What's inside a Tesla Engine?

What's Inside?

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    We took apart a REAL Tesla Model S Motor! Thanks to our sponsor UBTECH for making this possible! Get the JIMU Robot: MeeBot 2.0 Kit at the Apple store, apple.com, or learn more at apple.co/2OHnx9N
    This is the same rear motor that is in the model S and X. Tesla learned from the Original Roadster, made this motor, then came out with the new model 3 and Y motor. Even from 2012 the inside of this is super advanced technology.
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    1. KNOX BLOX

      That is amazing.... especially the computer triad area. It is a sturdy design surviving those punishing/ jarring roads with pot holes and bumps .... then looking at the the home computer/lap top mother boards and knowing they are very sensitive to breaking when dropped. The home computer/lap top companies need to come up the same durability for their motherboards as did Tesla.

      1. Silver Spoon

        it's not a computer, it's electronics to convert DC from the battery into three-phase AC for the motor itself, apart one IC that's as smart as a casio calculator, rest are power transistors.

      2. Lianticsantics

        @Jason Vo I ran over my mac laptop once. The only damage was a screw got knocked loose and shorted against part of the motherboard. I opened it up, removed the screw, put it back together, and it worked for years after that.

      3. Random Name

        @Thomas farquhar Yes you would, people do everyday, in their cars.

      4. Jay Ryan

        @Werner Holm They seem to be incapable of teaching an audience anything. They simply cut into things. Anyone I mean anyone can cut into something for f$&k sake. It's the simple minds that find this channel amusing so they subscribe. That's what society is turning into.

      5. Jay Ryan

        @Benjamin Erfle Jesus man how technical can you get? You're on the wrong forum. They probably wouldn't listen to you there either LoL

    2. Bataan

      Oh poi

    3. Fast Gat

      It's not a tesla engine it's a motor 👌

    4. Robert Ramos

      If i had to guess, the enclosure with the "GoOeY StUfF" is converting the batteries' DC power to 3 phase AC and those circuit cards are micromanaging the phases, voltage, and current.

    5. Hari haran

      man that was really hurting to watch.. but really.. thanks.. Love you man.. For this painful lesson

    6. Hus 9

      but you didn't open the actual motor though . that was the cpu and gear's not the actual motor

    7. WooKongNinja

      Dang, you didn't actually take the motor apart!

    8. siddharth mudgal

      The toy also looks amazing

    9. dmac1170

      I wonder if you could get in a locked Samsonite?

    10. The HighLander

      Tesla is an Smart Enterpreneur..

    11. Kim Mullen

      why would anyone pay for a out of warranty tesla..way too many costly parts to go bad. never ever.

    12. Rainer Halbich

      I believe it is a motor...

    13. Chris Goetz

      The sticky gooey stuff keeps the boards sealed from moisture. But I’m gonna take a big no thank you, if I can’t rebuild it I don’t want nothing to do with it.

    14. edgenet1

      I can not believe such a small electric motor can produce sooo much power, Once the batteries improve the end of the gas engine will only be seen in museums.

    15. brandonjdozaphoto

      Ahhh people with too much money and nothing to do. Smh

    16. Sverrevj

      the amount of ads are to much


      We all still don't know what's inside Tesla motor wth this people

    18. Ed S

      Motor, electric motor. There is no such thing as an electric engine.

    19. XTZ鳯

      看幾個白痴拆東西 真的是浪費這個機會 哪個廠商贊助的,我保證以後不用你東西

    20. Iswara Pranidhana

      YOU skip the most important part, which is inside the electric motor

    21. Flo Rin

      ....Now they can send it to me to make a movie ...... how to repair that motor .....they broked/distroied......

    22. christopher worth

      No such thing as an electric engine. Motors yes, Engine no. motor gets its energy from outside the unit. an engine creates the energy inside.

    23. geort45

      That "weird" yellow tape = Kapton tape for very high temps

    24. Roman

      11 mins of taking apart a motor and the one thing they did not take apart is THE F***ING MOTOR

    25. عمار يونس

      شكرا اثبت لي ماكنت اتوقعه لمحرك تسلا اللسيارات الكهربائية بدقة عالية

    26. AlrightChief

      If feel my IQ is lower after watching this.

      1. Bread

        I feel bad for him.

    27. jimdingo


    28. Adam Alsnayyan

      Tesla's don't have engines. They have motors.

    29. Michał Laskowski

      hmmmm... - Geralt

    30. Jake Prosser

      What a well behaved, son you have there.

    31. saurabh nalwade

      Jimu robot i want it free

    32. H3R3T1C

      If you can't tell the difference between an engine and a motor, you have no business prying one of those motors apart. You're a Darwin Award just waiting to happen.

    33. rizky jp

      The Alien Engine

    34. Michael Taylor

      My hovercraft is full of eels

    35. Al Coholic

      I love watching chimps try to figure out how stuff works. Puberty is gonna hit them like a ton of bricks.

    36. Shammi Akther

      Lol "should we be concerned about the high voltage?" "nO"

      1. Roman

        turn the shaft and touch the wires.. i can tell you. you should be concerned

    37. DeeManSony

      If these people didn’t take things apart, what’s would’ve their profession have been? Answers below

    38. Robert Burdine

      "The real brains of this thing, the motor" (facepalm)

    39. Raghavannambi v

      I have no words to tell, great job

    40. Mayoketchup

      You didn't even open the motor itself...

    41. No Libtard

      Well good representation of an average Americans’ IQ

    42. Ron Mac

      Did anybody else get frustrated at the lack of urgency to grab a bucket to catch the coolant? That was just the start of my frustration ...

    43. Tina

      I think the goo may be for cooling.

    44. First Last

      Large 3 phase inverter and an AC motor. Electronic gears.

    45. Adam Hickman

      You missed more ;) hint hint

    46. Ed Perez

      I love repairing RC CARS and when u opened it I was in love!! Advanced TESLA RC

    47. Michael H


    48. Tom Milli

      You should open a Matchbox!

    49. Tom Milli

      I was going to say something negative about this guy but I see most people already did that!

    50. Richard Shane

      I wouldn't buy one of these egg beaters for 50 grand...no run time no service company no parts...lmao DeLorean oversized

    51. Markus Fink

      It's like if they havn't seen bearings and gears in their entire life

    52. Yavan B

      What about the windings? 😒😒

    53. Alen P

      Tesla is taking over the world

    54. Charles McMillion

      Testlas don't have engines - they have motors.

    55. Jan Zhoř

      Destroying great engine is really waste. U dont what to do anymore.

    56. Gio C


    57. def pirette

      Whoa calm down, Bryan Cranston (:50)

    58. kendrid

      I'm glad I use adblock so they get no revenue from this useless video. Time to block another channel.

    59. Samira S.s.t

      Always people resist changes because they fear the unknown and the new technology

    60. Thomas LeMay

      I have seldom seen so many knowledge gaps in a pair of people. Started out calling an eclectic motor driven power train an engine. Not a engine! Now the power storage/ drive system flawed as it is, is the best part of the vehicles. The rest of the car is pourely made, components are stuck in place with double sided tape that should have molded in recpiticales, they just fall off causing system malfunction of several types. Body seams debonding. Water leaks into the body, the list is nearly endless. All you need to do is look at this subject on the internet to see the proof it is wide spread by Tesla fanboys. I am all for alternate power vehicles but the currently available option are not up to the task in many ways.