The Weirdest GOOGLE Searches


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    1. kjoegang EB

      Is it the blood from the person lufu killed

    2. Daaniyahfr 27

      You must do a part 2 >:))

    3. Mr. Chicken

      jes i do sneez

    4. Seppe Fallein

      Oh god I was interested in wath blue waffles where and I didn't like it

    5. Joseph Pavlenko

      Trending #1

    6. I sneezed 3 times

      No one: Absolutely no one: JODishere: oK bOoOoMeR

      1. I sneezed 3 times

        JODishere. Ok booomer

    7. P Wolf

      You stupid thought an Australian is gonna get scared of a spider

    8. Surprise

      For everyone who doesn't know what blue waffle is it is a type of STD and it infects your privates

    9. Alireza Shakeri

      "Two girls one cup"😷

    10. satanicgnu 12345678

      awww he noticed my comment

    11. MY NAME

      Why is he copying the tone, language and accent of Pewdpie???

    12. MBstu

      Sorry 18 million not 20 million that’s still a 2 million difference

    13. lisjan Kaziaj


    14. M O M O S F R E I N D

      I hope lazarbeam did this all in a private search

    15. Xplosive Nut

      *1st in trending* whut tha

    16. hashe m

      fauk you ):

    17. Carlos Rivera

      🤔Penguin don't fly cause they are sea creatures🤫...maybe😉

    18. Odin

      person: talks about why a father would leave them me: no they leave cuz they hate their children

    19. Yung LgNd

      You mean wife mate

    20. Jason Lewis

      Number 1 on trending???

    21. BenHatesCap

      Google duck without beak

    22. Offbrand Supreme

      Bet he regrets not making the video 10 minutes long after being #1 on trending

    23. The little dela Fam

      Hey Lazerbeam I found lazerbeam he is on a video and is acting like a bot I think you might be so look out on live streams....coppa

    24. Dead serpents H

      Google porn

    25. emkirsh

      Congrats on #1 Trending general, not just gaming!!!!

    26. The_Meme_Machine 2000

      The word he blurred out was gokkun

    27. Alfie Wood

      You haven't merderd a person yet

    28. Ih8Lizards

      Google where is garlic brad

    29. TheRapscallion

      Bro please convince Ilsa to come back on the channel it’s funny af when she’s on

    30. Jimmy Marciano

      I wish I didn't search the blue waffles one. Omg I want to throw up

    31. Rudolf 2305

      U need to google: Furaffinity Click the website and put in the search bar above: Dragon Vore Yeah people hate me.

    32. Twisted Gamer

      Google random website

    33. Настя Шаповалова

      Одна я сдесь ничего на понимаю

    34. Davide Fuoco

      By the time I’m watching this video it is currently #2 on trending Not in the gaming section, neither in the other sections... *#2 trending by default*

    35. Patrick McNulty

      number one on trending!

    36. Gavin Will

      What is the word at 2:34

    37. hazmat

      #1 on trending wow yt is changing

    38. Kaileb Gaming

      00:09 he killed ILSA

    39. Cameron Anglin


    40. Eva_diva

      Blue waffle is fake it’s an urban legend