Why Did Tesla's Autopilot Crash into a Stopped Police Car on the Highway? | Thoughts and Opinions |

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    1. Ariton

      But is it confirmed that he was on auto pilot? He could have lied so he wouldn`t be blamed and it would be Tesla`s fault.

      1. SilkyWay FPV

        @P Koya Yes I think so too. Autopilot is far from perfect and owners should know that. Maybe it was an AP error. These things can and will go wrong in certain situations. Nevertheless AP saved me at least 2 times from getting in an accident already.

      2. P Koya

        @SilkyWay FPV Oh I could totally see that happening. I know i do that a lot. Hopefully Tesla can pull that info. They shouldn't be "blaming" autopilot when it says so many times that you are responsible for paying attention.

      3. Ken R Davis

        Ariton Tesla can tell if was on auto-pilot or not. All the data as to force on steering wheel speed, etc

      4. 0ooTheMAXXoo0

        @Chadwick Wood Autopilot is great at doing what it is supposed to be able to do. The problem is that people expect it to do a lot more before those features are ready.

      5. Big Doug’s Commentary

        Chadwick Wood STFU until u have personal real world experience with Autopilot. U r as ignorant as the senator calling for regulation. We use Autopilot everyday, in all kinds of traffic. NEVER hit a stationary object. If u think I am TOO harsh, I am only harsh to ignorant people.

    2. 02915a

      The Tesla probably did see it, probably did a chime too. But I'm guessing when he was looking back at the dog, he probably had his body turned and unknowingly had a foot on the accelerator some what. Definitely 100% his fault.

    3. Steve C

      The system should be programmed to recognize strobe lights on emergency vehicles and sound an audio alarm inside the Tesla to alert the driver. Hitting a vehicle stopped in the road is one thing, but hitting one or more vehicles with flashing emergency lights is another.

    4. bwilson4web

      Find some semi-truck trailers and do some Autopilot approaches. My experience is without side-skirts, there is no braking. With side-skirts, about ~2/3d will auto brake. Steering towards the rear wheel bogies, it brakes every time.

    5. Art of Life

      Tesla should not call it "autopilot." It should be called "copilot.". People believe what they hear. Tesla makes sure they hear "autopilot" when in fact it is not. I'm not sure there is false advertising anymore, but this is basically what's happening here. You can't help media pointing out that autopilot isn't auto. Tesla may have put that super important disclaimer deep in the manual, but it should be a big yellow sticker on the windshield. Tesla really should manage expectations better. Then, the media would manage reporting on Tesla crashes better.

      1. Terry Pagel

        @Dirty Tesla They're getting a car with autopilot. Your beef was with the media of Tesla crashes. I'm explaining the media reporting on the of misnomer of autopilot. It should be expected. True, It is their fault. Ignorance doesn't absolve fault. But it's also the responsibility of the media to point out and educate the public so they do understand that to expect with autopilot. In a way you are the media doing just that. Managing expectations on autopilot for Tesla and the public.

      2. Dirty Tesla

        If someone buys a $50k car and doesn't know what they're getting, it's their fault. Even autopilot on planes does not mean you're not paying attention...

    6. - Tob1uss-

      Radar have to see stationary obstacles and the car has to ''act'' accordingly. If not is useless. No matter what are the positives.

    7. Daniel Raiter

      I have a 2017 top of the range Lexus RX450h here in the UK, it has level 2 autonomous driving, it has crash prevention systems the same as Tesla, twice in last 3 months it's saved me from driving into the back of another vehicle (probably due to my lack of attention), these systems work! - Can't wait to get my next car, a Tesla of course!

      1. Daniel Raiter

        Yeah but my point is it does just work! Sure there are idiots who abuse the system but I was just driving (not taking the piss) and was simply not paying enough attention and the system came to my rescue

      2. Dirty Tesla

        The stuff is amazing when used correctly

    8. Nonyank S

      One mistake Tesla makes introducing people to auto pilot, people are lazy by nature, knowing that when auto pilot is first activated it needs to read it aloud to the driver before they can begin driving with it for starters, maybe provide the text and read along using the old bouncing ball on text as it reads! Lets face it, when was the last time you read any instruction or owners manual?

    9. 1dariansdad

      Maybe you're just trying to fill content for HUsel's absurd 10-minute length goal but you could have answered your original posit in 2:00 or less. Can I have my other 8 minutes back?

      1. Dirty Tesla

        Feel free to make the video yourself next time 👍

    10. Matteo Romano

      I don't really get your point. Autopilot should be BETTER than humans otherwise it wouldn't make sense developing one, if we're talking from a safety perspective. The fact that human drivers have similar accidents should be inconsequential in assessing the autopilot performance. This kind of accdents is widely reported because a stopped car should be one of the easiest istances for autopilot to manage, the fact it doesn't handle that well doesn't bode well for the overrall safety of the system, that's all

    11. Martin Cabrera

      Skip to 5:05 for actual answer: Tesla cars may not stop above 50 mph in the manual

      1. Dirty Tesla

        How dare you sir 😂

    12. Milo Carter

      You stretched it so hard to 10 min

      1. Dirty Tesla

        It's why in school the teachers had a minimum time for speaches ;)

    13. Jean Corbel

      Some automakers made a different choice regarding radar and stopped cars, or more precisely about the action taken with static objects on the side of the road. Namely my Hyundai Kona Electric generally brakes automatically when on ACC when it « sees » the first parked car entering a village when it looks like the continuation of a lane or half way on it. This is not a frequent situation, but you have to be ready to just press the accelerator to correct the misinformed decision.

    14. Astephf

      Does emergency braking is overridden if your foot is on the throttle ?

      1. Dirty Tesla

        Mmmm not always. Sometimes the car will brake even if you're trying to accelerate

    15. Jonas Asoy

      it is nit tesla

    16. daniel lara

      101 sec police car was almost in the middle of the lane

    17. Michael Campbell

      What is the thought process or motivation behind the senator I wonder... maybe we should have limited the terms for these political positions.

    18. Michael Campbell

      Very logical argument.

    19. H N

      Common man, you need to give a shout out to the cute dog sleeping in its clam bed!

    20. jasper_of_puppets

      Autopilot is for the car, NOT YOUR BRAIN.

    21. Giovanni Martinez

      Tesla model S3X

    22. Just Because

      None of the million Tesla sites are talking about this either.

    23. Wissell

      Face it, the guy lied and said it was on autopilot just to get out of trouble.

      1. Wissell

        Yeah maybe but y would they just plow into another car on the road tho?

      2. Dirty Tesla

        It's possible, but autopilot will still plow into vehicles stopped on the road. Seems more likely to me that he was on autopilot not paying attention

    24. Vallens Duval


    25. KSQ

      This video rides on the assumption the driver is telling the truth. I'm going to bet Auto Pilot was *not* on, and the driver is lying. Looking forward to Tesla pulling the car's data- Just like they did for those "the car wouldn't wouldn't stop when I hit the brakes" accident claims. Only to find out the drivers' were actually stepping on the accelerator, not the break.

    26. Andrew Wei

      It seems to me autopilot should be able to easily detected a stopped car in its path and prevent the crash. My guess is that Tresla has been relying too much on real-world driving data to train its autopilot. There is simply not enough crashes to train autopilot. Here is a case where to using “simulated” crash data is better than relying only on real world data.

    27. d1oftwins

      I like how you mixed in non Tesla crashes with police cars parking to put the Tesla crash into perspective so people don't even get the chance to run their mouths. That alone was brilliant and an instant like from me.

      1. Dirty Tesla


    28. Douglas Martyn

      STOP CALLING IT AUTOPILOT PLEASE. I got my model 3 in the uk three weeks ago. According to Tesla the car has autopilot but not navigate with autopilot or full self driving. In my opinion Tesla should stop describing their driver assistance aids as autopilot it is neither auto nor a pilot. I have used similar driving aids in my previous cars and quite frankly the sensitivity of the Tesla systems are crude in comparison. My car has all the systems cameras etc that will be used by full self driving when I to upgrade to it and the number of fault warnings and false emergency stops I have experienced is really concerning. People should not be relying on navigate with autopilot to any extent with sensors and cameras that fail or give false positives to the extent they do. Tesla in the uk admits the U.K. model 3s are plagued with failures of the cameras designed to warn of cars in the outside lane approaching or overtaking. They say we are waiting for a software update. What should Tesla do, well let’s start with the following. Drop describing these systems as “autopilot” . Putting the warnings about serious limitations of the system somewhere in the TEXT of a manual is not enough there should be a training video of the systems and their limitations which drivers must view on the cars screen and confirm he is doing so by holding the steering wheel before his profile is allowed to drive. Tesla should frankly advise drivers that they are Test Pilots for these systems and as such they will undoubtedly experience situations in virtually every journey when they will be required to override the cars safety systems. I saw one video headed “ Tesla model 3 drove 25 miles on Nav with autopilot unassisted” Wow so what call me when it’s done 25000. Currently if I put on what Tesla calls autopilot if I require to change lanes i must indicate and change lanes this will cancel self steering but not cruise control then I must cancel the indicator which won’t self cancel and then click twice to switch on self steering and repeat it all again in reverse to return to the inside lane. And that ladies and gents is auto pilot. All that will really do is discourage drivers from changing lanes when the should. Finally the model 3 is the best driving car I have ever had and I have had Jaguars Mercedes Range Rovers Cadillacs TVRs etc. Non of the faults and false positives of the driving aids in my model 3 have made me almost have an accident or put me in danger in any way but some could have lead to other drivers rear ending me. They do make my car safer not less safe but their sensitivity is still way too crude, however as soon as Tesla overcomes this I will be first in the queue to pay £5000 and upgrade but till then I will change lanes myself.

    29. Xp Reflex

      Omg this news is just a hater its a car auto pilot dont work if anybody is in it people are dangerous not the car whithout people cars arent dangerous even though it has auto pilot just like guns guns are not dangerous people are whithout people guns are harmless

    30. zaferroni

      Autopilot is not designed YET to stop for stationary objects. It didn't fail.

    31. M.A. M.R.

      In the last month here in Vegas 3 different cars have got on the freeway going the wrong way killing the driver every single time, another 3 or 4 deaths from street accidents, another 2 deaths from pedestrians getting hit. But the Tesla non death accident made national headlines.

      1. Dirty Tesla

        Wow I hadn't heard of any of those. Wrong way are the scariest!

    32. PureBlue DK

      Why almost Tesla driver crashed just Blame the autopilot?? Isn’t you own problems?

    33. Aliaksei Ivanov

      With or without autopilot a car like Tesla should have stopped by itself. I think car manufacturers in general start advertising the new features before they perfect them.

    34. Jose Davila


      1. Dirty Tesla

        Yay 🎉

    35. Carolina Engel

      I heard that the company use the data of people which uses the AP for improvements, is that correct ? And the doggos is so cute haha.

      1. Dirty Tesla

        That's correct

    36. vrexy

      I enjoyed your video and your dogs are super cute!

    37. Rental Outlet

      Dirty Tesla - Just joined your channel - great job!

    38. MAX TAM

      the problem is on the name... autopilot suggests self driv8ng. It should me named driver assist or dump assist or something like that

    39. Jacobus Erasmus

      My opinion: 1. It is understood that auto pilot will get into accidents. 2. Autopilot should not have gotten into this accident 3. What is TESLA doing about it? I do not think we should ever get desensitized to TESLA and autopilot getting into crashes. What is more important (and something I think TESLA should pay attention to) is what is TESLA doing about it. Accidents will happen but can there be good coming from this. Pet Peeve: Patrol cars on the other hand is a problem and I'm hoping someone will address this soon, mostly when stopping at an accident or similar, patrol cars keep their roof lights on. This make them extremely visible but also blinds me, it is impossible to see (at night especially) what the situation is other than a bright blue light shinning in your face. The only time you can evaluate the situation is once you have passed the patrol car. This makes the situation even more dangerous. (Car stopped on the side of the highway allows me about a minute to react. Oils slick just beyond a patrol car, not so much.

    40. Richard Alexander

      No autonomous driving system could be as bad as human drivers, unless it was done on purpose. People fighting the use of autonomous driving in general, and Tesla in particular, are either ignorant of the statistical superiority of autopilot, or they have financial interests in human related driving. Humans kill over 30,000 people on American roads every year, and have done this for the past 50 years, so don't talk about autopilot being dangerous when some 20 plus million Americans have been already been killed by human drivers during the time that I have been driving.

      1. S King

        @Dirty Tesla -- I'll have to disagree about the 10 year-olds. As farm kids, we drove tractors and jeeps at 10, even on the road between fields. We had a lot more ability than what the Teslas have displayed in parking lots. Many of us also did karting, which requires much more skill than driving through a parking lot. Don't try to judge the ability of a 10 year-old by what you see of those sissified kids that are more worried about which bathroom to use than how to interact with the natural world. Take a gander at this video, and honestly tell me, could a Tesla do this? husel.info/video/video/tmjLiayI2qvLeKY.html

      2. Dirty Tesla

        The problem with Scott's tests (and mine) is that the idea is Tesla is gonna flip a switch at some point and the way autopilot drives the car is going to be completely different than it is today. Cameras will take priority over radar. Many more frames are being read. Video is being processed instead of still images. I'm just as skeptical as anyone that these cars can do level 5, but level 3 and 4 I'm hopeful. Also, I'd love to see 100 hours of 10 year old driving data in a parking lot vs 100 hours smart summon. I'd bet big money smart summon has less accidents than the 10 year olds :)

      3. S King

        Every time the Autopilot "disconnects" is an accident. Watch the videos from the Tesla fanboys, including Chris, here. You hear where the Autopilot saves people, but nobody wants to talk about when people save Autopilot. Scott Kubo did several videos of the Autopilot in hilly, dual-lane driving. In the course of 20 minutes, there were as many as 20 "disconnects". Richard, that's 20 accidents, if a human didn't intervene. But somehow, you want to ignore those statistics. I'm not seeing the statistical superiority, here. . Tesla's driver assist suite is superb -- the best in the industry. But they are nowhere near being autonomous. And for that matter, neither is anyone else. Before you dismiss this, please take a gander at that smart summons. A 10 year-old kid could drive a car through a parking lot to pick up his folks much better than Tesla. It's comical to see it weave about. And I have to say that, even though I'm a big Tesla fan! And if you can't see that, you really have blinders on.

    41. AirsickCashew

      Spoken like a true Tesla fanboy

      1. Dirty Tesla

        And the Tesla fan boys say I'm too hard on autopilot 😂 😂

    42. snorman1911

      Sorry, you're claiming any car with adaptive cruise will run into stationary objects? My forward collision detection will trigger for stopped cars.

      1. Dirty Tesla

        Read your user manual. You'll be surprised.

    43. Daniel Palmer

      Hmm I want to understand, is it the radar that stops Tesla from hitting objects at low speed? Or is it the ultrasonic sensors? And other than image recognition, about 50 miles per hour they can't increase the accuracy of sensors? I get the whole false positive not wanting to accidentally lock on to something stationary and slam on the brakes for no reason. But they can't fix algorithm instead of just case by case image recognition? Seems opposite of Tesla's philosophy. The whole point of not geo locking or lidar was because they didn't believe case by case was the way to go. It needs to work in real time on everything that might be a danger. Let me know what y'all think. Thanks.

      1. Dirty Tesla

        When you see the car like slam the brakes in smart summon, that's the ultrasonic. But radar can do fine below 50mph. And the goal is for the cameras eventually to be able to do this, but I guess they're not there yet.

    44. Seb Gibbs

      auto-pilot does place a lot of emphasis on following the car front. with cars stop in a lane the first reaction is to think they are moving cars. Its the main reason people are told to get out of their car when broken down as its very common for people to make the same mistake.

    45. Brian Calderon

      Really like this format. Especially since there was great footage in between you talking; the videos at the start, the manual information, and your own clips really helped explain the situation!

      1. Dirty Tesla

        Thank you! I feel like a real HUselr with this video 😉 😂

    46. Les Hsu

      Are you saying with Tesla’s current hardware, you still always have to pay attention no matter how advanced Auto Pilot becomes?

      1. Brendon Wang

        The hardware inside the car is claimed to be sufficient for Full self driving without any human interference. The software is catching up.

      2. Dirty Tesla

        Theoretically there will come a day Tesla themselves says "OK, you can sleep on the way to work now" Until then, we must pay attention.

    47. Steve Steinlein

      Nice video. That’s what I thought cop car stopped in lane. A distracted driver of any car would have hit it.

    48. Beakerzor

      6:49 why would you want to avoid slamming on the brakes? (in terms of autopilot?)

      1. Dirty Tesla

        Think you're going 75mph on the highway and the car thinks there's a stationary object... Slamming the brakes would be pretty dangerous in that situation as someone could hit you or you could skid

    49. Buddhika Prabhath


      1. Dirty Tesla

        Aw man :(

    50. Matt Trevors

      You're absolutely right about the limitations of radar and stationary objects. Our RR Evoque's adaptive cruise control struggles more so than our M3 LR with stationary objects. The autosteer/adaptive cruise control is still light years ahead of other automakers.

    51. Geoff Shelley

      I would hope that the engineers' eventual plan is to have the computer cross check all the data inputs to make a determination what the car is seeing and what is going on. Radar sayes there's static object, vision sayes it's taller than 3 inches, it's dead ahead and it is an automobile. HIT THE BREAKS! I would hope that the vision uses infrared data as well. The nice thing about computers is that they can do this as fast or faster than a human and hopefully more accurately.

    52. Ramon Punsalang

      All could have been avoided if the disabled car and the cop car had pulled to the side of the road. Don't highways in the US have shoulder space to accommodate this?

    53. Greg Lindstrom

      Autopilot isnt designed to stop for stationary objects. It didnt fail.

      1. Greg Lindstrom

        @S King well I cant comment on how close unreleased products are. But I trust autopilot alot more than texting drivers if you are concerned about safety.

      2. S King

        @Greg Lindstrom -- Even Teslas without FSD have AEB (automated emergency braking) and adaptive cruise, so whether his car had FSD or not is irrelevant in this instance. As for "any car" reacting the same, I don't know. I do know that the Tesla lane centering and adaptive cruise works great, and the Japanese cars I've experienced do a horrible job of lane centering or lane keeping. And the Hondas were infamous for sudden and unnecessary braking occurrences, which in themselves can be dangerous. Tesla is light-years ahead in that department versus the Japanese. I haven't driven the Audi or Mercedes systems, so on those, I can't comment. Tesla is trying to develop a true AI driving system, unlike Waymo and Uber, etc., that are trying to map everything for every route that the cars will travel. That won't work. They will never be able to encode every inch on the US, much less the world. What they will end up with is an expanded version of those autonomous trains that operate at airports. DFW has a SkyLink that does a wonderful job within its own little environment. But that system can't be installed to cover the whole of the US. Tesla has the right idea, but they are struggling with adapting the AI to the real world. I, for now, agree with Jason from the "Engineering Explained" channel. I'll wait to purchase FSD until it's ready "for prime time". People like Chris here, and Scott Kubo, are helping in the development of Tesla's FSD. I hope they can succeed, but it's along hard road to truly get to full autonomy. For now, I'll just enjoy the adaptive cruise and lane centering. It makes long-distance driving much more relaxing.

      3. Greg Lindstrom

        @S King was the car in crash in fsd mode or autopilot mode? cos driver clamed autopilot? if it was in cruise control on any car would it be any different?

      4. S King

        @Greg Lindstrom -- Perhaps, just perhaps, one would expect a Full-Self-Driving car to be -- well -- full self driving. "Autopilot" does not imply full self driving, but FSD specifically means that. Perhaps Tesla FSD cars should come equipped with a bumper sticker that says, "We don't brake for stationary object, including kids, trains, and vehicles at stop lights".

      5. Greg Lindstrom

        @S King yes? also i read the manual and it says it wont stop for staionary objects so i dont expect it to. i dont know why people think it does

    54. miodice3

      Tesla driver here, stock owner too. I do think it's worth covering due to the driver assist, Tesla also does not do itself any huge favors perception wise by calling the features autopilot, they are great and in my opinion safer than me 99.9 percent of the time but it is distinctly different than a distracted driver driving any brand of car. Just a reminder that we are all beta testers and need to be careful

    55. Spyker Workshop

      I seen on that autonomous video that Elon put out it was like 3 hours they showed all sorts of examples of the cameras tracking vehicles I don't understand how the camera system would not have seen the parked cop car with all of its Advanced tracking it should have slowed down or stopped in time it makes the entire system seem completely pointless if it can just crash into parked cars that should be the main thing it can do!

    56. Spyker Workshop

      Weather or not auto pilot was on why wouldent the car still automatically stop? With how advanced the car is it should never allow this to happen.

      1. Dirty Tesla

        @Spyker Workshop The car overall decides to ignore it. The radar sees it, the cameras see it, and the AP computer says "that could be a false positive, don't react"

      2. Spyker Workshop

        @Dirty Tesla The radar right? I thought the cameras can still detect car objects

      3. Dirty Tesla

        Because it ignores static objects above ~50mph it's as simple as that unfortunately

    57. San

      9:04 my 2018 Model S doesn't do this. It will slam into the car unless I catch it.

      1. Dirty Tesla

        The radar on your S definitely sees 2 cars ahead

    58. Thomas Jacques

      My 2017 Volt with ACC would have done the same thing. The driver is supposed to be in control.

    59. MattMan 63

      Sorry, after 4:00 all my focus went to the dog

    60. W R

      Chances are he bumped the steering wheel and turned off autopilot when he twisted in his seat to look back at the dog. But it might also have been the case that the car in front of him obscured the stopped vehicles and autopilot did not respond in time when the car in front pulled out to go around the stationary cars.

      1. Dirty Tesla

        Whatever the case, the fact is AP will not stop in this scenario