Would You Cross This Russian Border By Train? 🇷🇺

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    🇷🇺 With the Russian winter slowly moving in I bought a ticket on the international train heading across Russia's southern border into the country of Azerbaijan and it's surprisingly modern capital of Baku. Join me as we skirt the banks of the Caspain Sea and head into Asia.

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    1. Keithroy Martin

      Better than the deluxe in London hahahaha

    2. Luaay E

      I heard that foreigners are not allowed to get SIM cards in Azerbaijan

    3. Sher Uppal

      You are wonderful

    4. Brady Lange

      Missed that sink...

    5. Water Fall

      Thank you for showing you tubers the world ob the train. 👋👋👋👋👋

    6. cptVLK

      (4:25) This take my heart and I started cry...


      I’m a fellow bald man retired fireman may travel with you at sometime

    8. Mladen

      looks like Detroit in USA......or ghetto in London

    9. Алекс Александров

      То ещё и на родном словянском глаголит🤗

    10. Simon Thomas

      Chat about visas,, you can't just rock up anywhere??

    11. Desh 282

      Mad respect to you sir, just watched your first video! Thank you for spending time with my people and being so polite, friendly and nice... it means a lot to people who are very reserved and live ordinary lives

    12. Ian Leslie

      Baku....big oil wealth now....

    13. Ian Leslie

      No Alana

    14. Gene Marco

      Baku is not RUSSIA baku is Azerbaijan, get your geografi straight

    15. William Wallace

      Bye Sink -- who says bye to sink with green moss ? Why , Bald of course,, poor 👩‍🦲 Bald , I was quite saddened , touched really, quite touched

    16. Baga Sher

      Looks like a right shite hole

    17. ProIT

      Maybe you could visit Soviet Poland this time? :)

    18. Henrique

      6:28 Man, I would love to be like that

    19. Illi Zizon

      that poor grandma made me really sad

    20. Garry W88

      $30 for that room we really do get ripped off in the uk

    21. Garry W88

      I’m guessing this is wear the super rich football team anzhi Makhachkala are from ?

    22. Pal Palych

      Лохман - это не суп! ))))

    23. Billy

      7:33 This looks really cozy, i wish i could sleep there.

    24. Payhole Everdouche

      C'est vraiment "derelict."

    25. Dāvis Dravants

      Are u bankrot now?

    26. максим фетисов

      Дагестан - это самый бедный и слаборазвитый регион России, где русских как таковых практически нет.

    27. Shit Bubble

      I hate how this nigga says noodle

    28. Pasha Nikolskiy

      Дагестацы , почему на крыше грязь?

    29. Chris Jhondeere

      English man did . Why not us ? Easy

    30. Sobhan Garikapati

      Bro who is financing all your trip s

    31. shie et

      "А шо за страна?"

    32. bhuwan sharma

      Bald you missing harold I guess 😂😂😂😂

    33. Нохчо Борзштэйн

      Dude do not vilify Russia. Baku is Azerbaijan and Dagestan is Muslim part of Russia

    34. Lisa Rose

      Has he ever gotten in trouble for filming?

    35. mcblaze1986

      Yo bald let me come with you on your tours please hit me back

    36. Cykablyat10

      Imagine seeing some random English man speaking to a damn sink haha!

    37. Harshit Bhargava

      Use google lens to translate you don't understand. I do that with my french homework lol.

    38. Comrade Mashkov

      Hey, are you planning to go to the Siberia? It's one of the most beautiful regions of Russia Cheers, man Best wishes from Kursk oblast!

    39. El Debtor

      Progress? I’ll be having none of that!

    40. Random name

      Really don't get how you can get chicken soup and bread for 0.70$. Like what do they feed the animals there? Seems crazy how they manage to make it so cheap.

    41. Lungi Channel

      Communism and Islam. Good combination to replace thermo nuclear bomb.

    42. Andrew Burley

      that hotel you stayed in looks like a council block of flats like you get in london 😂 are hostel we booked in Japan looks like it’s 5 star compared to that 😂

    43. Ilja M.

      Бэнджамин, жму руку! Такие классные видео у тебя! Я был тоже в Баку в этом году, в первый раз...очень стременная атмосфера там. В общем продолжай в том же духе!

    44. Jedi Knight

      poor ayleeneeechick she be lonely i bet shes naked wearing that bola hat lol.

    45. stone magic

      its a good thing to say good wodrs to the young ones...it leaves a good feeling...

    46. Levente Molnár

      6:33 He puts his freaking passport on that little table and just gets off casually. I mean, it might not be a big deal for him or any of you, but I only were in Moscow and I never even went to the toilet without my passport. Balls made out of steel.

    47. oooi

      I’d be really curious to see balds viewer demographic, mainly which countries people are from

    48. M Az

      Derbent is not old sity of Russia, Derbent is old sity of Azerbaycan!

    49. Enemy

      9:36 Metro Exodus vibes.

    50. SURFACES for Mural Visionaries

      I like how they call train cars ‘wagons’ in euro and Russia.

    51. tall32guy

      Holy fuckin shit! A hotel room like that in the states would cost like 5 times that much!!!! Damn. Lol

    52. tall32guy

      So glad you thought about babushka and offered to help get her fed. ❤️

    53. Bishnu Tiwari

      Jai bholay ki

    54. Cihan Yağmur

      You should come to turkey,maybe Istanbul Ankara

    55. Dak Yoda

      You are blessed! You’re living my dream.

    56. Amachetay Cybo

      $30 wtf i need to allow myself to teleport

    57. Stuart Brent

      Would anybody know if it is a good idea to travel to Russia by plane from England with epilepsy? I can speak some Russian language and I have titanium inside my head. I have also suffered from seizures and fits in the last 3 years

    58. Zero

      Maybe I'm missing something, but where is the youth in all of these videos, as in, teenage, young & inspired? Ive noticed many babushkas however 😂

    59. Bogdan ВК7

      F#cking russia Putin huilo

    60. Jeff MK

      Don’t sellout to the bbc or travel channel. Keep it underground! Respect