Turkey Moves to Crush Rojava, the Kurds’ Radical Experiment Based on Democracy, Feminism & Ecology

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Democracy Now!

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    As Turkey launches an aerial and ground assault on northern Syria targeting Kurdish-controlled areas, we look at how the offensive threatens the Kurdish region of Rojava with Debbie Bookchin, co-founder of the Emergency Committee for Rojava. She is a journalist and author who co-edited a book of essays by her father, Murray Bookchin, “The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy.” We also speak with Elif Sarican, a Kurdish Women’s Movement activist and anthropologist at the London School of Economics, and Ertuğrul Kürkçü, honorary chair of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party in Turkey, known as the HDP. He is a former member of Parliament in Turkey.
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    1. Basu Suman

      All lies. Turkey is right. Where were these when millions.of innocents were being killed by Assad's forces

    2. Basu Suman

      Turkey is correct

    3. Vectoria h

      God bless rojava

    4. Aapka Newz

      Turkey Pakistan Malaysia very dangerous their intention is not good other muslim like Kurds also know this and they never supporting These 3 group.

    5. II. Murat

      feminizm ve ekolizm çatısı altında doğruyu gizleyerek yıllardır sömürdüğünüz ülkeleri daha ne kadar soyabilirsiniz? Türkleri kandıramadığınız için diğer milletleri kullanmakla elinize hiçbirşey geçemeyecek! Biz Mustafa Kemal'ler oldukça bu dünyayı karartamıyacaksınız!

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    7. atari8 warez

      So called democracy and feminism imposed to people with gun power. Annexing a section of a once sovereign state called Syria. Forcing underage boys and girls to fight for YPG/YPJ, supplying support and man/woman power to separatist terrorist PKK organization. What a democracy, what an experiment!!!!. Thankfully it won't last for too long...

      1. Wolf of the Mountain II

        dude the ypg is a volunteer militia what are you on about

    8. Hasan Akıncı

      No other leader of the World's Leading Turkey

    9. jan si

      Fuck turkey

    10. omid

      Jin , Jiyan , Azadî

    11. Rogue Jedi

      Revolutionary not Radical.

    12. SohRab_IQ

      This woman basically doesn't know what she is talking about ..

    13. DXR

      Rojava are a social class who have the radical chains necessary to bring peace to the Middle East. The war in Syria is exactly an unjust war as it has no legal or political basis for war between Turkey and Syria to expell the Kurds. The Kurds have been governing themselves for more than a century and present the only viable outcome of the war. That outcome: democracy and self-governance for every entity in Syria.

    14. Sarah Smith

      She didn't do a good job explaining what Rojava is...we should be strongly behind what?

    15. Hozo Thirdeye

      Trump abandoned kurds in Iraq(2017) and now kurds in Syria(2019)

    16. mediiskit

      I don't need western ideologies end with nism. I want my own country, I want to kick out 1400 years old Islamic invasion

    17. Tony the poodle Blair

      I am worried for the gay fighters of sdf and ypg! 🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈 aaaawwww the times they used to lick our arses. 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈👍👍

    18. Ali Erikenoglu

      There are moments and stories where "Democracy Now" is painfully ignorant of important facts. This is a case in point :(

    19. Alican Öztürk

      GO AHEAD TURKEY. YPG are terrorists. ( E.g. they love Öcalan. Think about an organization which love Bin Laden ??)

      1. Alican Öztürk

        @Ivan Akoide The YPG is a terrororganization which will be destroyed. I like that the YPG , PKK or al qaida will be destroyed. No differences between them. So yes Erdogan make it correct like Obama ... Terrororganisation is to be destroyed. F..k YPG and all symphatisants of YPG.

      2. Ivan Akoide

        Think about people who love Erdogan (who supports ISIS and islamists in Idlib, who slaughters civilians in Syria). Erdogan should end up in International Criminal Court.

    20. Mage Be

      Turkey is the long standing legitimate ally of USA and Nato for decades. Fought with and for USA in Afghanistan, Korea, WWII -- Kurdish alliance was formed by Obama in 2014 and supposed to be short term and tactical. Turkey has every right to defend its border from - now more strengthened and armed Kurds. A group that is declared as terrorists by Nato. Turkey was abandoned by USA in 2014 when USA armed its sworn enemies of decades. Kurds are represented politically in Turkey and live in the country. If Turkey had intentions of wiping them out, they wouldn't even consider giving them political representation.

    21. J A F A S

      The kurds have wahmen in their army, surely they will fight and beat all the weak men opposing them... WAHMEN are so STRONG!!!!!

    22. Shamim Ahmed

      KURDS are friends of none. This is their fate since they have no morality but only sef serving egoistic mentality. They sided with Zionist and Imperialists for their self interest betraying their neighbours. They have taken over Arab lands and stealing Syrian oil and selling cheap to Israel. This Zionist project is doomed to fail.

    23. Suheil

      The American said Kurd enclave falls by the boots of Ali Baba Erdoğan the thief. The saga of lies and make believe, women carrying guns idolized as freedom fighters by the virtue or the lack of virtue of the US propaganda machine, ISIS backyard changing colors and names on demand by US (UK, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the Ottomans) writ for regime change while Syria stitches its land and flag for better days. Poetic

    24. dadada486

      I am holding my hands up and saying i don't know what the best option is. Who wouldn't want a pro-feminist, democratic, libertarian utopia in the heart of the middle east, but the fact is that this "state" born out of conflict, terrorism and political vacuum never had any recognition. Obama never promised to stay indefinitely, and you have the concerns and interests or the Turks, Syrians, Syrian refugees, ISIS issue to balance. Who is going to say that the Syrians shouldn't return to Syrian? Whoever says this had better open its door to millions of refugees. Also, do you really want another Israeli-palestinian issue? That utopia all of a sudden sounds frightfully familiar. Did the Americans foresee this happening when they destroyed Iraq in 2003?

    25. The PSYCHO Linguist!

      الأكراد غلطوا وقت فكروا إنه ممكن يكون إلهم كيان مستقل ، وهلق رح يدفعو الثمن

    26. Idea Cafe

      I want to do an ideacafe on Rojava. We need particpants and a question that allows for sharing by the people particpating. Is anyone interested in participating?

    27. mikos007

      The soldiers of syria helps Turkey why? Explain that on youre media news Syria is Syria Turkey took all of the people of Syria why europe closed they doors fore all thosr people? Why don’t help theae people Europe thats te big fault of them and now Turkey is bad bullshit no body helps that people but only Turkey has the balls to do that Ne mutlu turkum diyene

    28. karakol86

      100,000 families? I have heard that figure before and it is hard to imagine. Those poor children and babies

    29. Gregory Casey

      It'd be helpful to viewers if you had shown the actual extent of historic Kurdish Lands in NE Syria, running along the Turkish Border when broadcasting this. The Kurdish SDF gained control over all of the lands stretching from the Turkish Border to the Euphrates River Valley over the past 4-5 years with the assistance of the US UK & France but, and this is what needs to be emphasized, the vast majority of those lands were never Kurdish Lands and were never populated by Kurds. Kurds had lived in a zone skirting the Turkish Border extending perhaps 10 - 20 miles into Syria, including in the area now known as Rojava, but have now grabbed over 30% of the entire of Syrian Territory and had intended that all of those Lands would become a part of the new Kurdish autonomous region and quasi-State in circumstances where Kurds have insisted that the financial benefit of ALL of Syria's Oilfields should go to them rather than to Central Government in Damascus while they peddled Syria's Oil resources to Israel. Moreover, the early 21st Century extent of Kurdish lands in NE Syria stretching along the Turkish Border differs vastly from the extent of such lands at end WW II. Since WW II, hundreds of thousands of Kurdish immigrants to Syria from Turkey have turned to Syria seeking asylum from the Turks and it is from that Kurdish Immigrant Populations has come the majority of Kurds today in NE Syria. It is clear that those Immigrant Kurds have had little sympathy for the State that granted them Asylum from Turkey over the past 75 years when the net result has been a land & resources 'grab' from the Syrian State and Syrian People, ably aided and abetted by the US, UK, France, Israel and latterly, Saudi BArabaria. Kurds now reap what they have sown and despite refusing to enter any negotiations with Damascus over the course of the past 12 months, a refusal aided and abetted by the US Government, negotiation that would have led to them having to give up the vast majority of the lands between the Euphrates and the Turkish Border to the Syrian Government in return for limited autonomy over Rojava, they now find themselves begging Damascus and Moscow for help. Finally, I'd like to point out that even up to the mid-19th Century, the lands of Rojava weren't Kurdish Lands. It was only from the mid- to late- 19th Century and early 20th Century that Kurds became a majority in Rojava having migrated from Turkey and northern Iraq.

    30. T3KS1GaRa

      You supporting Terrorists ahhaha LoL 😂😂 Basicly what you saying is, If TURKEY will not stop and come closer Terrorists will release "Isis terrorists" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    31. sami275

      God bless people kurd ✌ Shame on turkey

    32. Grom Snor

      You stupid boomers have been completely gaslit by the CIA's destabilization program. There is no "feminist utopia" in that region. Holy shit, how can you even begin to believe this? Ask any American YPG volunteer what is actually going on there, and not some stupid bookworm.

    33. ban nab

      FUCK YOU TRUMP. the Kurds did so many for the west and you betrayed them from this point on its better for the kurds to never trust america or israel!!!

    34. Amjad Ali

      It is my opinion that Curds are anti-Arabs and anti-western. The Failed Coup in Turkey represents a turning point in this whole fiasco. It is easy to suggest that the Curds had a hand in the attempted coup in Turkey. The Americans pulled out and now the obvious invasion. No one in their right mind would allow the Curds to carve out Kurdistan from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. Only my opinion.

    35. J Lang

      Everyone should google Murray Bookchin -a raging Communist -and notice the Communist star on those girls sleeves - and even more interesting, is Bookchin's daughter, talking about Progressives and Feminism - proof that Feminism today, is an Authoritarian Politcial Ideology

      1. Archived_Videos

        Debbie Bookchin is a lying jew.

    36. Poyraz Akbaba

      long live TURKEY

      1. Aapka Newz

        @Tom Stone he know but he is radicalist that's why supporting,sniper is made to do headshot like them.

      2. Poyraz Akbaba

        @Tom Stone yeah i know that

      3. Tom Stone

        Turkey is a terror state and you know that!

    37. B Abdullah

      erDOGan supports isis and will release all the isis prisoners.

    38. Əvəz Zeynallı

      This propaganda is being carried out by such groups who do not know the dynamics of the region. For the attention to all, Kurds are large ethnicity in the Middle East in which spread across 4 countries: Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq. The Turkish Military Army is operating in northern Syria against PYD-YPG which is representing the very radical Marxist groups. These groups are becoming to threaten Turkey Republic in terms of backing other radical terrorist group PKK which have either moral and ideological ties with PYD-YPG.

    39. Əvəz Zeynallı

      Isn`t it peculiar the USA as the most capitalist or other liberal groups worldwide support or at least let to establish the radical Marxist-Leninist state in so-called Rojava? It is just opposed to the nature of the object.

    40. Al Gringo

      Shut the fuck up America, our trip to that side of the world was wrong in the first place, anyone no happy and wants to do something about it then take your family and go fight.

    41. Fair Tuncbulut

      usa is nr 1 murder

    42. Fair Tuncbulut

      USA is murder.

    43. Cemal Şimşek

      That guys almost an Terrorist did u know ? They organized 34 terrorist attacks in Europe. They killed thousands people, thousands children. Are you aware of their atrocities? Please research all PKK terrorist attacks. Please just research it

      1. Mert Şanal

        Well said, I am wondering since when supporting a terrorist organisation became intellectual thing to do! The people speaking there have no idea no good reason, and no research.

      2. Cemal Şimşek

        My brother and killed by them. My sister raped by them and I know who is wild ones. Believe me you guys don't know anything. You just believe what you see. This is a game for those who want to trick you. 20B Kurt live in Turkey and they have not any problem with Turkey. You know better than them?

    44. Kulaksızmhmet

      This is not ethnic war or something like that... Turkey is bombing ypg over there not kurds ... ypg doesnt represent all of kurdish identity . İt is a group who collabrated with pkk known worldwide as a terrorist organization with radical actions. usa, and some european countries are supporting them according to their energy interests .there are many kurdish people inside turkish army who is doing military service... maybe those soldiers are fighting against ypg now. why no one talking about babies who were executed with headshot at eastern villages. Until 90's nickname of pkk was babykillers... they were killing turkmen originned children one by one . Now all of them forgotten ... all of their guilt gone. The teachers and doctors that they kidnapped... the schools that they have burned ... all of them forgotten. Now they are freedom fighters, heroes, they are the fighters who create a state ... it is a great to talk from different continent . You are creating a kurdish story according to your own taste... It's funny you even think of them as Christian or budhist. Most of sects are kurdish ... tillo, menzil, norşin, nakşibendi ... as an atheist person I know many things about them and their culture, you can not know more than somebody who is living in anatolia.

      1. Kate Hare McIntosh

        Thank you for your insight - we, as Westerners, need the inside stories. If you had podcasts here, I would follow!

    45. Hama Kurd

      dünyanın en pis millet en imansiz ve en ahlaksiz turk milletidir boş yere çocukları infaz edersiniz gunahsiz insanlari derbeder edersini dilerimki yuce ALLAHtan askerleriniz tek tek GEBERSIN tukureģim ataturkunuze tukureyim bayrağinıza tükreyim erdoğaniniza

      1. PanTurkist

        o kadar nefret doluysan al eline silahı çık dağa. hesabın orada görülür.

    46. Kaan

      İt is clear Kurds betrayed Syria, cooperated with USA, already kurds governing RAkka and anothet arab cities, expelling arabs. Now kurds wants international help. If usa likes kurds, USA cann give california to Kurds. And If EU like humanity, EU can take Syrian People to EU. And ısıs created by USA to make kurdish government. Because usa did not create kurdish government at Sevres after WV1, Because Mustafa Kemal did not allow USA controlled kurds. Now USA tryin to support leftih kurds saying they are fighting against ısıs they are leftih, they are modern, we learned

    47. Amed Zaxo

      Long live Kurdistan Long live Rojava

    48. Kool-aid Watchdog

      Well played, Trump! You just split the so called "Left"... The anti-imperialist vs. the Social Justice Warriors. They were always at odds. It wasn't hard... Maybe I should thank Soros instead. Actually, what we should be concerned about is... Will Turkey free ISIL prisoners to try to start another Caliphate.

    49. Lock Picker

      Her bijî rojava!

    50. saeed dali

      Their is nothing called roj fuck .

    51. tuba mert

      Peacespring loading.... game over runnn

    52. Huib Wetzel


      1. Ares X

        @Dawood Ahmed tell me 1 reason why the fuck would Turkey give away land to a terrorist organization!! They do not represent the kurds plus the kurds who are living in Turkey are happy soo go to Europe and ask them for a peace off land because we will not give you one!!

      2. Dawood Ahmed

        Ares X kurdistan is so real you turks are shaking when u hear kurds

      3. GAAZI

        There are so many "Criminal Brains" in the world. Specially from Five owners of UN, who invade Muslim Nations, which are far away from their borders illegally, or with fake reason and kill the innocents, unarmed people, steal their oil,rape and loot...

      4. Ares X


    53. Koksal Ceylan

      We suport Turkey in this case becouse the invaders are the PKK,YPG who etnicly cleanzed all the Cities,Towns,land they took from ISIS,Asad.all the peoples who lived in there befor the Kurdish invasion of North Syria from Irak like the Sunni Arabs,Assyrian,Aramean Christians,Yezidiz,Turkomans who were all forced,tretend by the Kurds to flee,or dy in Battle. Turkey is going to settle thies people who fled the lands taken by the YPG terrorist. Is Northeren Irak not Big Enoff? Is the North Eastern Syria the east side of the river Eufrat all the way in to Iranian borders (600 KM long)not Enoff? that the PKK YPG Kurds whants all the Syrian Turkish border lands to?. What are you,creating an Empire so sort?. The Christian Assyrian,Arameans,Yezidies dont what to live in a Kurdish dominated country were they will be seconde rank subject. No they dont wannebee a part of Kurdish Stalinist nationalistc new Nation state.

      1. Lock Picker

        Wtf? They lived there for over 1000 years, much longer than the turks. How can the native population be invaders? There are also arab and christian troops in YPG so stop talking bullshit. It's the first democracy in this area and the turks are illegaly invading it to commit a genocide like they did with the armenians

    54. Koksal Ceylan

      Turkey is cruching only the Marxist Leninst PKK YPG Kurds who terrorize the Kurds,take there woman in Combat battlions to dy in there tousends and not becouse of a Democrazcy Based,Feminism Experiment you fool,get real!. You cant do Experiment whit people,they are not your toys,it'shuman life we speaking about!. We sow what happend whit the Bolshevic Experiment in Riussia,Sovjet union.

    55. Musti B.yazici

      Uppppp your ass baby now turkey is here

    56. Sofian

      "Experiment Based on Democracy, Feminism & Ecology" Laughable. Have you reported on the ethnic cleansing of Arab northern Syrians by Kurds? Is it part of that cool "experiment"?

    57. Benjamin yildiz

      Israils kurdistan projekt Will fail Fuck nwo

    58. ahmet cumhur arslan

      5 million people escaped from northern syria to turkey. 400 thousand of them are kurds from lands in operation now. Keep in mind that and think about who is making massacre.

    59. Muhammet Atinc

      Turkey is doing what we have to do for our security

    60. W.S. Soap Company

      Why the fuck is the U.N. not stopping this?!

      1. Lock Picker

        Because the UN is a a toothless tiger

    61. mir imran ali

      Dnt cry bby there is always karma waiting. Turkey is doing great

      1. B Abdullah

        May Allah destroy turkey, Ameen.

    62. Tarık Mengüç

      There are 4-5 M refugees in Turkey that should go back to their country. pkk(sdf, like changing your name makes you clear) is a drug cartel that uses child soldiers and killing civilians for 40 years.

      1. Tarık Mengüç

        @Kate Hare McIntosh Your welcome but I don't have enoguh time for a youtube channel.

      2. Kate Hare McIntosh

        Thank you for the insider perspective. If you had a channel here, I would follow you.

    63. George Mitchell

      The discussion on Rojava unfortunately was one sided.The issue is more complex than as presented here

      1. Harold Matthews-Duggan

        It definitely seems to be the best side there...

      2. George Mitchell

        Progressives should look before leaping.

    64. the Türk 2750

      So much propaganda western Media is so Pathetic these terrorists Will alle be killed

    65. gjfjfj rnjrrjr

      Free kurdistan from Saudi Arabia ✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿

      1. gjfjfj rnjrrjr

        @Kcha ShaZaka I'm 25

      2. Kcha ShaZaka

        @gjfjfj rnjrrjr and you?

      3. Kcha ShaZaka

        @gjfjfj rnjrrjr thanks, l'm 15 years old

      4. gjfjfj rnjrrjr

        @Kcha ShaZaka how old are you

      5. gjfjfj rnjrrjr

        @Kcha ShaZaka beautiful name

    66. Phillip Mahmoot

      "Our ideals and morals are the correct ones so we should be allowed to steal land from sovereign nations to build our ethno-state!" This woman is deluded.

      1. Gregory Casey

        @Boogeyyyman See my comment below : Kurd Homeland is but a tiny sliver of NE Syria along the border with Turkey. Kurd SDF has grabbed the entire of East & North Syria stretching from Turkish Border to Iraqi/Jordan Border and everywhere to the East of the Euphrates with the help of the US-led International Coalition. 90% of that area was never Kurd and is not now Kurd.

      2. Phillip Mahmoot

        @Boogeyyyman None of the lands were exclusively occupied by the Kurds and the Assyrians were there long before the Kurds gave up their nomadic lifestyle. So taking someone else's village is stealing.

      3. Boogeyyyman

        Why steal? Kurds lived there for centuries

      4. Gregory Casey

        @karakol86 I suggest you read my comment below Karakol. The extent of the land-grab by Kurds in Eastern Syria extends all the way to the Euphrates from the Turkish & Iraqi Borders when everyone agrees that the maximum extent of Kurdish Lands in Eastern Syria amounts to no more than a sliver extending between 5 + 20/25 miles from Turkish Border. The Kurds have grabbed all of this Land because this is where the vast majority of Syria's Oil assets are situate. America & Israeli Intel favored this land-grab because it would ensure that Syria would lose it's Oil and could, no longer be perceived as a threat to Israel, particularly since Trump & BiBi came together to do a PR Stunt and grab all of the Golan from Syria for Israel.

      5. karakol86

        I don’t agree with her statement but the European settlers here in the States did the same thing. That is everyone’s reasoning when taking land, I would rather have a democratic society tKe land than a group like ISIS

    67. jamal ali

      What unadulterated bs propaganda & anti-Turkey, Turk-bashing bullshit.

    68. Andy M.

      Turkey should be kicked out of NATO now!

      1. Tarık Mengüç

        With Russian presence in the mediteranean and US bases in Turkey, good luck with that.

    69. aprivatez

      Sounds like somebody is peddling propaganda

    70. FFM0594

      I'd almost given up hope of finding journalism. It seems most 'free' news-sites have been closed down.

      1. EileenMc

        GrayZone Aaron Mate, Status Coup, The Hill-Rising Show, RT-redacted Today, the Intercept, Jacobin, Abby Martins Empire Files, Jimmy Dore. See You Tube

    71. The Hacker

      terorist öso terorist ypg terorist pyd terorist pkk

      1. The Hacker

        @B Abdullah fuck erdogan fuck isis

      2. B Abdullah

        erDOGan supports isis.

    72. Mono Palle

      Those socialist terrorists will be destroyed. And NOBODY will come to rescue them. The "revolution" is over.

    73. Harold White

      Oh please, Democrats call themselves progressives but then do their best to squelch true progressives (Bernie, Tulsi, etc.) they're doing everything they can to keep AOC from being re-elected.

    74. Howard Selby

      So Syrians need to give the oil rich half of their country to the Kurds or what? Isn't this just the centuries old western policy of disrupt, divide and fragment cultures and countries, plant puppet regimes and legitimise the resource theft?

      1. B Abdullah

        @Phillip Mahmoot Shut up, fascist turk!

      2. Howard Selby

        @Phillip Mahmoot I understand many Kurds live along the Turkey/Syrian border, also along the Iran/Iraq border; the result of Imperial border creation during the twentieth century. Seems the Kurds, like many groups in the region, have fallen between the new Imperial border lines, yet become a useful geopolitical tool for the west - legitimises access to UN recognised sovereign states on feeble "humanitarian" or "anti-terrorism" grounds; a group that can be motivated to take-up a contrary position to problematic administrations.

      3. Phillip Mahmoot

        Kurds live along the northern border but want everything east of the Euphrates because that is where the oil is.

    75. John Doe

      ISIS is NOT an enemy of the United States. People must stop saying that. ISIS was created, armed and funded by the United States and Israel. ISIS is their baby.

    76. Caroline Siegel


    77. Yoel

      There is so much to do. Allow me to try. Kurdish alliance with Syria will keep Kurds apart from "Israel"' even though they may maintain some U.S. support as well, at least by non-Zionist factors there. There are other voices there unlike "Israel" and Turkey. Turkey and "Israel" are Settler Colonialism who seek to destroy natives of Western Asia. Beyond that, there are other groups of resistance: Houthis, Greeks (who claim for Western Anatolia and Cyprus) , many factions in Iraq. I wonder where is Russia? maybe should be pressured by Kurdish-Syrian coalition. Turkey is in broken-weak economy as well, depends mainly on Tourism. Which means constant shelling from both sides Kurdish and Greek will shutter it's economy. Europe and U.S. should boycott it as well. Just like many organizations that support the BDS.

    78. Nsar stafeenee

      Wtf is this videos caption? Crush’s?

    79. Bani Saho

      LIARS... YPG and PKK are communist terrorist garbage. Victory for the Ummah.☪☪☪

    80. Zanyar Slemani

      Why the world is silentAgainst the crime of Turkey??

      1. Zanyar Slemani

        @Kcha ShaZaka به لی گیان

      2. Kcha ShaZaka

        ببرام تۆش کوردی

      3. Czterdziestysiódmy

        @Zanyar Slemani yes it is

      4. Zanyar Slemani

        @Czterdziestysiódmy it's true, But this is the height of injustice about Syria and the innocent people

      5. Czterdziestysiódmy

        if the people wouldn't be silent and try to do something with it, then media had to talk about it and politics would be under some preassure to actually act in this matter