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    You can't outrun destiny just because you're terrified of it. Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher arrives December 20.
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    The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

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    1. Minho Kim

      There's no monsters?

    2. bon aubrey sy arceo

      can't wait for the new season :((

    3. Alexandre L. Prades Llobet

      Netflix and HBO ever the best. Some others don't understand and 'like' haunt witchers mind's

    4. JD Ros

      I like how he took inspiration from the game for that Geralt voice.

    5. Yash Verma

      After this series people are loving Witcher's character. If it wasn't for this series then except for us gamers no else knew about how awesome The Witcher is. I feel sorry for the people who don't play video games and miss on such awesome stories and characters.

      1. The Funk

        yup casuals and normies who probably have never even picked up a controller before.

    6. Maga Skill

      When you slice somebody with the sword its sounds cheap

    7. Chris P Bacon

      Put a woke woman in charge of a story line and this is what you get - a shambolic mess but some really strong female characters! This show is so disjointed it's boring, and the female lead talks like a drunk slum woman. I don't know if I'll be bothered to finish the first season. Cavill carries it, keeping the terrible writers and directors from being fired, turning what would, without him, be a complete bomb into a series that's surviving. They don't deserve it. Unless the woke 'showrunner' is taken off the project or told to shape up big time, it's done.

    8. Vinay Khobrekar

      Waiting for a Netflix Series of Assassin's creed now. 🤣I love ASC Unity

    9. Fanzero 12

      why are Triss and Yennifer black ?

    10. Muhammed Arslan

      Which song beginning at 0:35?

    11. Vaishnavi S

      Daddy Cavill

    12. Gatiz Gangawat


    13. White Wolf

      Come on Roach

    14. Brianna Bauman


    15. • 69 years ago

      Don't waste time watching this stupid series of a guy who prefers to talk to a horse instead of making out with a sexy babe. Stupid series.

    16. Maui Caui

      1:27, casca.

    17. Rakirser

      What can I say, now I fully understand that meme about netflix adaptation... this is one of the shittiest adaptations of all time.

    18. Absurd Hero

      Awesome series. Made me re-install Witcher 1 for another playthrough!

    19. Luka Ljubičić

      Now do this for Skyrim

    20. Rotondwa Maumela

      Toss a coin

    21. Nitish Kumar

      He will be like I am a Superman aur SALMAN ka fan🤣🤣🤣🤣 Madarchod Bollywood wale.

    22. Stephen Shankara

      *Nobody:Geralt of Rivia* *Geralt of Rivia: Hmm*

    23. Tufail Khan Ápun

      Top move

    24. XD Z

      Can anyone make a lilac and gooseberry perfume?🤨

    25. charisaob

      When you see the Witcher, you will see B movie actors, more boobs in a single episode than you ever saw in Game of thrones all episodes, a new wanna be Khaleesi, (they could at least put a redhead in there or a light brunette, something else besides white hair) lots of 90s eye color contacts, scenes that remind you The Hobbit the dragon scene (they could at least pay for some graphics to make that golden dragon to move his mouth while talking), Harry Potter, X-men The Dark Phoenix, and while I love such type of movies and series, and as a woman I can understand the need for boobs in our days and I can put up with them for a good scenario, God I was glad it was finished.... nobody knows if I will ever watch second season, it was that bad for me..... for once critics where right..... this series can only be loved by low IQ people and the need for magic and boobs....

    26. Sandile Mlambo

      Toss a coin to your Witcher

    27. Za Warudo


    28. Ijlal Raza


    29. NGsM31

      He’s a good Geralt of Rivia.....I’ll give him that.

    30. Mirza Khalid

      Red Dead Medieval: Game of Thrones Edition 😄 👍

    31. Nwazuoke Chisomnazu

      I started it yesterday's evening and completed this morning. Little sleep, but it was worth it. Please please I need the season 2

    32. RETROnuts

      I got stuck on Witcher 3 on PS4,its like Fabie the Games,they were brilliant.I have only played Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and Henry Cavill’s looks like and sounds like Geralt from the game even has his sarcasm.. lol, I like the TV series, its good,I like it better than GOT.Most people that played the games will.

    33. ٠ ٠

      اسم موسيقي

    34. NadEr

      No thanks

    35. Ivan Ivan

      Why are there coloured people in slavic medieval Europe????

    36. Elisha Underwood

      They are filming this in the woods near me I see the lights at night where they film and I woke up at 6:30 one night to see a little fire where they was

    37. Erik Allison

      Ok but Geralt not being a part of the fall of Cintra was kind of odd. Nothing huge is changed due to this fact but I thought it added a nice touch of lore for his character

    38. Shoaib Khan

      but no series can beat GOT❤️💪

    39. rahul pandita

      Final ememy is bruce

    40. Nate P

      How come I can’t find the Witcher on my Netflix account?

    41. King Draconem

      Triss Merigold's Actress isn't fit for her role

    42. Tomas Sali

      They said there will be a Slavic music in the show. Well, I must be deaf then because I cannot hear any and the Slavic spirit is completely missing. All they care about is SJW agenda, race swapping and the show is suffering a bit because it’s not lead by Slavic advisors. The woman in charge has a German surname but it’s washed up Hollywood SJW assuming that multiculty is what people want. You are very mistaken lady

    43. Salem Salem

      Toss a coin to your witcher

    44. Susi Laila

      Henry... witch me.. s2 lets go...

    45. imran hamidi aqli azim

      Why they only make 8 episode 😭

    46. Jo Hn

      Very disapointed. This is leaning towards a girly girlish audience. So if youre a guy , youre going to be 100% disapointed. 1/10. Horrible. And theres way too much unnecessary nudity. Was expecting this to be so good. Just horrendous.

    47. Jonathan Yang

      Who else know that it was Henry because of his chin? No just me? Okay ima leave..

    48. Nini Mohamad

      I need season 2 bruh.

    49. Asif Awan

      The timeline of this show is reaaally confusing and rushed

    50. Linux Streamer

      after watching episode 1 i know why people love it

    51. Nivea Aquino

      In the end, it wasn't good at all. Just like I thought.

    52. Game Spark

      Thanks at least i got something to fill my void in heart left after Witcher 3 😭

    53. Aditya D.

      will there be trolololool

    54. Filip Jęczmiński

      It's very nice that so many people like the series about my Polish witcher.

    55. Super Sinis

      I'VE HEARD TALES OF YOUR KIND WITCHER..... this line always gets me.

    56. Trung Nè

      When have the witcher season 2 ?

    57. pug rose carrie phone nut

      i wish there's a game called The Bitcher, i wish a game company's gonna take on the task.this bitcher would be a mutant, created by magic, roaming the continent, hunting monsters, for a price.

    58. Soumya Sharma

      nd all I can Think is GAME OF THRONES right now....Anyone else??

    59. David S

      Fucks sake, what's with people making comments about everything that go abc: blah blah blah xyz: blah blah blah That probably makes no sense, but if it does, well done....and know what I mean??

    60. Serhat İçli