We drove these electric cars until they DIED!



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    How far can these electric cars go before they die?! We drove the Tesla Model 3, Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, Nissan Leaf, Kia e-Niro and Mercedes EQC across the UK to see how long they could last! Sure, the smart money is on the Tesla, with its claimed range of up to 348 miles - but can the manufacturer's figures really be trusted? Will victory instead go to the sporty-feeling I-Pace, or the posher EQC? Or will the more affordable likes of the e-Niro and Leaf pull a major upset and make it the furthest? There's only one way to find out...
    Map imagery taken from Google Earth.
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    1. Philip Li 李佖立 이필립

      Battery : Tesla - Panasonic (Japan) or LG Chem (South Korea) / Kia e-Niro - SK Innovation (South Korea) / Nissan Leaf - AESC (Japan) / Benz EQC, Jaguar i-Pace, Audi e-Tron - LG Chem (South Korea).

    2. Braulio R.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1456">24:16</a> Nice.

    3. Mo IBal

      I don’t live in England I live in America

    4. polaris star

      I hate miles, inch and those old ancient measurements. Metric is standard for the rest of the world as well as driving on the right 👍😀

    5. Mohamed Amin

      Nice video.More like this.

    6. kevin cawa

      he let the lady push the car, that is very ungentleman

    7. shayan mohd

      hey matt why dont u race between the i8 and tesla model 3

    8. Carlos Almeida

      should of tested it through city streets. That is a real world test. With all the stop and go.

    9. Florian Stoica

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1486">24:46</a> ... he´s a real ¨gentlemen¨ even in the last minute ... :/

      1. kanishk gupta

        does it even matter which gender pushes and which is being pushed #thisiswhatequalitylookslike

    10. Tony Todd

      Wouldn't it be better to just change battery in one minute than to charge in 20mins

    11. Rene Otter

      Who uses Miles? stupidity, switch to metric.

    12. Matthew James McKay

      This video was sponsored by Dominic Cummings

    13. Henryy Mukasa

      This dude used the girl to push that heavy car for him 😕☹🙁

      1. C.squared π

        Girls can do everything a boy can do. Can't they?

    14. Deshan Pethiyagoda

      matt why don't you do a video using hybrid cars ( BMW X5 Range Rover sport Volvo XC90) and see how long they last on either only electric only fuel or both

    15. Stephanie Morisse

      Matt why not do a drag race with those electric cars 🚙 ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

    16. Dillon Robinson

      Oof, charging to 100% and letting it sit is awful for the battery, let alone letting them go down to 0%

    17. codemiesterbeats

      camera mirrors are in the same category of stuff in these cars these days that are tech strictly for the purpose of being "techy" If they wish us to believe these cars are technologically advanced they should use Occam's Razor principle on the simple things. I am perfectly fine with mechanical seat mechanisms and mechanical normal mirrors. Imagine having all those parts for the purpose of a way to look behind you. (at least one of the Tesla models requires going through the screen to open the glove box... while the center console is a hand latch) Back up camera is great, over view cams are great, they solve a problem. The side mirrors being cameras is a bit much. That goes for any side camera/mirror UNLESS there is a physical limitation for there to be cameras in lieu of mirrors.

    18. codemiesterbeats

      Oh nyo mate, me Electric mo-ah-car's bat-trees have ran flat. lol I'm just joshing ya. You just need to pop the boot and get your electric sco-uh.

    19. doo lee

      K I A

    20. dinlo biscuit

      do a journey just on a mix of town and A and B roads and see how many miles you get , I`d bet you would lose at least 25%

    21. Nishant Chandan

      Think what would have happened if they use a MODEL S.♥️♥️tesla u beauty..... But for me KIA obviously did the best job

    22. Mads Andersen Wellejus

      Wow. Well done guys! Thank you for sharing

    23. Ron B

      @carwow great test, hope you can test a Taycan 4S in a similar fassion at 7C etc.

    24. keelan James

      It's so interesting that the 2 cheapest cars where the best

    25. Jason Henley

      Great real world test! Of course, the cooler temperatures affected the range, as did the highway driving. I think many of these range figures assume travel at 60 mph or something. Still considering my ICE car has a range of about 310 miles, EVs have really caught up! It's like driving with max half a tank, but it re-fills to that halfway mark every night.

    26. Christian Jenne

      Hi. I'm driving a Kia eNiro and absolutely thrilled with the results. It was a great comparison which normally no one would do but good to know how the car reacts. We'll done guys.

    27. bible forallnations

      I dont want cookies so I cant see your recommendation. I dont like being spied on so please adjust your options to include the no spy option. There are plenty of people like me who feel cookies are intrusive. its none of their business.

    28. Ian Lindsay

      I just think its funny how they refer to distance in miles, then refer to the temperature in Celsius

    29. Darren Nolan

      You let a women push the car, while you sat inside... Your such a prick!! Control your ego Matt!!!!....

      1. C.squared π

        That's sexist Are you saying girls can't push cars. (Even though Mat can be a pr!ck sometimes)

    30. M vM

      For those who like the Jaguar I-Pace, I have bought one of these with specifically the 18" wheels (not the cheap ones) for longer range. Started out in the winter with a typical range of about 350-360 km (219-225 miles). Now it's May 2020 and the weather has improved a lot and currently, my range has gone up to 435-447 km (273-279 miles) on a full charge. Learning how to drive the car efficiently has something to do with it of course, but the H264 software update (more range) and the higher temperatures probably have a lot more to do with it. With a range of 275 miles, the I-Pace is therefore doing a lot better than the official USA 234 miles EPA-rating. And bascially in the same league as the Model 3 Long Range. So, simply put, very happy with that result.

    31. kws1957

      I can go with my diesel 1,000 miles without charging and maybe more...charging time under 4 minutes...wish you all good Luck. Price of my vehicle 2,500 Euros... God bless you.

    32. Steffan Aarts-Greven

      The tow mode of the model 3 is NOT so the car can get towed. It is to signal the car that it is towing something, like a small caravan. It reconfigures its driving properties to the best settings and takes the extra weight into account. It can be towed by pulling the strap in the frunk but that physically disconnects the motors and electrics and should only be done by emergency services. It needs to be reconnected by hand at a Tesla service center and is a big job that shortens the lifespan of the car.

    33. dr. neha kathuria

      Tesla:256 miles

    34. Pablo Pucci

      A SUV consumes more than a car... it is not a fair comparison

    35. marc oriol

      Interesting perspective on Tesla. Check it out! ridethirst.wordpress.com/2020/03/22/is-tesla-really-what-we-think-it-is/

    36. Wendy Funnell

      Maanda is

    37. David Young

      I like the eqc

    38. Plamen Vankov

      It was a great scientific experiment, 👍 well done good job, great video.

    39. Anshuman Singh

      Kia was the best 👍 in this competition

    40. MiccaPhone

      Losing 4% over one night???? This standby loss is worth another video! I want to know more!

    41. ROBIN CHEN

      The best CarWow video watched so far

    42. Vishal Gupta

      This is why electric cars are still not practical. Make a tesla with 1000 miles on a single charge and you got a deal.

    43. Michael Cretaro

      It’s pretty clear electric cars are not ready for daily use. 190 miles is pathetic for one tank

    44. sotiris kapsomanis

      Typical Germans.... lying about everything...

    45. Agasi_K23

      The question is, why didn't you start earlier so that you wouldn't finish when it was dark outside? 🤔😅

    46. Abraham Timmybob

      I had a problem with my new Tesla a couple months ago with the electronics and some warnings that kept coming up and I had the car for about 2 weeks, it’s been about 2 and a half months now and I still haven’t received the car back! All due to the virus. I’ve had to buy a part exchange car in the meantime to get around as they wouldn’t even offer me a courtesy car

    47. Malcolm Iles

      Why is the Zoe never included? The last video you did was when you compared a £100,000 Tesla and compared it against a £19,000 Zoe and came to the conclusion that the Tesla was better.

    48. Dineo Ramatsoma

      Technically Kia won with 90 something percent of the range the second Nissan with 80 something percent ranage

    49. Mixed Scientist

      I hope that the Audi will win

    50. Mixed Scientist

      Sooo good

    51. Koban Smit

      Wether Mercedes is petrol, diesel or electric they will always be less efficient

    52. Timo Wacke

      Why don't you compete with the Model S? Is it just that it's better than everyone else by too far? 400miles or 391miles by EPA its not 100% clear yet

    53. Timo Wacke

      Tesla Model S 400miles

    54. Marko 44

      tesla lied to us

    55. Marko 44

      i wuld go with kia

    56. 「Starry BlueBoi」

      Just Wondering Did any1 else get 7ads or just me. Also I Knew How Much This Vid Cost So I Sat Through Them All (Including A 2 minuite ad)

    57. Mennan Gerdan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="594">9:54</a> (See You Again starts playing)

    58. Alex K.

      Mat letting his female co-driver push the car towards the charging station while Mat is chilling inside :D

    59. Tiaan Smit

      Wow youre mean at the end you just let the women push the car and you just chill your an ass

    60. Dumisani Sibanda

      🤔Does the electric car have an Alternator?

      1. Kelvin Smith

        That is a good thinking bro

    61. Tiaan Smit

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="510">8:30</a> look at left top of screen it says Elon

    62. AEY

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="203">3:23</a> that volvo is a beauty

      1. Dominic Najjar

        What Volvo?

    63. Kasia Kasiak

      Tesla Model 3 = best seller for April.

    64. Kasia Kasiak

      Do they have wireless charging for your phone?

    65. Kasia Kasiak

      Mercedes #1, Nissan #2, Audi #3, Jaguar #4, Kia #5 and Tesla #6. Right?

      1. Kasia Kasiak

        Audi #2, sorry.

    66. Kasia Kasiak

      Just you are the Matt without the t!

    67. Kasia Kasiak

      Audi in VW Group, nothing else

      1. Kasia Kasiak


    68. Poul Eichel

      now do the same with the gas powered cars, it will be interesting to see the difference in claimed range.

    69. David Macdonald

      Tesla best by far as usual, you can look up others destination chargers etc .

    70. Kevin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1466">24:26</a> AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA I cant believe he made the girl push

    71. Louis Barningham

      Too bad electrics boring and you have to charge it😂

    72. Salman Kabir

      Do I need payment for super chargers ? What’s the cost for it ?

    73. Cb1Active

      At least 6 months of wear added to each cars battery pack in a single day

      1. Miguel lopez

        More like 2 weeks.

    74. Kk Infinity

      How you can change the cars during the drive ?!?!

    75. Jon Mower

      Why could you not have used the normal range Tesla, like the others, using the long range one it was clearly going to go further....

    76. rideordieguy rideordieguy

      Still take the Merc any day. Cause if you're gonna have to worry about 50 60 mile? You shouldn't be driving an electric car. for some that analogy make a ton of sense for the simple ones? well its tuff

    77. Logan Massie

      The Tesla Model 3 LR isn’t rated for 348 miles. It’s rated for 322

      1. Cedric John Llorente

        322 is EPA. 348 is WLTP, which European countries use.

    78. yubelkys plasencia

      bruh discharging electric cars unbelievable

    79. yubelkys plasencia

      I like the jaguar i pace and the tesla model 3

    80. easyifyoutry

      this gentleman is the best Brummie Lance Armstrong lookalike HUselr out there. And then some