_-

      why cant the ok sign mean WP = Well Played?

    11. King Crimson

      lmao watch them remove the context and say "here you can see pewdiepie flashing the white power symbol with a mix of seig hail, it's disgusting"

    12. Ya Ya

      A lot of boomers in the world

    13. Spoopy scary skeletons

      6:12 why do you look like harry potter?

    14. Dynocub dubs

      Wow, Steve jobs is alive again

    15. marco sechi

      Americans are DUUUUMB

    16. Joanne Lee

      Is he is reading a pre written script as he speaks? From 6:08

    17. snuggly1600

      I want to use the OK symbol as the mother fricken OK symbol :(

    18. chez boiger

      Kill 4 chan

    19. Ronnie Babista

      Just dont get upset with any symbols. They are not real.

    20. Alizon

      I thought that okay sign was "just for fun" not "white power" since our friendly african and black americans in malaysia here do it too, teachers do too. =(

    21. Twitch_StarLord_

      Cant Believe this video is such a clic bait. xD Jkjk Love it. Just really curious tho who tf calls bro fist as a hate symbol. Probs the nubs who call the SIMPLE OK HAND as a "UNIVERSAL WHITE SUPREMACIST" Simple. OK BOOMER. Humans are the most intelligent fools to roam on this planet lmaoo. ~A Random Mysterious Forgotten Star

    22. Twitch_StarLord_

      Nice Vid! Late but always gonna be upto date. 11 MORE TO go! ;) Keepin the watch streaks for a year now aha! ~The Mysterious Random Forgotten Star

    23. Spitty Oofer

      Did I just see an ad of pewdiepie on his own video

    24. Christian Holmes

      My brain reeeeeeeeeeee

    25. Selish

      meme: exist internet and news: IM DISGUSTED.

    26. • Cookie NomOm •

      2031: *Bad finger is now a peace symbol*

    27. IceTeaNPizza

      Let’s be honest. Everything is a hate symbol by now.

    28. Pacmenas _


    29. Chiese The New

      This is like, interner historian nerfed 10x

    30. TheNaked Blandsman


    31. Sweet Potato

      If Pewdipie keeps making more videos like this..

    32. GoddaM777

      JRR Tolkien, "can we copystrike Pewdiepie!?"

    33. ksoltar

      anyone remember the movie "the demolition man"?? well watch it again to get an idea what to expect in our country with the way this shit keeps happening by the retarded left calling everything a hate symbol, hate speech or other dog whistle bullshit.

    34. Teris


    35. Brady Waters

      Ok Boomer

    36. Michael Wadsworth

      No matter what it is, no matter what it might have originally meant, there is going to be some group that throws any and all symbols in with some hate-group or calls it a hate crime and it’s just absolutely ridiculous!

    37. boros sama

      Western claiming to be the most advanced Asian watching western news Hah... hah... hah

    38. yung malaria

      Honestly wouldn’t even say it’s “co-opted” that would imply there’s somebody out there unironically using it for a similar purpose as the Roman salute or something. And to answer the obvious rebuttal about actual white supremacists like the New Zealand mosque shooter etc, it’s more likely 1. A perpetration of the meme of it being a “hate symbol” or 2. Him just pretty much photo bombing, which actually both go hand-in-hand You can still tell the difference between the swastika as a hate symbol than as a Vedic religious symbol because hitlers intention was to turn the swastika sideways to be a bastardization of the original symbolism of “life” and/or the cycle of life into most bluntly, death, a symbol of power and fear. Ok hand isn’t any different than who it’s used by, it pretty much always just means “gottem” because you looked at it, if anything it’s meaning has expanded to this retarded reality of “gottem, you actually think this means more than it really does”.

    39. Corgski

      I am an official hate symbol for my number :')

    40. Mr Chuckles

      well holy crap...all this time and not once did I realize I, of all people, was a white supremacist, completely unaware; I mean, it's like the perfect crime. Thank you media for informing me of my hatred for minorities; wait till I tell my black friend from work and my Asian friend about it, they'd never would've guessed.

    41. jazzysnake

      Bruh is it me or did I just get click bated by pewdiepie

    42. José Assumpção

      MSM: beware! the internet is full of trolls!! Internet: *you* are the real trolls of the internet.

    43. JoeyRage

      When she said pepe was made for white supremacists made my blood boil

    44. Wolfguin 87

      Ok news people are getting desperate... 😒

    45. Godlyvex5

      What's the music starting at 4:48?

    46. Chris Twarowski


    47. NooBie Gaming


    48. Free-Verse

      The media is so hungry for a good story that they r willing to take the stupidest thing and call it "racist" or "sexist" At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if they started taking those stupid middle school jokes seriously

    49. Wolfgang von Bach

      Love that K. Rool music from DK2!

    50. Jacob Ortiz


    51. Fuun Niolust

      Clickbait ;-; ?

    52. fabry petty

      Media: te ok simbol is a hate simbol The internet: Ok boomer Media: Ok boomer is now a hate symbol! The internet: ... Media: ... IS NOW ALSO A HATE SYMBOL!

    53. Holloways _

      He pewds 👌👌🏻👌🏼👌🏽👌🏾👌🏿 👌👌🏻👌🏼👌🏽👌🏾👌🏿 👌👌🏻👌🏼👌🏽👌🏾👌🏿

    54. Rachael Kinney

      We call the circle game ball gasing in canada

    55. The Successful Destroyer

      Technically clickbait, but wutever

    56. Jackson Flynn

      Demo you have been demonatived

    57. Aderiler

      The ok hand symbol is just genius level troll.

    58. Dirty Danyul

      This man lookin like harry potter lookin ass kinda spoutin some facts tho

    59. Ultra Sexy Chipotle

      If leafy was alive he wouldve made a video about it already lmao

    60. Twix_22