Watch Elon Musk announce the Tesla Cybertruck in 14 minutes



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    Elon Musk unveiled the new Tesla Cybertruck tonight at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.
    Tesla Cybertruck: Inside the unveiling:
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    1. UwU

      Comes with a free ps2 console with 10 games

    2. Bounty Hunter

      Is this Doctor Harrison Wells?

    3. azureen a

      Elon 2021: Cybertruck Elon 2038: Cyberlife

    4. Tommy LaSauce

      Elon Musk the most brilliant engeneer of humain history. PERIOD !

    5. esteban gavajda

      I would really like to ask Elon what is happening with the thousands of satellites and 5g technolgy and how is afefcting the human body, does he know something? does people really know whats happening with 5g and covid19 activation? I really wonder..

    6. Official Sensei

      Tesla On Space Is Waving At You😂

    7. Francisco Nieves

      Only way I can make up for all this is to own a Tesla truck on mars

    8. mr SCP

      Il et trop beau le sybertruck

    9. Joseph Cox

      Elon you motherfuckin genius

    10. Ronnie Epstein

      his the only billoinbare that does what he does for the right reasons ! he is the only one that changes the world for the better and not the size of his pockets . you guys got an idea how anyone can invest in Elon except buy telsa shares ? anyone know mabye if solar-city or space-x went public ?

    11. Wan Yuslizan

      I don't mind that Cybertruck, but the ATV looks awesome 😍. I want it...

    12. That Guy On R2D

      Many came here for the cybertruck. But I came for sick *_ELON MUSK_*

    13. mapuia thanga


    14. MuggleCake

      I have an idea: you should put the same glass that you dropped the ball on in the car!

    15. Jibb's Compilations

      Lol at the Mad Max music

    16. Eco Decor

      I can’t believe my dads getting that Carr,

    17. hommhommhomm

      They actually tried to make even wheels non-round, look at the wheel-shades! (please higher a designer)

    18. Самсунг Телефонович

      This Man has opened new epoch He is like God

    19. Самсунг Телефонович

      Great person . Ideal of of men

    20. Dragon Master

      I love Elon musk

    21. Nipun Chamara Muthugala

      Metal ball @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="457">07:37</a> ; I'm gonna end this persons entire carrier

    22. Никита Фадеев

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    23. Gerard Derrick Malazarte

      It's ugly.

    24. johnsccc

      That is a sick truck. For $39’000, it’s a bargain too. First desirable Tesla car. I don’t understand the negative comments!?

    25. gizmo 585

      Tough yes but that guy swings like a weenie

    26. The m0nster 307


    27. Magatsukami San

      Tesla roadster = y Cybertruck = dy/dx

    28. Andrei Christopher Maximino Moreira

      How to make sure Elon Musk's products will be effective? Because they fail at first

    29. Darren Shao

      This is so embarrassing when the vertical glass gets shattered by the ball😳🙄😂

    30. TheKrackenX42

      Elon musk I keep telling you, you got to stop taking speech therapy with Anakin Skywalker!

    31. Jeff Pontes

      I can’t wait for my truck!!! I need a time machine


      First the United States Space Force And now the first prototype warthog. What exactly is going on here?

    33. Metzger JB

      wow ballistick glass and everyone is woo woohoo do they even know how much its worth

    34. Metzger JB

      the truck is ok, ill give you a super great idea that will make you even more rich and influent if you only listen and pay attention to my messages that pass this network cable and paint a perfect world infront of you. in return i want one of them cybertrucks

    35. Metzger JB

      why do you want to go to mars lets just colonize space!! did you know that nothing decays in space and there are a million of ways of making tons of power generators that combined whit 0g can work FOREVER

    36. Elaine Ho

      Most people: Tesla cybertruck is ugly Me and the boys: nah it's cool

    37. G Sterling

      Quick! While it lasts, come and see the very latest and most entertaining fad, before it evaporates! 1) What part of "wait a long time for the batteries to charge" do the investors piling into this not understand? EVs may make some sense for regular commuting, but as soon as you try to use one to do anything BUT regular commuting, tedious waits for recharging drain a lot of the fun away. 2) "...reduce pollution through a shift to electric vehicles" is a Big Lie. 50% of US electric power comes from coal, so when you plug your EV in for its hour-plus recharge, remember that you are really driving a Coalmobile. Coal is a worse pollutant than fossil fuels, so today's EVs INCREASE pollution. 3) EV battery production creates as much environmental damage as 7 years of driving a conventional car, which compounds the Coalmobile issue. 4) “What’s the message the market’s sending Ford?” That popular delusions and the madness of crowds are alive and well among "professional" investors.

      1. G Sterling

        EV are only 2% of the market. My two hybrids are much more economical to operate then a Tesla when factoring in maintenance, gas vs. electricity and insurance. Tesla Model S has the highest insurance of any vehicle. The Model 3 is the same as Porsche 911. Tesla has been in business for 16 years and has not come close to making a profit. They lost 2 billion in 2017, 980 million in 2018 and 860 million in 2019. Consumer Reports ranks them 23 out of 30 in reliability. The Model X is rated by them as one of the ten least reliable cars. The Model X and S sales dropped 50% from 2018 to 2019. The company sells basically one Model. IMO that car is so ugly especially inside that if it was 50% off would not buy it.

    38. BrownGurlsRead

      Omg the glass☹ He must be really embarrassed

    39. Anthony Morello

      he needs to drive the hacksmith 1/2 scale cybertruck

    40. Lucas Ueta

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="460">7:40</a> for those who just came for it

    41. dean howard


      1. Miguel lopez

        Sounds good.

    42. Tape De Raymond

      WoW <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a>

    43. Ashurah Abrahams

      He’s South African

    44. kk kk

      exactly...... a (simple) future

    45. Bakery Music Group / BMG


    46. Tarik Albert

      Cyber truck has plot armor

    47. gln reddy

      Definition of car?

    48. Diego Ocaña

      Excelente video

    49. Sun Phoenix

      Elon musk "what else can we do with the truck ?" Me" nuke it!"

    50. Sun Phoenix

      Elon should hire brock lesnar to hit test the cybertruck

    51. Sun Phoenix

      And u have to open/ close the doors by yourself with Cybertruck

    52. Wonderful Day

      Think for yourself, don't follow anyone, find your path.

    53. Voldemort

      *elon is so awkward but at the same time everyone is like '' he got money laughhhh''*

    54. Kelly VD Alastre

      I’m an insurance agent and I’m just telling you in advance, your premium is gonna BUST. Cross Xmas off your list

      1. Miguel lopez

        @Kelly VD Alastre yeah you're right.

      2. Kelly VD Alastre

        Miguel lopez I know, the problem is that right now, it only insures Teslas...if you have more than one vehicle, you’ve got to have an additional policy, which will inevitably cost more, especially if you own two cars in particular - then you lose the multi car discount offered by the majority of standard auto underwriters. The average cost to insure a Tesla model 3 is $1913/year... that’s not low by any means compared to other makes. Also, insuring anything *but* the model 3 is a fortune, even according to Tesla. They’ve got a long way to go. Elon is brilliant, but there’s a lot to learn about this industry.

      3. Miguel lopez

        Tesla offers it's own insurance.

    55. ejones9924

      Look like a lego design i did during my childhood

    56. tricks

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="465">7:45</a> window fail <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="765">12:45</a> suspension fail crowd: WOOOOOOW

      1. Miguel lopez

        Laminated glass works this way. No glass is shatter proof just resistant He specifically said that their air suspension could adjust to lower the rear so they can load easier this would be useful on other trucks of similar price.

    57. tricks


    58. illistfloo

      First time seeing this, lol just a joke yeah? Clearly not

    59. King Khan

      this presentation wouldn't have been as popular as it is now if the glass didn't break. Well played Elon

    60. Ernesto Rodriguez

      This Looks Like One Of Those Cars From Halo

    61. G Sterling

      The virtue signaling by Tesla owners is laughable at best. Fully electric and hybrid vehicles leave a large environmental impact caused by the batteries. The mining of exotic chemicals, the manufacture, and the disposal puts a black eye on the whole process. Most of those activities are carried out in third world countries where the "believers" don't see the problems or deal with those problems. Then the carbon footprint cannot be dismissed because most of the electricity is generated by coal. Then the change out of batteries is not cheap, both for the owners and the shops doing the change and abiding by strict disposal laws. Bottom line; is it is too early to swoon over electric vehicles. It will happen when the technology and practicality come together.

      1. Seawolf

        @G Sterling A BMW G20 3-Series 330i, weighs 3,589 lbs. The Model 3 SR+ weighs 3,627 lbs. That's about the weight difference of your girlfriend that you dated in college. Every Tesla sold makes a profit. They just choose to reinvest in expansion, due to the fact that as it is, they can't keep up with demand. If you believe you are correct, I encourage you to prevent US cities from banning the sale or use of ICE vehicles. That goes the same with EU nations and developing countries that have legislated similarly, including the world's largest auto, and auto manufacturing market in the world. But they won't because they know the economics and they know the science behind EV's.

      2. Miguel lopez

        @G Sterling Haha there is a distinct lack of efficiency talk, aren't you going to mention that a battery car can go 6x as far as the average gas car with the same chemical energy while having 780lbs of cells and 80lb motor and not multi gear transmission? A battery doesnt have to be as energy dense as gas, that's something people who dont know math think, I would also like to know where you got that 700 years figure, I want to call who ever wrote that an idiot. you talk about meterial wheight of the battery but forget the literal 10 tons of liquid fuel you will burn and disperse into the surrounding atmosphere where the local population soaks it up atleast batteries stay inside a container, tesla re uses the cells when they recycle batteries since their cells can last 500,000 miles of driving most of them end up being used in storage where enrgy density is not a concern and price is, stock price is inflated by teslas manufacturing and supply advantages over struggling competitors. I can go MUCH FURTHER Into the battery subject if you like math included.

      3. G Sterling

        Tesla battery weighs more than 1.000 pounds, & despite the hype, there is currently no way to recycle that much e-waste, contained in the guts of several thousand individual cells per battery See folks online disassembling Tesla batteries for reality of disassembly. Think about trying to scale that process In contrast the most common global gas motor weighs 250-350 pounds, and more than 90% of that material can be re-sold as used parts and later easily melted for re-use in new motor It makes profit and conserves resources for its 20+ year life cycle So the aftersales environmental footprint of Tesla battery not nearly as resource efficient as the ESTABLISHED highly-profitable post-sale used parts and recycling of gas motor cars This has huge implications for trying to expand Tesla sales into global mass market - which is implied in the currently inflated stock price No free lunch

      4. G Sterling

        A recent analysis of the trends in battery energy density pointed out that, at recent rates of improvement, it will take 700 years for a battery-powered vehicle to reach parity with today's gasoline-powered cars. The infotech types either don't realize or won't admit that the laws of infotech economics (learn how to make one, and then replicate endlessly at nearly zero incremental cost) DO NOT WORK in chemistry-based products and services. There, thermodynamics and physical production laws rule; costs fall in tiny increments after massive up-front R&D and Capex spending. So, it appears that we may have a great short-selling opportunity here, while the gap between infotech-hyped expectations and tiresome thermodynamic reality remains extreme.

      5. Miguel lopez

        Well technology and practicality are here the model 3 is outselling hybrids and ICEs in its class, using EVs 29 t end pollution but it will have a very positive impact, 38,000 Americans die ever year from car emissions l, we could cut that number to a handful with EVs but I guess you are too worried about cobalt mines tesla doesn't source cobalt from...

    62. Patrik Boij

      Elon: I Will drink some water Public: Whoooyeeeahhhaaa!!!

    63. Brent Harris

      Nobody: Elon Musk: "yeah, yep"

    64. Tume W

      Hit it harder which means hit it weaker

    65. Maybroks Ivanys

      He looks like a TERMINATOR

    66. яυввιѕн мє

      Elon musk is so rich that he can even make a time machine

    67. STEMSWIM

      Does the truck come with meat sauce


      Elooooooooooon musk all's favourite .he is a magnet

    69. nguyễn hưng thịnh

      This guy can reach to Mar, lol.

    70. Shannan Venz

      Modern day Tesla Cars are my equivalent of the Sega Mega Drive & Nintendo 64 back in the day.... I'll stick with my Turbo Diesel, & Turbo Petrol Engine's until the BIG ONE comes along..... Got a while to go yet...

      1. Miguel lopez

        Tesla roadster 2, next year $200,000

    71. Krupal Kulkarni

      He is a trucker?!!

    72. Rendhi Pradeka Kusumo

      Anjay elon musk chanel youtube tmn ane dbajak itu org 😂😂😂

    73. Alec Mann

      This is so cringy to watch. This guy is seriously good at what he does but he is also super creepy.

    74. 7 of spades

      He must have looked through his old drawings from when he was 5 and thought 'hmm, this looks like a nice design!'

    75. Sailo Gaming

      Your fans is hacker !

    76. Biswas Goldsmith

      King of the universe

    77. Q 400

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="480">08:00</a> when they dropped the ball on the horizontal piece of glass, the glass was not fixed which allowed the glass to bounce and absorb the impact. The glass in the truck was fixed.

    78. Sava K


    79. Aleksei Aleksei

      SUPER Elon Musk : Danke .

    80. Amy Amy

      Physic's elevator guy? Elevators matter, weight doesn't.