Watch Elon Musk announce the Tesla Cybertruck in 14 minutes



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    Elon Musk unveiled the new Tesla Cybertruck tonight at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.
    Tesla Cybertruck: Inside the unveiling:
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    1. Ko kaimanawa toku ingoa

      oh gummon what a crack up

    2. My Name Is Leo Wai

      he made a car out of the same material that he made a rocket out of

    3. Ca Bu

      Everyone is psycho for supporting this agenda

    4. Ca Bu

      Nobody should own the energy of the earth. Tesla alternating energy is dangerous. Shame on people for allowing this agenda. This idiot should not be able to use his billions to invest in unethical neurolink. He's just a mascot and people need to protest this agenda.

    5. Gabby179 Evo

      This is an overused comment but... He is Tony Stark

    6. Keller Ranch

      I will be dead for 24.7 million years before I even think about buying that dumpster fire excuse for a truck!

      1. Gabby179 Evo

        You'll regret it though

      2. Gabby179 Evo



      He is the real human version of Tony Stark.

    8. J L

      Tesla BullshitTruck. 99% advertisement 1% everything else


      Seem cheap

    10. Max Power

      Believe on Jesus Christ and repent, Christ's coming is nigh!

    11. Max Power

      @2:37 and Ronze pissed himself. Hahaha How embarrassing. Yes, the real deal is truly strong, but they screwed up their demo for certain.

    12. Max Power

      Even though this is coming to pass for fulfillment of prophesy, it's pretty darn cool!

    13. Max Power

      Nahum 2:4 KJVS The chariots shall rage in the streets, they shall justle one against another in the broad ways: they shall seem like torches, they shall run like the lightnings. "Lightnings" = ELECTRIC and FAST. E.V'S (Electric vehicles) are far faster than All Gas powered sports cars!!!

    14. Christian Pérez

      He's like Tony Stark.

    15. parthib Ray

      Real Tony Stark😏😏😏

    16. Chanchal Kushwah

      He simply try to understand

    17. Lotso Bxne

      To think the old leaders tried to push aside electric cars

    18. Bear Gaming

      f150 and cybertruck they lied the f150 didnt even accelerate ford is better

    19. Byron shire Adventures

      So cool

    20. aTrusted Servant

      I want one. Never wanted any vehicle so hard! 🔥

    21. mrbollicao sam

      What a lovely day!

    22. Gwyneth Wong

      wait aren't car windows supposed to break though? just what i've heard but im not entirely sure lol

    23. Isaac Nguyen

      Elon Musk should be the next president

    24. jenny tripuri

      One ugly truck

    25. 은수김

      Oh m G, amazing sybertruck

    26. abdillah syukron

      Elon musk is a howard stark

    27. LAD GAMING

      The Cyber truck looks just like a military vehicle are you get your fact straight who cares about electric cars the best cars are the old beefy cars and the sledge hammer and the door are rigged they are fake it's called asking the car just like every other car company lol testla ur nothing special lol

      1. LAD GAMING

        Selling* it's all in the marketing

    28. Dick Kcid

      I still think Musk is a great guy, even the truck glasses are broken down.


      mindless sycophants, applauding their Messiah who build the Worlds ugliest and useless truck. Bravo.

    30. Agila TV


    31. Mrtopex

      7:36 is the best part

    32. DemZ

      Elon Musk should create the first AI terminator robot.

    33. tH3 n00b

      Who came here just for the meme

    34. Good Girl

      Can't this video go faster than *2 ?

    35. Good Girl

      I find Elon musk so ughnnoying sorry

    36. MUSIC GOD

      Fair enough the car may not look great and it isn't as soundproof as they say it is but do you guys have a multi-million business and the island that shoots off space Rockets I don't think so

    37. Legendary Lex

      Take a shot every time he says “yeeah” I’ll go first I’m drunk

    38. Vyxz

      Elon : throw it fast (to the normal truck door) Guy: throws 3910 KPH Elon: throw it harder (to the cybertruck) Guy: throws at -999 Kph Cybertruck: *breaks* Me: *_bruh_* Elon: try with the back side Guy: trhows Cybertruck: *breaks again* Me: *_BRUHHHHHH_*

    39. Geno Da Don

      Nobody: Elon musk: How about we shoot it?

    40. Factor Mars

      This guy is the guy of the 21th centurie

    41. IIShaheeRII

      I have this car on geo

    42. Bli Kasep Krishna

      Ohhh m G, amazing sybertruck 😍😍😍😍

    43. Felsar Tepace

      Cybertruck 2077

    44. King Ryan

      hacker are getting thirsty 😂

    45. Olaxe_Playzz

      Why does this look like a jailbreak car

      1. fusion

        Maybe cause it is

    46. Ahmed129thebest4 Assem

      How much costs

    47. Vyxz

      Me: laughs at his project Elon Musk: laughs at my bank account

    48. Oskar

      is that the rick and morty character brought in to life?

    49. PRO MASTER PRO official

      Tesla:like PC20:komment

      1. Shubh Go

        Pro master pro official :die

    50. Happi Mabi

      dude Im so scared each time Elon stutters

    51. Josean Salazar

      Más feo que pegar a un padre...

    52. Matthias

      is this the rebuild of the vehicles in halo ce?

    53. Satan is great

      garbage car

    54. DauerStörungsSender

      He's a legend

    55. Preme Jewelers

      This is ugly

    56. Awesome Kaveer

      It is 2020

    57. محمد بايكوني

      Masuk Indonesia. Harus d tempel uji kir

    58. Edward Milano


    59. Daily Creativity At Home

      Didn't expect to see that coming... Scroll to 7.36 😜. It was hard and funny to watch.