Vettel And Leclerc Collide! | 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix



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    Dramatic scenes at Interlagos as the Ferrari drivers make contact and crash out of the race.
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    1. Madafaka Hakuna matata

      S🅱️innatimus prime

    2. Tristan Ellis Vlogs

      You have to leave a space all the time you have to leave a space! ok?! Understood!

    3. Uncle Gilbert

      I love seeing Ferrari fail.

    4. Time1iver Sieht irgendwie aus als wäre eher Leclerc daneben getreten. War ja am Platz machen, aber zum Schluss zog er wieder gerade.... vettel nicht.

    5. ömür Geçeci

      Vettel .

    6. Luis Fedalizo

      That's why team orders are a thing, to prevent stupid mistakes like these from happening. Teammates shouldn't jeopardize their chances of finishing the race in one piece.


      That was a stupid,foolish and ridiculous incident. Current Ferrari has no brain and strategy.

    8. jojy yo

      Sebastian Vettel : Mein Gott bin ich ein Bauuuerrr !!!!

    9. Dani

      Can someone that is good at it please make a compilation of all the mistakes and unnecessary loss of points bij Vettel and Ferrari ? I think it would shine a good light at this season. LOL. Ferrari CEO ment this was a strong season 🤣 I don't want to be there when they have a weak one...

    10. TerribleFire

      Most entertaining moment of the season for me.. Two Ferarris thumping into each other and another Vettel error. Priceless. More of this please F1!

    11. francesco lavilla

      Vettel speaking German Sounds like he is saying my god I’m such a cunt!!!

    12. Thesheepdog


    13. manat31790

      And this is the race where Bottas retired and Hamilton made a silly mistake that dropped him to 7th. Even on the day Merc screwed up, Ferrari managed to lose horribly.

    14. deo jumalon guinsatao

      I strat this car race I was 5 years old Brazil is my frist race track

    15. gothicm3rcy S

      vettel screams in german... leclerc "what the f*** is that crazy idiot on about this time"

    16. gothicm3rcy S

      ferrari 2019 would make a good comedy film

    17. Team 10. -

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    19. Team 10. -

    20. ihsan Keskin

      Gaped with astonishment!

    21. francesco lavilla

      100% vettel’s fault. He is insecure and tried a bold move ...

      1. PatP 01

        francesco lavilla Yeah, it was not his year

      2. francesco lavilla

        You are right but vettel this year hasn’t really matured But yeah I agree

      3. PatP 01

        francesco lavilla That’s right. But I would not say that it is 100% Vettel‘s fault. They are both to blame

      4. francesco lavilla

        If you look at the video you can tell leclerc moving cause Seb is going left that’s why I say it’s vettel , Of course leclerc is not a saint but vettel should have been more careful

      5. PatP 01

        francesco lavilla That’s racing. And it is definetly not 100% Vettel‘s fault. Leclerc barely left space. Leclerc did the same move against Norris in lap 1

    22. Míry DR

      same race - Leclerc vs Noris - same trick from Leclerc:

    23. Spencer Kissack

      Deja vu --- Redbull, VETTEL, Webber.....(Vettel can't stand the fact that Charle is better than him & going to be the correctly appointed #1 driver at Ferrari. His ego can't take it)

    24. Paul Kirwan

      Vettel says WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING - What the hell are YOU doing ~~~~~~~~~~~ ????????

    25. Paul Kirwan

      This was not an accident this was Vettel moving over on Leclerc you can see over the top tv view Vettel goes left straight into his team mate his fault 100% as he did with Webber moved over until they touched and Webber went off. I am sick of this guy just RETIRE go somewhere else please..

    26. JBwk

      Vettel did the same to Webber in 2010!!!

    27. Shingieaw Munyaka

      It means:my god must be such a ******* but also. The ******* means bastard

    28. Elon Musk

      Vettel be like: Im sorry, its gonna be better next time.... Ive got a puncture Im pulling over.... There's no Chance that I will ever win a Championship again... But we are here for fun, and as long as we are happy its alright 0.837 Nanoseconds later: Rages in German: MEIN GOTT!!!! MUSS DAS SEIN????? SO EIN SCH*** ABER AUCH!!!

    29. Elon Musk

      Mein Gott!! Muss das sein?? So ein Sch*** aber auch

    30. DoubleLucky777

      Turn on volume with Max and press this -> 0:47

    31. sehhi vooty

      Where's the "top 5 times Vettel has collided with a teammate" video 😂

      1. Engineer 314

        sehhi vooty DUDE YES!!! They made with for Verstappen, but it’s SO MUCH more fitting for Vettel

    32. Ramazan K.

      Why did seb move to the left towards charles even tho he was ahead he could have just kept his car straight and avoided the collision it is just unneeded act from seb he could have surpassed lec without diving into him too

    33. Colin Mill

      Ferrari management: "We need to stop everyone talking about the loss of power" Vettel: "I have a cunning plan..."

    34. macspud28

      Vettel up to his old tricks.

      1. sehhi vooty

        seems very similar to the ham VS Alonso debacle

    35. foopyu nooui

      I got slightly scared when Vettel started screaming in German.

    36. m graebner

      my old favorite has turned into an idiot driver...when you look at the footage in slow-motion it clearly shows that Vettel drives into his colleague with no need... he has enough space to pull a decent re-pass - but as a stupid macho he does what he does ... his Ferrari days are over

      1. gtoss chddy

        Leclerc is going to learn German after seeing this video

    37. Mark Goodlett

      He done the same to Mark Webber, so why are we no surprise d? I think it's about time Ferrari should consider a driver change? Vettel is no good since the red bull days where he had all his own way! Now he has a driver that can beat him he can't handle it!

      1. foopyu nooui

        Dear F1 - fix your notification. This is one week old and I Just got the notification for the video now. A story one week on the internet is an eternity in real life. I want to comment

    38. Pablo D'Ambrosio

      The both are children. So stupid action.

      1. gtoss chddy

        Lololololololool hahahaha

    39. chding zuure

      It's got to the stage where every race you're wondering how are Ferrari going to mess up today... they never disappoint

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Leclerc is going to learn German after seeing this video

    40. Charles Leclerc

      What the ???

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Lololololololool hahahaha