Unveiling the Huracan at SEMA 2019 and Our First Real Drive

B is for Build

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    In today's episode we start back in portland, 36 hours before SEMA load in deadline, and take it from there!
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    1. Buffalo Doctor

      That shit looks like you described a Huracan to a blind person then got them to draw it

    2. Traian-Madalin Popescu

      we want a new boat video!

    3. tibchy144

      embarassing to be seen in

    4. Jess W

      It's has all been said!! What an incredible journey, this is the most insane looking, sounding Lambo on the planet. It gives everyone the belief that with endurance and determination we to could build something that blows minds. It's a true credit to everyone involved. You have our support from down under 🇦🇺 👊

    5. armancha23

      Man that sounds BEAST!

    6. 2Moza

      Congrats on the Build for SEMA and a Even bigger Congrats for your Personal life together :) lol.

    7. JBTYpr

      Love the build! just wish the whole thing was the same color so you could appreciate the body

    8. Hahauravirgin

      That is ugly

    9. 100 Bands

      For those who don't know, Chris proposed to his now to be wife! Congrats from the UK!

    10. david elmsly

      Bro how epic! You made it : ) Have the gated shifter gate on show. Old lamb style

    11. S D W

      😏 congrats from another kid from Portland.. 🤣 that man said "too much glue goin on here!!".. cuz sometimes you gotta fake it till you make it.. 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

    12. s60polestar fan

      Crazy build. Nice job

    13. Dominic yeates

      Are you going to make a custom Deck lid for it??

    14. David Ellison

      I couldn’t imagine working on a vehicle that Long!!!! It’s never going to bring enough money to cover just ur man hours!!! U haven’t slept in 4days but ur going to go judge other people’s builds!!!

    15. Extra Ziadeh

      This is amazing and I support this 110%. But am I the only one who thinks the rear diffuser and the whole back end is ugly?

    16. Joseph White

      Congrats on the proposal!!!!

    17. Doug S

      Why does everyone have Lambos? No one has anything different. Where are all the Ferraris at.

    18. No lights, no water, no late night snacking.

      damn, that pearl tho 👌

    19. RJ

      Really awesome car. Its going to need a ton of work before it is ready for any track or street use, though.

    20. cactus jack

      Is there anything at sema thats not a last minute rush job?

    21. Carlos Tavarez

      Congrats on the engagement!!!

    22. Danny Corliss

      Gotta love when the steering wheel started to fall off while driving

    23. bomatt

      This car is insane. You guys did a great job.

    24. Matt Kesner

      Congratulations on getting married man

    25. Ray McGuffie

      You guys did an amazing job! I love the work you did . Thanks so much for the inspiration! You and your team are the best!

    26. sam meck

      To come from a half burnt car just amazing, great job guys😃

    27. Weni 879

      At 21:13 Christie is casually recording it the background 🤣

    28. Ben Corcoran

      Most underwhelming reveal ever!!!

    29. Rob

      Was anyone else sketched out by how wobbly the steering wheel was around 12:00?

    30. Morgan S

      Cool videos, was fun watching the progress. Good work!

    31. ori0n

      guys please for the love of god bring jackstands with you and use them, i'd hate for the jack to slip and the car hurt one of you severely EDIT: I now see the jackstand and apologize. Just got concerned.

    32. GLeszega

      Hats off to you man. I remember your first build thinking to myself what is this guy doing trying to drill spot welds on a donor quarter panel with a $10 harbor freight drill now look at you. Way to kill it!

    33. Dillon Christopherson

      Holy shit look at all though views! Congratulations! Plus so many new subscribers, and your lambo was all over DDE’s video! So pumped for you! Feels like a week ago you had 200k Subs! Congrats on all the growth keep doing what your doing! Big fan from Olympia wa!

    34. skeelo69

      Quite possibly, The Most talked about car (other than Foose's Jaguar E-Type rendition) at SEMA ... all those long nights were 100% worth it, you smashed it .... well done to all at the channel...special mention goes out to the Welder-weight champion Oscar ! 💪

    35. Harry Morrice

      I’d love to see a zonda R / f1 style intake for those turbos. Gotta get air in there somehow.

    36. Thiago Pantaroto

      First name that pops in my mind on the videos is "So... OSCAR will do this..." Hahahahaha Oscar is a legend already! I watched every single episode, unfortunately didn't have the chance to go to SEMA this year. Hope to heva another chance to see it. Congratulations!!

    37. wendell campbell

      Respect ‼️

    38. Jeffrey White

      Hope you guys have another project soon!

    39. Max Headroom

      What's with the sloppy loose steering wheel? Reminds me of my ex-wife. Seriously sloppy and loose.

    40. Tim Budd

      Great job guys. Some effort indeed.

    41. Michael Atkin

      Why was Chris fix in a helmet??

    42. Ramblin' Garage

      This thing was all over the SEMA Fails facebook page. I love the swap.. but seems a little rushed.

    43. Nate Horst

      Too many youtubers got in over their heads this year for Sema; I truly wish you had more time!

    44. Ulises Medina

      That thing is absolutely crazy

    45. smoken tweaken

      This doesn’t look right

    46. cassidy pelchat

      "It's fitting for the Burnt-acon." This one got me. Good job on the build, 100% regret missing this year.

    47. sparkplug1018

      Looks pretty sweet, suggestion for the next build though, plan it out and manage your time a lot better! Man come on, theres no way it should have come down to this.

    48. globenstine 1

      ugh the body kit is super sloppy. i cant believe they just bolted on those quarter panels on top of stock ones.

    49. Bale Mythology

      I'm here from DDE video recommendation. Insane build man!

    50. Cassie

      I respect the build but honestly this car doesn't look all that good. Amazing build but stylistically not my cup of tea.

    51. Alex Russ

      I’ve gotta say... I’m finally seeing this car in other HUselrs Instagram accounts and vlogs... and it is clear that the angles you guys caught it in in this video just DO NOT do it justice... I made sure to watch this episode first, but every other post I’ve seen it in just captures how awesome this really looks.

    52. MR BLITE

      does the paddles still work

    53. Alex Barman

      Why is the steering wheel so loose? I can see it flailing about like it's not even bolted on

    54. Gerardo Martinez

      Hey Chris you have the badass lambo in sema everyone showing soport to B is for build i luv all the build u done in the pass.

    55. 1M Views

      Come on Chris. 😁😁

    56. Shawn Suppa

      This reminds me of OCC. Building rides that can't be ridden. I think you should have to drive the car a minimum of 100 trouble free miles before it can be judged.

    57. Michael Pierce

      do you still have your boat??

    58. Jesus Cardozo

      i dont understand the swap wouldn't a v10 twin turbo be better?

      1. PeRX

        Jesus Cardozo maybe but this is way more original and much cheaper

    59. Mark Holcomb

      Dude, I missed it by 1 day! I tried to see that car!

    60. Superior Life Style

      Congrats on the sema build man! Very unique and badass! 👏