Toyota Supra v Ford Mustang V8 - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST


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    It's time for another DRAG RACE - this time pitting the Ford Mustang GT against a Litchfield-tuned Toyota Supra! The Supra has 440hp and a turbocharged 3.0-litre engine, but can it beat the Mustang being driven by Car Throttle's Alex Kersten, which produces 450hp thanks to its 5.0-litre V8! Let's find out...
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    Közzététel: 4 hónapja


    1. Женя Волощук

      Супра хороша она же легенда

    2. KaijuOni_PS4

      I love Supras but modified Supra against a stock GT? Nah man unfair...

    3. The Joker

      Wow so even

    4. Raveen George Thomas

      That Mustang is a 5.0 litre v8 car which is still slower than a supra... What an engineering!!! Big shit..

    5. Benjamin LEUNG [10S2]

      plot twist: alex's car has been sabotaged with heavier cameras

    6. Gabriel Saldarriaga

      Power by BMW

    7. That Ford Guy

      WoW Euro Mustangs are absolute turds! LoL A. Driver Mod needed desperately B. No sport/track mode 😒 C. 10 speed auto is absolute junk 👎 And notice it said "tuned" Supra and let's not forget that's a BMW sixer with twin turbo's under that hood. Toyota can't build anything worth a damn without help anymore. 😏


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      Supra is best

    10. Zakaria Saafan

      Zupra HAHAHAHAHA

    11. Zakaria Saafan

      Who noticed the Bmw cap ? 😂😂😂

    12. Anmol Sulekh

      Vin diesel wants to know your location

    13. John S

      The tuned supra had less hp and still slapped your shitty V8, look at all the salty mustang boys in the comments

    14. Toby mak

      Mustang has gone rusty. 🙏🍺

    15. New Life

      BMW Supra vs Chevy mustang

    16. Tony Wade

      Stang stock vs stock will crush that bmw

    17. Manny Tang

      It’s a BMW vs Mustang.

    18. heffyg101

      Would only be fair to get a supercharged, tuned mustang for a re-match.

    19. Karan Vir

      That over there

    20. Alejandro Galvan Santana

      the Mustang is not even in sport or track mode, so again another biased review own a Mustang first and then learn how to launch it.....

    21. Maria Stanculescu

      Pai toyota era mai usoara

    22. Tej A

      I’d like to see the Supra vs. 2020 Shelby

    23. James sevensix

      A supra will kick a mustang GTs ass stock vs stock. There is no debate there. It's half a second fast in both the 60 sprint and 1/4.

    24. itsmeruben

      where do you get that BMW hat?

    25. I_Dawg123

      “So then what exactly happened”. Ummm... tuned vs stock lol

    26. Frank Serrano

      Have you seen stock 720s beat tuned american cars and foreign I have

    27. Shane Sambo

      Ooooo foock! Spanking!

    28. Dill n Pickle

      I spent five minutes platting my gooch hair while watching these cars..

    29. Viper TheLegend

      Matt’s mother: do you like the bride I chose for you? Matt: good! Matt’s mother: So you’ll marry her? Matt: She’s not as good as BMW’S iDrive, though

    30. mahbod amin

      stupid Britain !!!!!

    31. Loco Raindrops

      This comparison is dumb af and so are these two wankers who are driving the cars. Who the fk races a stock car vs a tuned car then says the tuned car is faster. No shit. There are Mustang GTs out there running 8s in the 1320. Race one against the Supra.

    32. sasquatch

      Tuned vs stock... pointless and stupid comparison by a clown.

    33. sasquatch

      Still prefer the Mustang.

    34. Kyle Willis

      Tuned supra vs base gt nice comparison test lol

    35. Lance Manion

      I’ve never owned a ford. I’ve had six Toyotas. I would choose the mustang all day long regardless of what was done to the Supra. The Supra is BMW, it may handle great, but after 40k miles it will suck your bank account dry.

    36. tanishq tomar

      00:58 - 'Z'upra 😂

    37. Adam Strix

      V6 vs V8 and V6 with less Hp smoked the mustang

    38. костя рулить

      Mustang VS Camaro

    39. Steve Catana

      Any plans on a US Carwow? Need a US version to buy cars!

    40. rasch19785

      Listen to that German straight six wail, love it

    41. Mehaboob Hussain

      MUSTANG cannot be compared to the stupid toyota

    42. Bill Bunt

      Anything necessary to tip the scales against American products. Unfair comparison makes the entire video invalid!!!! Get some street cred children!

    43. Alexander Pfeiffer

      Supra 340Ps!????????😏

    44. Israel ‘lasagne’ Adesanya

      Tuned Supra vs stock Mustang and they’re the same price... lmfao

    45. Jean Tovar

      These lads talk so much shit, i wish they would just go ahead and race without all the babbling.

    46. Mauro Mauro

      Mustang sux

    47. Joseluis Barraganmagana

      !Wow that was a fair comparison 😂😁nice joke nice video 600 hp supra. 450 mustang 👏👏👏 please don't do it again

    48. Team Heat

      Pretty femmy win. Good thing its 2020. I can't say much

    49. lucian kristov

      Tuned supra... Vs stock mustang.... That's just all kinds of fucked up. How about imaginationvile and facing off with a tuned mustang gt vs the tuned supra... Cause it actually just makes the supra look like expensive dogshit. Bring that race over here in America and let us show you how to run 1320 in *sport mode* clearly wasn't used, with a tuned mustang gt. Throttle house 2020 mustang gt vs supra will prove what I said go ahead and search it

    50. Tyrefire TV

      Should do more collabs like this

    51. swaggos

      Mustang all the way

    52. Alex Bennett

      Should’ve tuned the sting up to the supras price

    53. עידן דביר

      אני האיש הישראלי היחיד שכותב

    54. Aaron Schmitz

      More from mustangs

    55. WolfieCrack

      5:05 Does anybody see the Toyota Supra Screen saying 'Kisstory?'

    56. James Keating

      Only females should be allowed to drive mustangs. They are so common. And gay.

    57. Chris, OneOfMany

      Wow. This prick thinks he's hot shit in his 500whp Scion. Come to the states and me and my boys can take turns training that pos up and down the highway. Don't give a shit what mods you have. Got a stock motor Hellion 62/66 PTE G2 kit on a PP1 10 speed that'll take them doors all day. Then you can drown in the sad fact and eventual dull realization that that that thing is as much a Supra as a Hookers Blowjob is Elegant. Sack up and get the Big Boy Beamer, broke ass SWN.

    58. M64 _syr

      Be quit kids please shut up, if you dont afford any one of them!

    59. Rolex Leica

      Mustang fans triggred

    60. Raccoon x

      V8 .5.0 but sloww😂