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    You can't outrun destiny just because you're terrified of it. Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher arrives December 20.
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    The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

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    1. zeeshan yousaf

      This one looks good 1st trailer was dumb

    2. Ronal Martinez

      That nekker tho........and what sign was that again??? The one where he pushes air??

    3. Т - И - З

      а русские там есть?

    4. Le Trop Chiant

      This fan made looks really great! Good job

    5. Mr.X

      I just realized, that scene in the snow. Does Yennefer look really pale or is that just me

    6. NeeM

      its awesome... cant wait

    7. Jgb Money

      He sounds just like the game

    8. Fahim adel Akib

      Can't imagine anyone other than Chris Helmsworth as Geralt in live-action adaptation.

    9. Dead Pool

      Why no scars on his body?

    10. Paweł Nie powiem

      It will be hot as witches at the stake!

    11. Richard A

      Never played the games or read the book, but looks great. Bring it on!

    12. anime girl

      I don't know much about her acting but she doesn't suit for yennefer role.

    13. abbas iraq

      Good of war 😭😘

    14. 구레이

      Ok, At least this is much better than last trailer

    15. Deargblēidd

      Looks great, though could've gone with a beard. No hope for a triangle it seems.

    16. Agent 47

      Oh no. Please don't

      1. Jaroslav Mihok


    17. mkara 007

      So hollywoody

    18. wiby gilang

      Why they not put "the trail" on the trailer?

    19. TBK

      If there arent any Gwent tournaments I will pretty upset

    20. Das HESH

      Black slavs? Really? And whats with Yennefer? In the books she was beautiful and what's there?

      1. Das HESH

        @Jaroslav Mihok does "Vesemir" sound like a not slav name?

      2. Jaroslav Mihok

        it has nothing to do with slav!!!! it is fantasy world

    21. Michael Cortez

      The game Geralt shows less facial expression, this actor gives way too much, taking away from Geralt’s true character.. I will try 1 episode tho..

      1. Michael Cortez

        Jaroslav Mihok check the hi def cinematics again.. but i know its a bit hard to gauge his protrayal at this stage, i just hope he captures the real Geralt, otherwise he will just be another superman copycat, but at this first look i am unimpressed. But we will see..

      2. Jaroslav Mihok

        game is game ... this is real acting thing he should have some facial expression

    22. Ian Claudio

      this one is looking good

    23. garydeandeery

      When is it out ??

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        20th december

    24. Anshuman

      “I thought you’d have fangs or horns or something” “No , They removed it using CGI ” DC XD

    25. Rainman

      Why Geralt isn`t black?!!!

    26. D.Numesh

      imagine this series with music from witcher 3 :O

    27. Diego CJ

      Wait... No Geralt story? This is straight to Cirilla timeline?

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        not sure but first episode should be butcher of blaviken but i think in this show the story will be talked in a different order cuz for example ciri will be like in 3rd season and they want to be Ciri and Yen main characters with Geralt it will be about these three characters not only about Geralt

    28. Ryan Ihebom

      Geralt just looks like an alternate universe superman.

    29. Cameron Dowden

      Yo wtf is that nilfgard armor supposed to be? Scrotums?

    30. Samad Ali

      Does it comes with all DLC,s lol " This is a material world and I'm a material girl " lmaooo " There is nothing behind me, I'm a Witcher, I'd have herd it just like I can hear your heart which is a liars" from Geralt Witcher 3 is not just a game its a masterpiece story, voice acting, graphics, environment, background music everything is too the point hopefully this series will be good

      1. sotuur aeei

        The White Wolf, The Butcher Of Blaviken, ladies and gentlemen I present Henry CAA... I mean... Geraaalt of Riviaaa!

    31. Sil3nt Kn1ght

      I didnt see a single monster in a series about a monster hunter...

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        showrunner said .... you do not see many monsters in trailer cuz they want to "surprise"

      2. sotuur aeei

        i mean its okay but we do need a beard cmon

    32. Jamie Jax

      Have been really looking forward to this series, really hope Netflix do it justice - I'm sure they will. Like what I've seen so far in the trailers, another month to wait though!

    33. Kelly Cyrus

      Let’s hope there’s liberal social justice warrior crap

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        a little sure

    34. mopthermopther

      Jeffery Epstein has a small cameo appearance 😮

    35. George Ditto

      This can be really special!

    36. vgrammz 757

      So excited I’m re playing the game lol

    37. Kingof PcGames

      I just don't like this superman guy as a witcher 🤔😡👊

    38. Hchapper


    39. VykoSss

      Diversity ... Cuz it lack of colour ...ok let's make light green brokilon dryad's black chiks with sticks Epic Face Palm :$

    40. LutherOMight

      0:17 That is Jaskier (Dandelion) with Geralt, their chemistry needs to be perfect. Its really important in the books and games, they better get drunk and do some stupid shit, this bromance needs to work.

    41. Sweet Home

      That is not real and be your self if you don't want to end up in jail or dead! Stop watching TV.

    42. Kyle Normand

      Geralt better win all Fists of Fury Challenges during season 1 or we riot.

    43. Husky Boy

      This feels like a fmv and I love it!

    44. Neon Luong

      They better not skip those sex scenes

    45. Barış Haydar Sarıtaş

      i mean its okay but we do need a beard cmon

    46. Ionut-Daniel Mititean

      The White Wolf, The Butcher Of Blaviken, ladies and gentlemen I present Henry CAA... I mean... Geraaalt of Riviaaa!

    47. Retardiumgolem

      /tv/ lied

    48. lil Sniff

      Lets just all hope this dosen´t end up bad

      1. vinasu maaj

        Henry Cavill May break the Superman curse. This is the show to do it

    49. Vali Gavrilas

      Were there any black characters in the books or games?

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Joshua Cabanillas it is little disturbing ... but skin color doesnt effect the story

      2. Joshua Cabanillas

        Yeah some people got burned pretty badly

      3. Jaroslav Mihok

        in the books there are not descripted like all people in the continent ...

    50. Nemesis

      No Cat eyes?!

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Nemesis yes but it wouldn't be completely correctt ... cuz it is based on the books ... we will see but in the end it doesnt affect the story which is great

      2. Nemesis

        @Jaroslav Mihok could have gave him contact lenses with vertical pupils though

      3. Jaroslav Mihok

        @Nemesis it should be like this : Cat-like eyes that grant very acute nightvision - witchers CAN constrict their pupils to see in blinding light or open them to see in near pitch darkness. This nightvision can be further enhanced with the cat potion, but in general, it is good enough by itself to not require further enhancement.

      4. Nemesis

        @Jaroslav Mihok where are the vertical pupils then?

      5. Jaroslav Mihok

        he has

    51. Sven

      We need to see roach in this series.

      1. Jaroslav Mihok

        1:04 look at her

    52. Jaypes

      Overhyped. This guy does more circles than Legolas FFS. Deserves a knife in the back really.

    53. PaNDaSNiP3R

      Still no scar tho 🤔

      1. Joshua Cabanillas

        PaNDaSNiP3R The scar is in the games since it’s after the books so he won’t really get it. I’m sure he’ll get other scars tho

      2. Jaroslav Mihok

        im not sure but i think face scar is only in the game ...

    54. Susan Countess


    55. Edjohn Bautista

      stick to secondary quest before main quest hahaha

    56. Simon musyoka

      smeago is i sure?

    57. kaLamity

      This is gonna be awesome! Henry Cavill is perfect for this role

    58. HighLanderPony

      "How many more can there be?" or gtfo.

    59. HighLanderPony

      Need a scene where Geralt juggles inventories and his storage for 40 mins just to craft one armor set.

    60. Loop Is Dedz

      After weeks, I have finally found this trailer. ;)